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  1. Tuesday, December 1

    Cranberry Orange Sauce


    I know I already shared this Cranberry Orange Sauce recipe within the last week, but I finally took a picture of the final product and it’s just too pretty not to share again! Besides, I don’t think cranberries are only relegated to Thanksgiving, right?

    cranberry orange sauce web

    I also know that I already posted a photo of this pie, but I just love the leaves on top. The picture has been BEGGING to make an appearance on the blog. I have acquiesced. I promise to stop putting fall-ish pictures up now that Thanksgiving is over and we are all roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

    pumpkin pie leaves web

    CRANBERRY ORANGE SAUCE (in case you missed it the first time!)
    A recipe I found online somewhere, easy to make and very very yummy alternative to normal cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving
    - 1/2 lb cranberries
    - 1/2 C sugar
    - 1/4 C orange juice
    - zest of 1 orange
    - 4 oranges separated, pith and membranes removed

    Bring 1/2 C water to simmer. Add cranberries, sugar, OJ and zest. Simmer & stir until sugar dissolved and berries begin to pop, ~15 mins. Remove from heat – add orange segments


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