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  1. Wednesday, May 24

    Week 539 Menu

    So, are you wondering why I haven’t posted my weekly menu yet? It’s because I DON’T HAVE ONE! Yes, it’s Wednesday. I have no plan for the week and the week is halfway over. I also haven’t been to the store yet, but miraculously we aren’t starving. I am going to have to get to the store today, but this week just hasn’t been one for planning. I know, I know, life is easier when you do get the weekly menu plan together, but sometimes, well, it just doesn’t happen. (I blame end-of-school-year fatigue…and, just to keep it totally real, I have 2 weeks’ worth of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away in the garage AND the fish bowls haven’t been cleaned out in the same amount of time, which just might kill the fish. So the weekly menu isn’t the only thing suffering around here. 😉 )

    Here is a quick rundown of what we have been doing for dinner…

    Monday: Roasted tri-tip with roasted veggies

    Tuesday: Tri-tip tacos (holy deliciousness!)

    Wednesday: Roasted Vegetable Egg Scrambles

    Thursday: More Tri-tip Tacos

    Friday – Sunday: Pretty sure the tri-tip and roasted vegetables will have run their course by Friday, at which point we’ll probably go with cereal. 😉 Okay, not really (maybe), but I just can’t summon the brain power to figure those days out yet!

    Hopefully you are all having a more organized and productive food week than I am. If so, please share your menus in the comments!

    Happy Eating!

  2. Monday, May 15

    Week 538 Weekly Menu

    Another week, another menu! Here we go!

    Week 538 Weekly Menu including FREE printable PDF of the dinner plan and ingredients list from @janemaynard


    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    – Hamburgers

    – Leftovers

    Roasted Vegetable Scrambles

    – Nate and I are going to the U2 Joshua Tree concert! Can’t wait! (Plus Lumineers open for them, it’s going to be so fun!)
    – I think I’ll just leave money for pizza for the kids and the babysitter!

    – Tri-Tip
    – Roasted vegetables

    Click here or on the image above for a printable PDF of this week’s menu and ingredients list!

    As usual, PLEASE share your own menus in the comments!

    Also, I have two giveaways running right now and they are both awesome…make sure you go enter! Click HERE and HERE. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  3. Thursday, May 11

    Fudgy Thumprint Chocolate Chip Cookies + A Fair Trade Mother’s Day

    Guess what? I have another fun Mother’s Day post for you, complete with an easy, delicious recipe and an equally delicious giveaway!

    Recipe for Easy Fudgy Thumbprint Chocolate Chip Cookies from @janemaynard

    Each year I create a post in conjunction with Fair Trade USA to celebrate Mother’s Day and this year is no exception! As usual they sent me a box of goodies (which we will be giving away to one of you lucky people in just a moment) to inspire a Mother’s Day baking project.

    Recipe for Easy Fudgy Thumbprint Chocolate Chip Cookies from @janemaynard

    This month has been super busy and as Mother’s Day has approached I haven’t had a lot of time to bake. Normally when Fair Trade sends me a box of goodies they include a baking mix from Immaculate Baking Company. I haven’t ever used the mixes in my posts because I normally create my Fair Trade recipes from scratch. This time, however, I decided to embrace the ease of the cookie mix, adding a fun twist to make it special.

    First off, the Immaculate Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is so, so, so good. Whether or not you add my fudgy thumbprint you’ll be happy with this mix. But the fudgy addition really takes these cookies over the top. Today’s recipe kind of had a longer journey than most of my recipes. First I tried to make cookie cups with a fudgy center but it just didn’t work practically or visually, but they tasted amazing. So then I tried stuffing the cookies, which worked pretty well but not exactly what I envisioned. So then I tried a thumbprint and it worked! The fudgy “button” goes so beautifully with these cookies and you will love them, especially since it’s so easy to throw this dessert together! How Fair Trade Helps Women

    The most wonderful part of this recipe is that using Fair Trade ingredients means you can celebrate strong women and mothers throughout the world by supporting their livelihood. I’ve read so many stories about how Fair Trade helps women in so many countries and I love it when I can incorporate as many fair trade ingredients as possible into my recipes. The infographic above is a great summary of why Fair Trade is so cool! For today’s recipe I used the Immaculate Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix as well as Guittard’s Extra Dark Chocolate Chips, so it’s a Fair Trade double whammy! The recipe is below…but first…

    Fair Trade Goodies Giveaway!

    The giveaway! Fair Trade will send one of you lucky people the same gift box I received, which includes product from the following companies:

    To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is a leave a comment on this post before Midnight PT on 3/25/17! That’s it! Easy peasy…as easy as today’s recipe, which I will give to you now!

    Recipe for Easy Fudgy Thumbprint Chocolate Chip Cookies from @janemaynard

    Fudgy Thumbprint Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Prep time
    Cook time
    Total time
    A fair trade-friendly recipe that is easy and delicious!
    Serves: 22 cookies
    • 1 Immaculate Baking Company Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
    • ½ cup dark chocolate chips (Guittard is my favorite and they are Fair Trade!)
    • ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk
    • Pinch salt
    1. Preheat oven to 375ºF (or 350º for a dark non-stick pan).
    2. Follow directions to mix the dough for the cookie mix.
    3. Once dough is mixed, put chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and salt in a small microwave-safe bowl. Cook on high in the microwave for 45 seconds, then stir until all chocolate has melted.
    4. Let chocolate mix cool for a few minutes. While the chocolate is cooling, create 1-tablespoon rounded cookie dough balls. With your thumb press a well in the center of each cookie dough ball, then place ½ teaspoon blobs of the chocolate fudgy filling in the center. If the chocolate is sticking to your fingers a lot, just get your fingers a little bit wet with water. Keep in mind, the shape of the chocolate will look how it looks after baking as it did before, so if you want the chocolate nice and smooth, smooth it out before baking!
    5. Bake for 9-11 minutes. Let cool before eating.


  4. A Beautiful Up-Cycled Mother’s Day Giveaway + Maybe The Easiest Mother’s Day Craft Ever (as in, NO WORK FOR MOM)

    Sponsored by General Mills Cereals

    Happy almost Mother’s Day! To celebrate I have a fun and EASY craft idea for the kids in your life as well as some love for TO THE MARKET, one of my most favorite companies. And a beautiful giveaway that will have 20 winners (woohoo!).

    To The Market Up-Cycled Cereal Box Necklaces

    As you know I’ve worked with General Mills Cereals in the past. They approached me recently about coming up with a fun craft idea using up-cycled cereal boxes with my kids. I AM NOT A CRAFTY PERSON. But when I told my kids about the project they were all in. You see, they are crafty people. I’m not entirely sure they are my children. Anyway, my kids were doubly in when they learned they would have to eat some of their favorite, yummy cereals, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios, in order to make the craft happen (empty cereal boxes are a necessity!). Basically, this is their favorite post on my blog ever.

    Up-cycled Cereal Box Mother's Day Flowers

    As a lovely Mother’s Day gift, General Mills Cereals sent me a necklace and bracelet set from TO THE MARKET. TO THE MARKET is a company that sells survivor-made goods from around the world. I’ve written about TO THE MARKET before and founder and CEO Jane Mosbacher Morris is one of my favorite people. She was even on my podcast at one point! (It’s one of my favorite episodes, by the way. Jane is the BEST.) Anyway, TO THE MARKET is helping SO MANY WOMEN and their products are beyond lovely. I have a very special place in my heart for their work.

    To The Market Up-Cycled Cereal Box Necklaces

    The jewelry that General Mills Cereals sent was created by Haitian TO THE MARKET artists, with beads made from up-cycled cereal boxes. The beads are gorgeous. You simply cannot believe they are made from cereal boxes. Both my girls are enamored with the jewelry (I think Anna might steal it) and felt very inspired for their own cereal box crafting!

    Up-cycled Cereal Box Mother's Day Flowers

    Up-cycled Cereal Box Mother's Day Flowers

    Which brings us to today’s craft. For real this is the best craft ever because the parent doesn’t have to do ANYTHING. Just give the kids some empty cereal boxes (the more colorful the better!), scotch tape and colorful straws. Then say, “Go make flowers!” All three of my kids, from ages 5 to 12, had a blast cutting up the boxes and getting creative. Anna’s flower ended up being three dimensional, Cate made an adorable bumblebee for the bouquet, and Owen went completely off book and made a ladybug with a heart to show that the ladybug loves me. I consider it all a crafting success! And I didn’t lift a finger. (Well, okay, I helped clean up the billions of cereal box cuttings strewn about the kitchen. But it was worth it.)

    Up-cycled Cereal Box Mother's Day Craft

    Lucky for our family my beloved mother will be here for Mother’s Day this year. She will be taking home the best bouquet ever!

    Giveaway time! General Mills Cereals and TO THE MARKET are providing TWENTY of you lucky people with your own necklace made with upcycled cereal box beads. You can’t buy these necklaces, so this is the only way to get one! Here is how to enter: (Comments must be posted by Midnight PT May 25, 2017.)

    BONUS BONUS BONUS: If you head on over to TO THE MARKET’S Stories Blog, they are also giving away these necklaces and you can enter there, too! Yippee!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I partnered with General Mills for this post because they are committed to strengthening communities around the world through remarkable initiatives, nonprofits and causes that help strength people and the planet. General Mills Cereals partnered with TO THE MARKET to create these handcrafted pieces of jewelry from up-cycled cereal boxes as part of this commitment and to celebrate all the moms, caregivers, aunts, sisters and special heroes who fill the world with love.

    Learn more about General Mills Cereals and its delicious line of cereals including Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and many more at

  5. Sunday, May 7

    Week 537 Weekly Menu

    I’m traveling for most of the week to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit. Which means meal planning is an absolutely MUST and meals are simple and straightforward for Nate and the kids!

    Week 537 Weekly Menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable pdf with dinner plan and ingredients list!



    – Hot dogs

    – English muffin pizzas

    – Eat out

    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    – Mother’s Day – I’m not making plans! 😉

    Click here or on the image above for the printable PDF of this week’s menu and ingredients list.

    Okey dokey, you know the drill! Please pretty please share your own meal plan in the comments! Thank you and have a great week!

  6. Tuesday, May 2

    Week 536 Weekly Menu

    I was just browsing through last week’s menus and it was just so FUN. So many little insights into your lives, it was happy/touching/sad/wonderful! It’s kind of amazing what a meal plan can communicate. So, thank you once again for sharing each week…both your food and a bit of your lives!

    It’s Monday, so thinking I need to get on this meal planning train…here goes…

    Oh, and now it’s Tuesday! I got this planned and ready to go yesterday and never hit publish. UGH! Okay, here goes for REAL.

    Week 536 Weekly Dinner Menu with FREE printable PDF with ingredients list from @janemaynard

    Chicken Pot Pie

    – Tri-tip with roasted potatoes and vegetables

    Roasted Veggie Scrambles
    – Smoothies

    – Leftovers

    Sausage, Pepper & Onion Hoagies

    – Eat out night

    – Pasta and Bolognese

    Click here or on the link above for a printable PDF of the dinner plan and ingredients list.

    Your turn! Please share your food plans for the week!