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  1. Friday, August 28

    Friday Show and Tell


    Hello, my friends! It’s Friday! I’ve basically been stockpiling links to share with you all week, so get ready!

    the problem we all live with

    First I wanted to share a This American Life story with you that I thought was very powerful and thought provoking. Be sure to listen to The Problem We All Live With. There are two parts to the story. Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two. The reporting is about integration in public schools and, well, it’s just really well done. Plus, it made me cry a couple times. So, if you’re easily moved to tears, listen with a box of Kleenex.

    Snapshots from Malawi - Village Savings and Loan GroupA group of powerful women we met in Malawi who are members of a Village Savings and Loan

    Remember how I went to Malawi with ONE and Heifer International? You must since I talk about it pretty much every other breath. This week I read two articles that were fascinating and tied right in with my trip, so I wanted to share them with you.

    • From Fast Company: In Africa, Chinese Developers are Building a Mini China. One of the most surprising and striking takeaways from my trip to Malawi was the Chinese presence in that country. I haven’t written about it yet because, honestly, it’s a huge topic and I don’t know where to begin. I am currently reading a book about the phenomenon, and trying to figure out the best way to write about the issue. Until then, this Fast Company article gives you a little taste for what’s happening in Africa with the Chinese. I think the lens through which the issue is viewed in this Fast Company article is a little more rose-colored than what we learned while in Malawi, but the article does give a good introduction to the types of things happening on the African continent. I do plan to write about it myself at some point, if I can ever wrap my brain around it all, that is.
    • From Melinda Gates for Marie Claire: Melinda Gates Reports from Malawi, Where Feminism is Making Surprising Strides. This article is awesome and uplifting and does reflect our experience in Malawi well. The women in Malawi are so impressive. I have yet to write about the Village Savings and Loan groups we learned about (post to come, promise!), but it was a beautiful example of women making great strides in Malawi. Interestingly, when Ellen McGirt from our group asked Mr. Mtika, one of the Heifer farmers we visited, what the hardest Heifer intervention was to implement, he immediately responded with “family and gender roles.” We admired his humility in that response, especially since you could see that he and his wife have a wonderful partnership. ANYWAY, this was a great article. Plus, Melinda Gates is awesome. The end.

    Would you like me to share some food with you? Because I can do that, too. Here we go!

    With that, I do believe I’ve given you enough reading, listening and cooking material to last you not only through the weekend but probably through the whole week!

    Please let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments! Share links that you found interesting/funny/informative/whatever, share your own blog posts, or just share something fun that happened to you this week. It’s all fair game for Show and Tell!



  2. Friday, August 21

    Friday Show and Tell


    Hi, friends! It’s FRIDAY!

    overnight waffles + apple-cranberry compote from @janemaynard

    I just have one quick share with you this week! For Babble I wrote about overnight waffles and how divine they are. Plus, I created a recipe for Cranberry Apple Compote that is, well, delectable. Be sure to click over to check the recipes out!

    That’s it! You know the drill, I want you to share your own stuff, too! Ready, set, go!


  3. Friday, August 14

    Friday Show and Tell!


    Happy Friday, everyone!

    summer ricotta parfaits from @janemaynard (the ricotta cream is heavenly!)

    I just have one thing to share today and it is an extremely delicious thing. I created a summer fruit parfait recipe for Babble that uses a ricotta cream for the layers opposite the fruit. THIS CREAM. You seriously don’t need the fruit…just a spoon. And, next time, I’m going to layer it with raspberries and chocolate shavings. I have been waiting for this post to go live so I can share it with you and the day has finally arrived! Click here for the recipe!

    Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share your own stuff in the comments!


  4. Friday, August 7

    Friday Show and Tell: Butterfly in the Sky…


    Happy Friday! We are finally home from our travels and back into a normal groove. It was a fabulous trip and we wouldn’t change a thing, but it is nice to be back in our own house again. I’m especially grateful for my down pillows. 😉

    I have just one thing to share today. Let’s start with a hint: Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…

    reading rainbow is on netflix!

    READING RAINBOW IS ON NETFLIX! Nate and I discovered this last night and the first thing I did with the kids this morning was put an episode on. Reading Rainbow is a show that I’ve always been sad my kids didn’t have to watch – it ended right before Cate was born. PBS aired episodes until 2009, but I didn’t figure it out until it was too late and our DVR series recording never produced a thing!

    My kids are watching the show as I type and all three of them are mesmerized, from age 3 to age 10! And, as a parent, I think the show is even better than I remember it. I love its slower pace, how the show is educational while still fun, and that it’s filled with books, of course! I just wish that Netflix was going to air all 21 seasons (right now they have a selection of episodes on service).

    Also, in case you were wondering, I DO still have every word of the song memorized. Impressive, eh? (Okay, I think probably all of us do.)

    Happy Watching and Reading!


  5. Friday, July 31

    Friday Show and Tell


    Happy Friday! I took this entire week off from work and blogging, something I haven’t done in ages and now I don’t know if I can go back to real life! 😉 Cape Cod was, as always, perfect! I do have one quick link to share today, though!

    friday show and tell - poached peaches with vanilla yogurt sauce friday show and tell - poached peaches with vanilla yogurt sauce

    This week I have a post on Babble: How I Got My Kids to Eat Fruit for Dessert (and Enjoy It). The post includes a scrumptious recipe for poached peaches with vanilla yogurt sauce. It’s pretty heavenly and perfect for using up those ripe summer peaches!

    Have a great weekend and feel free to share whatever you like in the comments for Show and Tell!


  6. Thursday, July 23

    Friday Show and Tell


    Happy Friday, Everybody!

    Unbelievably our East coast visit is almost halfway done. Tomorrow morning we pack up the Sienna that Toyota has graciously lent us for the trip and head north to Cape Cod. We didn’t visit the Cape last year so we are very excited to get back!

    scrotal recall, our new favorite netflix show!

    It’s been a while since I’ve talked about TV. That’s just not right. I have a Netflix show to recommend today that is super funny and cute. But first you need to know that the name is TERRIBLE in my opinion (and pretty much everyone’s opinion everywhere). Nate and I didn’t even consider watching it just based on the name. But my friend Wendi texted to say we had to watch it, and I trust her, so we did, and it’s the best! Okay. Ready for the name of the show? Drumroll….Scrotal Recall. I KNOW. The name is just plain silly, but I’m telling you, this show is hysterical while also endearing and sweet. (Definitely rated R, just so ya know!)

    Two food links to share this week!

    That’s it! You know the drill, share your stuff, too! Whether just a little something from your life, a favorite new show, a link to your blog, a new recipe to share, whatever! Share away!


  7. Sunday, July 12

    Week 442 Menu + Show and Tell!


    Happy Sunday, everyone! So, today’s menu post is a bit unusual. First, I’m sharing Friday’s Show and Tell links with you today because, quite honestly, I forgot to share them on Friday. The kids and I were having too much summer fun!

    Second, I don’t have a menu planned for this week! The kids and I leave on Tuesday to visit family on the east coast, so I honestly have no clue what our food plans will be. If you need inspiration, click here to see menus from past weeks. I always read through everyone’s comments on older menu posts to get ideas when I do my own planning each week. They are such a great resource! Also, just because I am not posting a menu doesn’t mean you can’t! If you have a menu planned, please share it in the comments!!!

    how making my kids' lunches transformed from a chore to a privilege by @janemaynard

    For Show and Tell this week, I have several things to share with you!

    That’s it for today! As I mentioned earlier, please post your menus in the comments. We especially need you on these weeks I’m traveling to provide inspiration for others! Thank you in advance and have a wonderful week!


  8. Thursday, July 9

    Light for Light + An Easy and Important Way YOU Can Help Right Now to Electrify Africa


    Today I am writing as part of a month-long blog relay for ONE called “Light for Light.” At the end of this post there is a SUPER EASY way for you to do some real good. You won’t even have to click off this site to do it, so lend your voice (and your typing fingers) and help out!

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    When I’m wearing my photographer’s hat, I crave outdoor light. It makes lighting photos easier, everything looks more natural, and the pictures are generally more beautiful and striking. And, for my work as a food photographer, natural light is essential. If I have to photograph something using indoor light, well, I am not a happy camper.

    This week, however, I have been trying to look at indoor light differently. I’ve been looking for the beauty in the “unnatural” light that I so often disdain. Because, truly, that light is beautiful. It is warm. It is inviting. And it gives our family opportunities beyond imagination.

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    My children can eat breakfast in the warmth of their own well-lit kitchen, even before the sun rises.

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    My children can read, even after the sun sets.

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    The orchid in my kitchen glows under the 1 kitchen light we leave on during evening hours to light our way through the house. It is beautiful.

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    Our family can enjoy holidays and birthdays and celebrations of all kinds under the lights hanging over our patio, those lights becoming a part of the fabric that is our collective family memory.

    I am truly grateful for this this light that provides so much life after sunset. Yeah, I still need that “perfect” daylight for my food photography, but I will no longer shy away from the “imperfect” light that the photographer in me so often avoids. I will embrace the challenge and be grateful for that light.

    When I traveled to Malawi in May and discovered a world where less than 10% of the people have electricity, I was stunned. To see with my own eyes what life is like for an entire country essentially without electricity, well, it was beyond what I had ever imagined.

    I heard many, many, MANY statistics on the Malawi trip, and they all affected me deeply. But there were a few that really stood out, including this: 8 out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa heat their home and cook food using open fires. Inhalation of smoke and fumes produced from burning traditional fuels results in more deaths per year among women and children than from HIV/AIDS and malaria COMBINED. Forget the issue of simply lighting your home, lack of electricity is literally killing people every day.

    The other thing that stood out to me while looking at the homes in the villages we visited were the schoolchildren. Once the sun goes down, studying and reading is out of the question. The fact that my girls can read for hours each night is a luxury. Their head lamps for reading in bed are a blessing.

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynard

    Here’s the cool thing – we can do something about it! ONE’s bill, the Electrify Africa Act, was reintroduced in the House this past month by Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee – Ed Royce (R-CA) and Eliot Engel (D-NY).  The bill would help provide electricity to 50 million Africans for the first time, at no cost to US taxpayers

    Let's help electrify africa! ONE #lightforlight #electrifyafrica blog relay | post by @janemaynardLet’s help make everyone’s nighttime merry and bright!

    This same bill did not pass last year and we can’t let that happen again! We need to tell our leaders that we support this bill. Simply fill out the form below and click “sign petition” and you will have helped in a significant way. Thank you!

    I am participating in the #lightforlight blog relay with ONE. Each day this month a different blogger is writing about light and tomorrow Whit Honea will be sharing his thoughts at Dads 4 Change, so be sure to check it out! Here are the posts that have been published so far. They are all beautiful.

    For those of you who would like to read more on the subject, here are some great resources:


  9. Friday, July 3

    Friday Show and Tell


    I think Voldemort is regaining power here in San Diego because it’s been ridiculously gloomy for the last 2 months. But we didn’t let the dementors get us down and still had a spectacular beach day.

    beach day | @janemaynard

    I don’t have a lot to share today. I did pull together a pretty great list of chicken salad recipes for Parade’s Community Table website, so you should check that out! (Although, the chicken salad recipe I use is still always going to be my FAVORITE.)

    Feel free to please share your own stuff in the comments! And have a fabulous Fourth of July!



  10. Friday, June 19

    Friday Show and Tell


    Happy Friday, everyone! I am currently sitting in a beautiful hotel room at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah and feeling incredibly spoiled. I am at the Albion Fit Soulstice Retreat and it is the BEST. I wish you could all be here with me, especially because the food has been marvelous and the gift bag is off the HOOK.

    Today I have some really fun, perfect-for-summer food links!

    homemade inside out junior mints

    First off, I created a recipe for homemade “Inside Out” Junior Mints for Babble that is AWESOME. You need to make them and then go see the movie!

    And, TWO posts about popsicle for Parade’s Community Table this week. It’s summertime!

    As usual, please feel free to share your own links, recipes, whatever!



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