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  1. Sunday, February 4, 2007

    Welcome to Week 2!

    This is a good sign… I’m actually getting my menu up on Sunday! Can’t wait to see what others are doing… I’m already stealing a meal idea from Margo on this week’s menu. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who sent me excited and supportive emails about the blog… I think it’s going to be very helpful and lots of fun!

    There is a VERY interesting article on New York Times called “Unhappy Meals” by Michael Pollan. It’s LONG but great – I’ve been reading it in installments when I get a minute. Really makes you think about what “healthy” means. Go whole foods! (The foods, not the store.) You can’t access it anymore on the NYT site, so if you would like a copy of the article, email

    Last week I made a spinach salad with rio red grapefruit (peeled and pith removed by hand – the BEST way to eat grapefruit) and Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette. It was DELICIOUS. So simple, so good. I was loving it, then Nate mentioned on his own how good it was. Just thought I’d share!

    Now that I have a computer in my kitchen, iTunes is becoming a big part of cooking. I am LOVING having music playing while I cook. As I was listening and really enjoying some of the songs this week, I thought it would be fun to share those with you as well as my menus. So, here’s the “Song of the Week”…drumroll…“The Wind”, by Cat Stevens. It’s on the Rushmore soundtrack, which is quite quirky and has a few good oldies on there. “The Wind” is just good. Nuf said.

    Thank you to those that have posted and I look forward to more and more posts! Please pass the site on to others – the more the merrier!

    PS – I noticed that Trader Joe made a lot of appearances in my posts last week… sorry to those who don’t have a TJs nearby… I promise to try to rely less heavily on TJs, although it’s bound to creep in…

  2. Week 2 Menu

    I didn’t end up doing this today (Superbowl!), so carrying over… love that!
    – Pork Chops
    – Long grain rice
    – Asparagus
    – Rolls

    Texas Pulled Pork Sandwiches
    – Pasta Salad

    – Leftover Night

    Orange Chicken
    – Carrots
    – Rice

    – Tacos
    – Guacamole & Chips

    – Quiche
    – Baguette
    – Fresh Fruit

    Pot Roast
    – Mashed potatoes
    – Fresh vegetable (TBD)