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  1. Monday, August 13, 2007

    Roadtrip! A&W on the Cape

    So, we definitely did some eating out on Cape Cod and one of the spots we hit was an A&W…not one of those A&Ws that are attached to KFC or whatever it is they’re doing nowadays, but an honest-to-goodness A&W with the awesome root beer. The root beer just tastes so different than bottled or canned…yum. Which makes me wonder why I didn’t take any pictures of it!! But I did take a picture of the hot dog so you can see even A&W knows what kind of hot dog buns we should all be using…

  2. Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Week 29 Menu

    I am STILL on the road, but Cate and I do arrive home this week so I’m going to attempt a menu here. 🙂 Thanks for all your menus the last few weeks! Please keep them coming, especially since my menu this week ain’t so great.

    My sis-in-law Jess made this delicious caprese salad for lunch one day down the Cape. Isn’t it purty?

    – Still in New Jersey

    – The day we get home…pick something up somewhere

    – Spaghetti with meat sauce
    – Veggie or salad
    – Rolls or garlic bread

    – Chicken Cordon Bleu (you know, those frozen ones)
    – Rice
    – Veggie

    – Hot dogs or hamburgers
    – Fresh fruit
    – Carrots and dip


    – Chili leftovers

  3. Friday, August 10, 2007

    Roadtrip! Brown Bread

    My mother-in-law Pat introduced me to a uniquely New England product this trip that I feel I should share with you all. Interestingly, Nate’s never even heard of it, even though his mama loves the stuff. One day as we’re making lunch Pat says, “Have you had brown bread?” I was confused, couldn’t figure out what she was talking about…then she said, “You know, in a can?” Then I got REALLY confused. Pat disappeared only to walk into the kitchen 10 minutes later with a can of Brown Bread, yes, a can. She ran to the store so I could try it right away. She says the best way to eat it is to slice it, put butter between the slices, then bake in the oven until warm.

    The verdict? Well…it’s alright. Pat loves it, she grew up on it, and various New England grandparents love it as well. Nate’s sister hates it. Cate decided to show some granddaughterly support and couldn’t stop eating it…she thought her discs of brown bread were cookies. It was pretty cute, actually. So there you go, a little more New England food education for you.

  4. Thursday, August 9, 2007

    Roadtrip! Cottage Kitchen

    Nate’s family has been going to the same summer cottage in Sandwich, MA (Cape Cod) for somewhere around 15 years. Due to some logistical issues, we ended up in a different cottage this year, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    This year’s cottage was a beautiful place to stay. Recently renovated and full of light, one of the best features was the kitchen. The cottage is located on the beach, with a marsh out back. The kitchen has a huge corner window overlooking the marsh and for most of the week, there was a breeze blowing in through the windows. The view was lovely and peaceful. Normally I don’t look forward to our assigned night to cook, but this year I welcomed it (imagine the cooking I’d do if this was my kitchen at home). I didn’t even mind chopping a bag of potatoes with a terrible knife! We found these huge sunflowers at a local farm, which made the already bright kitchen that much cheerier. Aaaahhhh…. 🙂

    Thanks to Nate’s family for a wonderful week, and, while I’m glad we had such a great place to stay this year, it sure made it hard to leave! Cate called the cottage “my new house” all week…if only…

  5. Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    Roadtrip! French Memories

    Nate’s family is from a town called Cohasset in Massachusetts. Cohasset is a seaside town 20 miles south of Boston, complete with a beautiful harbor, town green and cute main street (not to mention AWESOME houses that I’ll never be able to afford but can always dream about!). Nate and I spent a lot of time there in our early years and I love it so much.

    One of our favorite little spots in Cohasset is a bakery called “French Memories.” It’s on Main Street (no website) and is full of the best pastries, tarts, bread and cheeses. Their nut twists and raspberry croissants are my FAVORITES. This place is authentic (the owner is French) and apparently they have live music there once a week or something now. Anyhow, I was able to get over to French Memories one morning while we were in town. It was just as wonderful as ever!

  6. Sunday, August 5, 2007

    Week 28 Menu

    Okay, I promise this is the last week where I’m not doing ANY planning! Thanks to all those who posted menus and recipes last week – so great! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re eating this week!

    We are back from Cape Cod, but I still have 1 more week of fun…off to New Jersey to visit my family. Anyhow, I have some fun food reports to give to you from the trip…once my laptop is online I will post! Until then, I need you all to share your menus once again so there’s some inspiration here on the blog!