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Thursday, August 20

Cabot Whipped Cream

Oh. My. Goodness. The canned whipped cream by Cabot is soooo good. I was skeptical when my mother-in-law whipped out (pun intended) canned whipped cream. Normally that stuff stinks.  But not in this case. DELISH, I tell ya. Delish.

Cabot is based in Vermont, but it looks like their products are available nationwide…in fact, when I did a Google search for the whipped cream, it was on Walmart’s website, so I’m thinking it’s in stores everywhere. I haven’t looked here in California yet, but I’m going to. Here’s what the can looks like, so you can find it too.

Also, we used cake dessert cups from Whole Foods for the dessert pictured…those were also quite tasty! Let the sliced strawberries sit in some sugar for a bit, stack everything and voila! Easy and fast strawberry shortcake knock-off. For a non-chocolate dessert, I was surprisingly satisfied, which is saying a LOT coming from me.


  1. 1

    I live in Vermont, we love Cabot! You should try their cheese too! SO good!

  2. 2

    MMMM I’m also living in Vermont and second trying their cheese! YUMMM

  3. 4

    Pre-fab whipped cream and pre-fab cake – what you couldn’t find the pre-fab strawberries 🙂

  4. I love CABOT cheese. Especially the 75% FF Cheddar Cheese at TJ’s;)

  5. Wowie! Thanks for the kind words (and pix)! The farmer families who own Cabot are grateful (as am I!)….

    I’m going to link to this on our facebook page… Thanks so much!

  6. 8

    My mom is always on the look out for good canned whipped cream (not sure why…at all) but I’ll have to try this one. Hopefully they’ll have it hear at Whole Foods in Miami. Thanks!

  7. 9
    Kim M

    They have it at TJ’s–at least at ours in NC. IT is the best canned stuff I’ve had, although we aren’t so picky to turn down the other brands.

  8. 10

    I kept on eye out for this after seeing your post and just found it! (In Rochester, MI) It was awesome, my kids love to dunk there strawberries in it!

    Thanks again for a great tip!

  9. 11
    Jay Totman

    Natural By Nature whipped cream is waaaaaaaaay better and is made with organic ingredients!

  10. 12
    Greg G

    Cabot whip is my absolute favorite. I literally consume about 1 can per week with Dannon milk chocolate pudding. That is until I read about the negative digestive effects of carrageenan and possible links to cancer of the digestive tract! I will be making my own whip from now on with a little heavy cream and some sugar!

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