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Tuesday, December 8

Cake Wrecks Book Giveaway Winners

It’s time to announce the lucky Cake Wrecks book giveaway winners!

Rhonda who wrote: Sounds like my kind of book!

Aaron who wrote: comment (our first MALE giveaway winner ever, who, by the way, always enters the giveaways with a literal “comment” – and it finally worked, apparently)

Nevadamtnbear who wrote: OOOH, I’ve been faithfully following Jen (and John) since last May. My all time favorite is the “This One Is For The Ladies” wreck. I still giggle like a school girl at that one.

Congratulations, everyone! You’ll all be giggling like school girls very soon (even Aaron, I’m sure of it).

For the rest of you…you know you want still want the book. Just go buy it. 😉

How abouts we end this giveaway with a little holiday cheer…Cake Wrecks style, of course.

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  1. Love Aaron’s approach – I’ll have to try that! 🙂 Also glad to see a guy is reading This Week for Dinner … hmmm, wonder if I could get my husband to help in the weekly menu planning?

  2. 2

    ha, i guess my wife now knows what she’s getting for christmas. and yes, i am a faithful reader of this blog. and no, i don’t plan menus. in fact, at one point i used to check this blog to find out what my wife was making for dinner during the week. and me commenting on every giveaway gives our family twice the chance of winning. (i have noticed that within the last year my chances have decreased from about 1/40 to 1/several hundred). Who would have guessed TWFD would ever be so popular? haha just kidding jane. looking forward to see you guys soon…

  3. 3

    thanks for winning, aaron. i need to start posting menus again. your blog is a good communication tool in my marriage.

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