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Sunday, June 12

Menu 229 Menu…and a few thoughts on eating locally

Each week I like to have a photo for the weekly menu post, and I think for the summer I’m beginning to develop a theme – my CSA produce! It’s kind of fun sharing the various things that are in season in our neck of the woods, so I hope you don’t mind! This week we received a cantaloupe. It came from somewhere a little further south of where most of our CSA farms are located, but still relatively local.

Have you ever read Under the Tuscan Sun? The thing that stayed with me the most from that book was realizing how out of touch I am with what foods are in season when. Throughout the book (a memoir about an American woman buying a home in Tuscany), the author visits Tuscany in the summertime. So much of the writing is about the food she cooks and eats during those summers. Then, at the end of the book, she and her family have their first Christmas in their newly renovated home. When the author heads to the market, she is stunned to discover that none of the foods she was expecting to see are available. It was winter and the assortment was quite different. She learned to embrace this way of eating, a way that was more in touch with the earth. That’s how I’ve felt being part of a CSA…I’m finally learning when food actually grows and planning our meals around that, rather than just heading to the store and getting whatever I want whenever I want, which oftentimes results in eating out-of-season produce or food that has traveled a bazillion miles at great environmental cost. Not to say we didn’t pick up a watermelon from Mexico last week, but at least when I bought that watermelon I was actually aware of where it came from…i.e. really far away from my kitchen!

And now, this week’s menu!

Potato Leek Soup (yup, we got potatoes and leeks in this week’s CSA bag)
– Yummy bread

Vegetarian Chickpea Burgers (didn’t get to these last week)
– Fruit

– Last day of school! I think we’ll go out to celebrate!

– Leftovers

Homemade pizza – I need to use up some honey goat cheese in the fridge, and Finley had “Pear, Arugula and Prosciutto Pizza” on her menu last week…doesn’t that sound divine?

– Eat out after Cate’s 1st annual dance recital!

– Beef Stroganoff (this was on Fran’s menu last week, one of my favorite meals as a kid…think I’ll give it a whirl, it’s been a while!)
– Salad or veggie with bread

You know the drill…this is when I beg you to share your menu for the week! Let’s see what you got!


  1. I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and have been even more inspired to eat locally and in season. We normally participate in a co-op, but the past few weeks I have even gone a step further by harvesting from a local organic farm on Saturdays. I love knowing where my food comes from and menu-planning around what is in season. The food has so much more flavor! And my kids eat WAY more vegetables when we pick them ourselves.

    • Jane Maynard

      I love in that book how she talks about how everything tastes so much BETTER…when she talks about asparagus, how she never really knew what asparagus could taste like until she tasted it straight out of the garden. it makes such a huge difference!

      it’s funny, during the winter months of our CSA, there were a lot of squashes, oranges, sort of the same thing over and over…but I kind of loved that, too. when new things come into season, we’re so excited about it and have a much great appreciation!

    • Funny you mention this, because I’m the complete opposite of a “picky” eater — I literally eat just about everything and always have. But until recently I thought I didn’t like cucumbers (of all things). I finally caved and ate some cukes bought from our farmer’s market last year…and now I LOVE them. I never knew they could have such complex, delicate flavors!

  2. sun: chicken and sausage kabob salad / strawberry rhubarb mini galettes
    mon: fish naanwiches / samosas
    tues: steak / salt & vinegar potatoes / salad
    weds: out with girlfriends
    thurs: chicken & mushroom tostadas / spanish rice
    fri: shrimp with feta / spanikopita triangles
    sat: pepperoni quiche

  3. 3

    I am COMPLETELY geeking out that you not only mentioned me, but linked to my tiny little blog! Thanks!! Then I didn’t even make Stronganoff last week…now I HAVE TO!
    Sunday– Roast Au Jus
    Monday–Chicken Fried Rice
    Tuesday–Double Decker Tacos
    Wednesday–Pork and Noodle Skillet
    Thursday– Chicken Spaghetti
    Friday–Beef Stroganoff
    Saturday–Might have to be a leftover night!!

  4. 4

    Sun: Venison tenderloin with basil cream sauce
    Mon: Leftover lamb and rhubarb stew
    Tue: Tarragon chicken (with potatoes?)
    Wed: Wheat berry salad with mushrooms
    Thu: Quiche or an omelet
    Fri: Homemade pizza with random farmers market leftovers
    Sat: Venison stroganoff

    Also, your posts about your CSA/local eating would be perfect for my new bloghop:

    • hey! how did you lamb/rhubarb turn out?! i’m gonna try it this next week. i was just telling my mother-in-law how much i love rhubarb, but i’ve never really tasted it except in desserts. (and who doesn’t like desserts?!!!)

  5. Hi everyone! After seeing the amount of money we have said over the last couple of weeks, we are continuing our not-eating-out plan. Here is what I have planned for this week:

    Monday: Mac ‘n Cheese Casserole, homemade bread and green beans
    Tuesday: Cheese Pizza
    Wednesday: BBQ Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
    Thursday: Meatloaf Muffins and Carrots
    Friday: Most likely leftovers unless I am feeling really ambitious
    Saturday: Chicken Pot Pie (I will be making double so I can throw one in the freezer
    Sunday: at the in-laws.

    Have a great week!

    • Jane Maynard

      I’m sure you must be saving TONS of money not ever eating out – maybe I should bite the bullet and give it a try…AFTER pregnancy and newborn phase, though! 😉

  6. Sunday: Burgers, roasted potatoes, & veggies
    Monday: Italian Beef
    Tuesday: House guests are doing the cooking!
    Wednesday: Quick bite at home
    Thursday: Pizza at the beach for art festival
    Friday: Quesadillas with various fillings/toppings. We’ve been talking about them and now I have a craving!
    Saturday: Out? Something at home? Leaving it open to whatever our mood is at the time!

  7. 7

    MON: Hamburgers and Potato Salad (The weather has been nice here for awhile and we haven’t done any grilling yet. It’s time!)
    TUE: Beef Stroganoff (This was one of my favorites as a kid too! This will be the first time I make it myself.)
    WED: Mr. Jim’s Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp (A recipe that was in a Martha Stewart Living issue awhile ago. I make it a lot because it’s so easy–it actually doesn’t require a grill–and you soak up the buttery sauce with a baguette.)
    THU: Leftovers or Breakfast for Dinner
    FRI: Steak and Grilled Vegetables
    SAT: Leftovers or Pizza

    By the way, I’ve been tearing up my dryer sheets before adding to the dryer loads. I’m trying to make this box of Bounce last as long as possible. Thanks for the tip!

    • Lisa

      We love Mr. Jim’s Louisiana BBQ shrimp too!

    • Jane Maynard

      that shrimp sounds DELISH!

      and I’m glad to hear you’re tearing up your dryer sheets. I’m always shocked how long my boxes of dryer sheets last…you’ll love it! 🙂

  8. 8
    Nancy Deininger

    sunday – salmon on the grill, rice & brussel sprouts
    monday – grilled chicken and salad
    tuesday – home made pasta
    wednesday – steak, potatoes, salad
    thursday – tandori chicken kebabs
    friday – ?
    saturday – out

  9. Sunday: Leftover Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

    Monday: Chili Colorado

    Tuesday: leftover chili

    Wednesday: Honey Orange BBQ chicken

    Thursday: chicken kabobs

    Friday: margherita pizza

    Saturday: dinner out

  10. 10

    My parents are doing the CSA with us this year and we are all splitting the full share. My DAD actually commented on how good fresh picked asparagus is and was bummed that there was less in the basket this week than last week!

    Sunday: Greek Chicken, Quinoa, green beans
    Monday: Steak, roasted potatoes, peppers and onions, salad
    Tuesday: Vacation!

  11. 11

    Sun. Chicken Noodle Soup (perfect for the dreary weather we are having today)
    Mon. Grilled Mahi Mahi and Brussel Sprouts (not sure if I will do the fish directly on the grill or in a foil packet, suggestions?)
    Tues. Chicken Salad Sandwiches w/Green Salad
    Wed. Hot Dogs and some sort of salad
    Thurs. Last student school day, teachers celebrate after!
    Fri. TBD probably leftovers or fend for yourself
    Sat. Burgers, potato salad

  12. 12

    Sun – Pork roast, potato and veggies in foil on the grill and Macaroni salad (because I had a craving for it!!
    Mon – leftovers
    Tues – chicken and pineapple quesadillas
    Wed – out
    Thurs – chicken of some sort
    Fri – out
    Sat – burgers

  13. 13

    We had a taco party for my son’s birthday party, and have random Mexican fixings left over. Going to get creative this week!
    – Black bean tamale pie
    – Halibut with a sour cream and cilantro sauce
    – Arroz con pollo
    until there are no more leftovers!

  14. 14

    Sun – Lasagna
    Monday – Copper River Salmon & mashed potatoes
    Tuesday – Philly Cheesesteaks (Mad Hungry)
    Wedsnesday – Bacon & Jalapeno Quesadillas
    Thursday – last day of school!
    Friday – leftovers?

  15. 15

    Sunday – Baked potato bar
    Monday – Pasta of some sort with lots of veggies
    Tuesday – Tortilla Soup
    Weds – Leftovers or out
    Thurs – husband works late so something from Trader Joe’s
    Fri – same as above!
    Saturday – OUT!
    Sunday – Father’s Day, either barbecuing with the in-laws, or homemade pizza night (if hubby approves that menu of course 😉

  16. I have a blog post with my menu and any recipes links, but here it is in comment form.

    Sunday: Pepsi BBQ Chicken, Dill Potato Salad, Marinated Cucumbers, and Cole Slaw

    Monday: Marinated Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Refried Beans and Fresh Flour Tortillas

    Tuesday: Grandma’s Meatloaf, Cheddar-Bacon Scalloped Potatoes, and Corn on the Cob

    Wednesday: Asian Pork Chops, Sesame Asparagus, and Pad Thai

    Thursday: Parmesan Ranch Chicken, Rice Pilaf, and Brussels Sprouts

    Friday: Leftovers

    Saturday: Pork Carnitas, Cilantro Lime Rice, Refried Beans, and Tortillas

  17. 17

    Our CSA has made us be more aware of eating seasonally, too. Though we’re still supplementing what we get between that and the farmer’s market, we’re more aware of what we buy at the supermarket these days. Plus, the variety of season produce forces us to get creative and pull out our cookbooks more often. All in all a great experience so far!

    Sunday – Maple glazed pork roast, roasted asparagus, braised cabbage with apples
    Monday – sweet potato and snap pea Thai curry
    Tuesday – skillet macaroni and cheese with kielbasa
    Wednesday – salad with orange pepper, mini squash, garlic scapes, black walnuts and who knows what else from the fridge
    Thursday – out with a friend
    Friday – breakfast for dinner (TBD)
    Saturday – whatever we have in the fridge, or we might grill on our $5 garage sale find – a mini Weber!

  18. 18

    Eating seasonally is always so much easier in the summer, I love being able to potter in my little garden and pick what I need. I’ve recently started buying local milk, butter, cheese and eggs from a farm a few miles down the road.

    Mon: Cauliflower mac and cheese with salad
    Tue: Homemade pizza
    Wed: Risotto primavera (fresh peas from the garden!)
    Thur: Lamb and prune meatballs, spiced couscous and roasted peppers
    Fri: Fish and chips
    Sat: Pork tenderloin with cider and apples, mashed potatoes
    Sun: Dinner at mum’s

  19. 19

    HELP EVERYONE! I have to go grocery shopping and I dont know what I want to make us for dinner! lol!

  20. 20

    Monday: Stuffed Pork Chops & Broccoli Salad
    Tuesday: Chicken Madiera
    Wednesday: Quiche & Fresh Fruit
    Thursday: Chili
    Friday: Out for Sushi
    Saturday: Leftovers
    Sunday: Grill something for Father’s Day

  21. 21

    S: Ribs, mashed potatoes & salad
    M: Kielbasa, baked beans & sliced cucumber
    T: Grilled Chicken breasts (weather permitting), leftover mashed potatoes & dilly carrots
    W: Spagehtti & Meatballs & eggplant, salad
    T: Chicken Taco’s with all the fixins & refried beans
    F – S: Boston bound for girls weekend. Planning on stopping by farmers market in Haymarket Square to pick up something for Fathers Day dinner on Sunday.

  22. 22

    It’s Raining here Again! So no BBQing in the near future…

    *Orange Chicken with Rice and Salad

    *Lemon Pasta Bake ( with Roasted Carrots

    *Homemade Pizza

    *Biscuits with Poached Egg, Cheese and Ham/Bacon and Fruit Smoothies or Fruit Salad

    *Out to a Friend’s for Dinner!

  23. No breakfast for dinner this week?!?! =)

    Sunday-Meatball Sandwiches, Chips, Carrot Sticks (I was planning on Spaghetti & Meatballs, but hubby wanted sandwiches instead.

    Monday-Fresh Fruit Smoothies (with all the leftover fruit from last week), and Homemade Blueberry Muffins

    Tuesday-Tuna Melts on English Muffins, Potato Chips, Fruit Salad

    Wednesday-Meat Lasagna, Homemade Rosemary Bread, Steamed Veggies

    Thursday-Carne Asada Tacos, Slow Cooker Black Beans, Avocado Slices…The Black Bean Recipe is here:

    Friday-Pepperoni Pizza, Green Salad


    The entire menu is here:

    • Jane Maynard

      ha ha! that’s so funny that I didn’t even notice, because normally I LOVE planning that day because I don’t have to think. apparently my subconscious wants a break! 😉

  24. 24

    Monday: Boca burgers and sweet potato fries
    Tuesday: Power Enchiladas (I’ve made these before and they are so delicious and good for you!)
    Wednesday: Enchiladas again
    Thursday: P90X Turkey Meatloaf and ‘healthy’ mac and cheese (also SUPER yummy)
    Friday: Date night with the Mister 🙂 belated 1/2 anniversary celebration…open for restaurant choices!
    Saturday: Leftovers/clean out the fridge

  25. 25

    Sunday: Roast chicken with Moroccan spiced butter, tabbouleh, hummus, and homemade wheat pitas
    Monday: Slow cooker — beef fajitas, homemade whole wheat tortillas, guacamole and salad
    Tuesday: DIY Salad platter night (maybe with corn muffins if my kids are nice) 🙂
    Wednesday: Homemade spinach ravioli — going to try to make my own pasta for the first time. Wish me luck!
    Thursday: Salmon cakes, roasted potatoes, snap peas and fruit
    Friday: Fend night
    Saturday: Chicken with goat cheese and marinara, sweet potato gnocchi, salad

    This month’s meal plan, and other months, at

  26. 26

    I’ve just joined a CSA (we didn’t have on in my area until this year). It only runs until October, but I can’t wait for my first basket tonight. My sides will depend on the basket.

    Sunday – roast chicken, rice, green beans, watermelon
    Monday – Pot roast in the crockpot, salad, sweet potatoes
    Tuesday – Chicken quesadillas
    Wednesday – Leftover roast beef sandwiches
    Thursday – 10th anniversary – out
    Friday – coworkers going away party – appetizers out
    Saturday – veggie stir fry, pot stickers

  27. 27

    Some markets in Utah opened this weekend opened, and it was just lettuce. Kinda bummed me out! Just have to wait a bit longer for the summer season to really grow! I am hoping when the markets really bloom with more, I will be more inspired with my meal plans, not be so stuck on the same!

    Menu up:

  28. 28

    Monday–Tin foil Tilapia over pine nut couscous and Proscuitto-wrapped asparagus
    Tuesday–Homeade Chicken Pot Pie with spinach salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts and goat cheese
    Wednesday–Turkey Sausage meat sauce and spaghetti, garlic cheese naan and spinach salad with sundried tomatos and sunflower seeds
    Thursday–Hamburger/corn casserole and glazed carrots
    Friday–Chicken enchiladas

  29. 29

    Getting my CSA box is like Christmas morning for me and the kids. I love getting them excited about fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Sunday: family dinner
    Meatless Monday: cinnamon oat pancakes, eggs and watermelon
    Tuesday: mediterrean turkey burgers in pitas with roasted chickpeas and cucumber salad
    Wednesday: date night
    Thursday: grilled carne asada tacos, corn with cabbage and radish slaw
    Friday: left overs
    Saturday: supper club – Ina Night

    Dessert: fresh mint chip ice cream and salted caramel ice cream

  30. 30

    Better late than never!
    Sunday- burgers, no rolls, veggie shish-kabob
    Monday- Parmesian Chicken, cauliflower steaks on grill, egg noodles
    Tuesday-cereal and fruil (Busy night)
    Wednesday- Pork Tenderloin on grill, grilled veggies
    Thursday- Grilled talapia, green beans
    Friday- Leftovers
    Saturday- no clue yet

  31. 31

    Sat lasagna & salad
    Sun out
    Mon Chickpea Burgers & sweet potato fries
    (the chickpea burgers are FANTASTIC!)
    Tues chicken caesar salad
    Wed tortelloni w/ veggies
    Thur BFD
    Fri homemade pizza

  32. 32

    Better late than never…

    Sun- We hosted a party for the almost 11 year old’s birthday party- grilled steak, various salads, cornbread, cake, etc.
    Monday- party leftovers
    Tuesday- stuffed peppers
    Wednesday- leftovers
    Thursday- Chicken masala w/rice
    Friday- Pasta w/tuna, tomatoes, olives and capers
    Saturday- Out

  33. 33

    Sun.- Bison Burgers
    Mon.- Omelets
    Tues.- Cubed Steak and Sweet Potato Fries
    Wed.- Enchiladas (froze a batch last week)and Refried Beans in the crockpot
    Thurs.- Pasta with Bolognese Sauce (sauce from a batch I made in the crockpot and then froze)
    Fri.- Beef Stir Fry and Rice
    Sat.- Baked Cod

  34. 34
    Erika B.

    Still too tired to really cook. Yikes! Potato leek soup sounds great. Maybe next week?

    Sunday-Cup-o-Noodles, Green Beans with Pecans, Peaches, Ovaltine
    Monday-Ming’s Take Out
    Tuesday-Leftover Ming’s Tak Out
    Wednesday-Fancy Grilled Cheese, Cauliflower with Browned Butter, Strawberries
    Thursday-More Grilled Cheese, Spinach, Blueberries
    Friday-Out or Maybe Big Salads

  35. Monday – Hubs birthday fajita leftovers
    Tuesday – Hamburgers and grilled corn
    Wednesday – Turkey pepperoni pizza pockets & salad
    Thursday – Poached Egg & Turkey on English Muffins (not a ham fan) and Fries
    Friday – Out
    Saturday – Spaghetti w/meat sauce
    Sunday – Father’s Day BBQ at a friends

  36. I just love your blog. I found it on Martha Stewart. I recently just started blogging and will definitely come to yours for tips. Here was my last weeks meals.

    Sunday- Biscuits with Sausage Gravy.
    Monday- Fennel and Orange Salad, Salmon
    Tuesday- Spicy Dill Turkey Burgers
    Wednesday- Went out to eat and had a few Mojitos before and after 😉
    Thursday-Salmon with Lentils and Mustard Herb Butter
    Friday-Asparagus Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce
    Saturday- Went out to a local pizza place with friends.

  37. 37

    Sunday – The grill was going, so we did a big batch of chicken thighs, some barbecue boneless ribs and a lone ribeye from the sale bin and had a little of each. Broccoli slaw and corn on the cob to go with it.
    Monday – Reheated grilled chicken; rice pilaf and cucumber-tomato-feta salad; mini-pita garlic bread
    Tuesday – Shrimp and grits with andouille sausage for the adults; bacon, eggs and grits for the kids. Biscuits and fruit for everyone.
    Wednesday – Chicken-spinach-mushroom curry in coconut milk with apricot-pistachio couscous
    Thursday – Ratatouille over polenta; tilapia
    Friday – Homemade pizza
    Saturday – DATE

  38. 38

    Sunday: BBQ Ribs (on the grill), Slaw, Corn on the Cob, Biscuits (go carbs!)
    Monday: Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs, Salad with homemade Italian Dressing
    Tuesday: Roasted Shrimp (Ina Garten), Asparagus, French Bread
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Asparagus & Bacon Quiche, Watermelon
    Friday: Pizza
    Saturday: Fend for yourself!

  39. 39

    Never posted before!

    Sunday: Marinated Chicken w/ zucchini from the garden & potatoes
    Monday: Oriental Chicken Salads
    Tuesdays: Enchiladas and corn (on the cob? I don’t know yet)
    Wednesday: Rotisserie Chicken w/ mashed potatoes & beans from the garden
    Thursday: Breakfast for dinner–probably breakfast sandwiches
    Friday: Turkey Burgers, need to find a good recipe for that
    Saturday: Out with friends

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