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Sunday, September 9

Week 294 Menu

I think I’ve admitted this before, but I sort of dread feeding babies real food…it’s just so much work. That said, I don’t think there’s much cuter than babies feeding themselves. Holy SMOKES, those little fingers picking up little bits of food to place in little tiny mouths is just SO CUTE. Sorry, I got distracted by Owen and his total cuteness there for a second. It happens, oh, like, 50 times a day…

The first week of school went well! The girls love their new classes. Yay! I did forget, though, how frantic life gets when school is in full swing. One day this week I didn’t eat lunch or shower until 4 pm. I just need to get a little more organized, I suppose.

– Stir Fry with Rice (we haven’t done a stir fry in a billion years!)

Pasta Primavera

– Leftovers

– Soccer practice eat-out-as-a-family night

Homemade pizzaย (probably cheese and barbecue chicken)


– Leftovers

I hope you are reading through one another’s menus each week…it is seriously AWESOME how many great ideas you all have! Please keep the weekly menus coming!


  1. 1

    Sa: Stuffed zucchini
    Su: Calzones
    Mo: Green bean pesto pasta
    Tu: BBQ chicken, corn
    We: pasta e ceci
    Th: Hamburgers, caprese salad
    Fri: leftovers

  2. Another week, another menu…

    My fundraising season gets going this week (Shameless plug: Walk To End Alzheimer’s…maybe you’ve heard of it… so thoughtful menu planning will likely go the way of ideas for the rest of the month. That said:

    S: Homemade pizza. I’m thinking a Grandma’s with fresh roasted tomatoes and spinach/garlic.
    MM: Farro Pasta with Tomato Vinaigrette ala Alice Waters
    T: BLTs with bacon from a local pig farm
    W: Chicken with Herb-Roasted Tomatoes and Pan Sauce ala Bon Appetit
    R: Playing it by ear. Could very well be a leftovers night.
    F: Takeout…
    S: Early night because of a very early Sunday morning. We’ll see what we find at the Farmer’s Market.

  3. 3

    Your Owen is just a couple weeks older than my Owen. All that chopping is a lot of work! It’s also so messy! It is nice giving up baby food though. Next to give up–formula! 1 more month.

    Sunday: Over a friends house dinner. I’m making cookies!
    Monday: Out for sushi w/ the girls! Boys get pizza
    Tuesday: garlicky spaghetti with beans and greens (cooking light)
    Wed: Chicken piccata …new recipe from Pinterest, we’ll see
    Thurs: Marinated chicken, rice, veggies
    Fri: Creamy chicken and pasta…crockpot meal
    Saturday: enchiladas w/ veggies

  4. My hours are changing this week to where I won’t be home until 7:30. Boooo! So, I have dinners planned/semi-prepared for the husband to throw in the oven while tending to the baby and 3yo.

    Sunday: Asian salmon and roasted potatoes
    Monday: Stuffed Peppers cooked on the grill
    Tuesday: Yorkshire pudding with cranberry sauce and Quinoa, Kale, and Avocado Salad
    Wednesday: Herbed chicken in the slow cooker and mashed sweet potatoes
    Thursday: Roasted butternut squash soup and crusty bread
    Friday – Saturday: Grandparents in town! Meal plans are anyone’s guess!a

  5. 5

    Owen is absolutely adorable. Would definitely be too easy to forget everything else and just watch him.

    Sunday – Garlic chicken with orzo
    Monday – Meat and cheese burritos
    Tuesday – Steak fingers with gravy, seasoned fries
    Wednesday -Chili with cornbread muffins
    Thursday – Chicken pasta and spinach bake with salad
    Friday – Leftovers
    Saturday – High school band sub and Cheddar cheese soup with zucchini, broccoli and carrots

  6. 6

    Sunday: Panera Bread
    Monday: Veggie fried rice, ginger and garlic shrimp
    Tuesday: Chicken and penne toss with Marsala sauce
    Wednesday: Sirloin steak sandwiches, caramelized onions, cornichons
    Thursday: Soup, salad, garlic bread
    Friday: Sesame peanut noodles (

  7. 7

    School does make life crazy! I work from home so I do understand about not showering until the afternoon some days! Owen is such a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sunday: Cedar planked salmon with rice pilaf or risotto (depending on what I feel like cooking!) with roasted brussel sprouts.
    Monday: Soy-ginger tofu with veggie “fried” rice and naan.
    Tuesday: Turkey burgers with oven sweet potato fries and broccoli.
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: Summer hash (I never seem to get to this each week so it keeps going on the next week’s menu).
    Friday: Wild mushroom and spinach lasagna, garlic bread and salads.
    Saturday: Shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw.

  8. 8

    Saturday – Vietnamese steak sandwhiches
    Sunday – Homemade pizza (pepperoni & veggie with honey goat cheese)
    Monday – Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
    Tuesday – Pasta Alfredo with shrimp and chicken
    Wednesday – Pork tenderloin with pan sauce (pinned), boiled potatoes, veg
    Thursday – Coca-cola BBQ chicken (pinned), fried potatoes, veggies & dip
    Friday Sept 14 – Welcome Back Carnival – Faculty Club

    Back to school….check! Lessons start and soccer try-outs this week.

  9. Sunday – Tortilla Soup with avocado
    Monday – Leftovers
    Tuesday – Taco Night, these roasted veg tacos sound amazing
    Wednesday – Roasted red pepper and pesto pasta
    Thursday – Homemade mini corn dogs (I’m going to try it with veggie dogs. If it works, I’ll post our recipe!)
    Friday – Grilled salmon and veggies
    Saturday – Homemade pizza!

  10. 10

    Sunday: Turkey and black bean tacos with tomato-avocado salad
    Monday: Veggie calzone
    Tuesday: Grilled salmon and mushroom risotto
    Wednesday: Lobster ravioli w/fra diablo sauce
    Thursday: Grilled chicken, grilled bread, grilled veggies
    Friday: takeout
    Saturday: Probably something on the grill.

  11. 11

    Sunday- Chicken soup with Cornbread muffins
    Monday- Out with a friend… hubby and son on their own!
    Tuesday- Chicken Souvlaki in flatbread
    Wednesday-Gyoza + Rice + Veggie Stirfry
    Thursday- Leftovers?
    Friday- Turkey Rice Pilaf
    Saturday- My mom’s birthday dinner!

  12. 12
    shannon {gidgetnfroggi}

    Sun: Chicken (real and mock vegetarian), Pasta Salad, Watermelon

    Mon: Burgers, Pasta Salad (leftover from Sun) and more Watermelon (we have tons)

    Tues: Potato Soup, bread

    Wed: Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread

    Thurs: Spaghetti and Italian Veggies

    Fri: Italian Sausage and Peppers (his request and only for hubby, since he is the only one who likes it) for us girls: not sure yet! maybe Pizza

    Sat: Hot Dogs (from or CSA and for me veggie dog), Potato Salad, Beans, and Carrots w. ranch

    Owen has gotten so big!!! he is a cutie pie! Yes school rush is in full swing here too since August 15th. Plus this mom went back to college so double the school frantic life! Organization is the key and some days I’m so on top of it and others I’m so not.

  13. 13

    I’m so sick of cleaning up baby-related food messes – must they rub the food into their hair?!? But the good news is that my 15 month old is successfully eating soup with a spoon right now! He still makes a huge mess, but soon he will get better right? (Nice thing about having older kids is that you know that whatever the younger one is doing is a phase.)

    Anyway, we missed the farmer’s market today and so I’m trying to figure out an alternative plan to restock. For vegetables we’re down to a carrot, a couple stalks of celery, a leek, and a little kale (the rest being used up).

    Sunday: leftover soup
    Monday: kebabs + rice + salad
    Tuesday: something with rice noodles
    Wednesday: pasta with spinach & white beans
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: eggs & salad
    Saturday: out or tba

  14. 14

    Sunday: Salmon, Lentils, Brussel Sprouts
    Monday: Chicken with Leek and Sun Dried Tomato
    Tuesday: Cheesy Veggie Pasta Bake
    Wednesday: Pork Chops, Veggie, Corn
    Thursday:Fish with Tomato and Avocado Salsa
    Friday: Homecoming Chili Feed at the High School
    Saturday:: Lasagna

  15. 15
    Ashley P

    Sunday- pigs in a blanket
    Monday- grilled BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, garlic green beans
    Tuesday- chicken tacos with mexican rice
    Wednesday- out
    Thursday- chicken cordon bleu casserole with green salad
    Friday- pizza night
    Saturday- spaghetti with meat sauce (from the freezer) and garlic bread, salad

  16. 16

    Baby cuteness is the best!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m here for inspiration today. My 2 weeks of menus will be gone by tomorrow night. Sigh…

  17. I have been very good about menu planning and shopping ONCE each week since school has started (we started 3 weeks ago) – problem is, I’ve been too busy to even stop by here and post it. Glad I have a spare 5 minutes –

    Sun: White Chicken Chili & Green Chili Cheddar Corn Bread
    Mon: Sloppy Joes, Kale Chips
    Tues: Leftovers from Sun/Mon
    Wed: Chicken Bacon Ranch Subs, Salad
    Thurs: Spicy Chinese Chicken, Broccoli
    Fri: Neighborhood get together/potluck. Think I’m bringing
    PW’s asian noodle salad
    Sat: Homemade Pizzas

  18. He is just precious, Jane!

    I’m so excited for football to start so I can make “football” food without guilt ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sunday-Stuffed Shells, Italian Bread
    Monday-Shredded Beef Soft Tacos w all the fixins, Mexican Caesar Salad
    Tuesday-Teriyaki Grilled Fish, Rice, Veggies (I discovered last week that my daughter loves fish…as long as there’s enough teriyaki sauce to cover it!)
    Wednesday-Black Bean Burritos, Chips and Salsa
    Thursday-BBQ Chicken, Roasted Veggies, Buttermilk Biscuits
    Friday-BBQ Chicken Pizza, Salad

  19. 19

    Sunday: Cooking Light’s Oven Roasted Sea Bass with couscous and warm tomato vinaigrette
    but I am making with sole…I think any fish would be is delish
    Monday: raviolis, salad
    Tuesday: hot dogs, beans, fruit salad…I am getting a root canal, this is the best I can do
    Wed: Trader Joe’s chinese food and egg rolls since I have to work until 5
    Thurs-Sun…just me and one boy, we will forage and have fun. Nice easy week

  20. 20

    Sunday – chili and cornbread
    Monday – leftovers, or out (after swimming with friends)
    Tuesday – french bread pizzas
    Wednesday – baked tacos, or taco salad/nachos for kids
    Thursday – out after karate, school Chuck-E-Cheese night (if we dare brave the crowds), or leftovers.
    Friday – easy Trader Joe’s
    Saturday – out

    (Can you tell my husband is working a TON this week — not a very inspired menu since I’m solo w/ three kids)

  21. 21
    Kim from PA

    Sun: Out with family at amusement park

    Mon:Homemade chicken nuggets with dipping sauces, carrot sticks

    Tues:Baked potatoes topped with vegatarian chili, roasted califlower

    Wed:Linguine with cherry tomatoes, garlic, & olive oil,

    Thurs:Chicken meatloaf, roasted zuchini

    Fri:Homemade pizza, salad

    Sat: Out

  22. 22
    Susan D in Tx

    Sun-Tomato basil pesto pasta salad like La Madeleine’s(
    Mon-red beans and rice with smoked sausage
    Tues-spaghetti with meatballs
    Wed-Grilled tilapia, sauteed asparagus beans and eggplant from my garden!
    Fri-hamburgers on the grill
    Sat-12 hour workday for me, so I’m not in the kitchen at all-family will feed themselves..

  23. 23

    Sun – roasted chicken, broccoli, sweet potato fries
    Mon – Summer Harvest crockpot soup (from crockpot lady), bread
    Tues – Chicken biscuit pot pie from leftover chicken, veggies, salad
    Wed – Chard quiche, salad, fruit
    Thurs – Roasted salmon and brussel sprouts, quinoa
    Fri – Tacos or pizza? Quick meal before a big water show for my daughter
    Sat – absolutely no idea!!!

  24. 24

    Sunday: Grilled Deconstructed stirfry, rice, eggrolls (took the marinated chicken tenders, skewers of vegies and grilled them, used stirfry sauce as dip- less dishes!)

    Monday: School board meeting. Hotdogs, beans, fruit salad

    Tuesday: Beef Pho

    Wednesday: Hubby cooks. Grilled pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans

    Thursday: Hubby cooks. Son’s Cross Country meet and Open House at my work. Leftovers or eggs and toast

    Friday: Buffalo Chicken pizza, salad

    Saturday: TBD. Pasta? Fish?

  25. 25

    Mon: Leftovers
    Tue: Chicken and pepper curry, naan bread
    Wed: Lasagna and crunchy green salad
    Thur: Baked potatoes with pesto and goat’s cheese, tomato and corn salad
    Fri: Fish and chips
    Sat: I wasn’t sure what to make but having read through all the comments for some inspiration I’m going to do linguine with cherry tomatoes like Kim from PA. Sounds yum!
    Sun: Toad in the hole, runner beans and apple pie with cream.

  26. 26

    monday – spaghetti with bacon, chicken, mushrooms and cheese sauce + salad
    tuesday – sweetcorn and bacon chowder
    wednesday – mini quiches and salad
    thursday – chicken stirfry and rice
    friday – omelets
    saturday – out
    sunday – tuna salad

  27. Sunday โ€“ Pork Goulash

    Monday โ€“ Dill Scramblers with Pita Bread and Lamb Sausage

    Tuesday โ€“ Grilled Ham Sandwiches with Pasta Salad

    Wednesday โ€“ Taco Salad

    Thursday – Chili Bean Soup

    Friday โ€“ Bacon Cheeseburgers with French Fries

    Saturday โ€“ Veal Chops with Potatoes, Gravy, and some sort of veggie

  28. Monday: Cheeseburger (turkey) meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted brussle sprouts and apples
    Tuesday: Lemon and Dill tilapia, couscous, sauteed spinach
    Wednesday: Roasted Pork Tenderloin with preserves and plums, roasted red potatoes, peas/carrots
    Thursday: Mexican lasagna
    Friday: Turkey stroganoff with broccoli
    Saturday -> off to the OBX for (a late) vacation!

  29. 29

    sunday – We had steak on the grill with baked potatoes and salad
    Monday – salmon with roasted cauliflower and fries
    Tuesday – white chili and cornbread
    Wednesday – sausages and pasta
    Thursday – chicken cordon bleu and broccoli
    friday – Out
    Saturday – starting a week with my husband away so mostly fending for next week and things he doesn’t like!

  30. 30
    Angie Marr

    I’m having a root canal tomorrow, so this week will be a week of softer foods until I know that I can handle it…

    Sun – Chicken Spaghetti at a friend’s house while watching the Broncos’ game!
    Mon – Chicken & andouille jambalaya
    Tue – Biscuits w/ ham, eggs, gravy & cheese
    Wed – Grilled lemon chicken w/ mashed potatoes
    Thu – Beef gyros
    Fri – leftovers
    Sat – leftovers

  31. 31

    I have been slacking in my weekly menus…sigh.

    Monday porkchops & red smashed potatoes
    Tuesday mac and cheese with broccoli
    Wed hamburgers and fries
    thur tuna melts
    friday pizza night
    sat up in the air, going out with friends

  32. 32

    Sunday – out with friends
    Monday – spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, and blueberries
    Tuesday – coconut jasmine rice with black beans, plantains, and mango sauce
    Wednesday – quesadillas
    Thursday – airport food
    Friday – out with friends
    Saturday – out with friends

  33. 33

    Mon.-Beef stew
    Tues.-Salmon patties w/mac&cheese, peas
    Thurs.-Beef cube steak, mashed potatoes and corn
    Fri.-Hot dogs w/chips, fruit & cheese
    Sat.-BBQ pork chops, sweet potatoes, green beans

  34. 34

    Mon: Crock-Pot Pot Roast w/ potatoes & carrots
    This is our soccer night, so it has been dubbed Crock Pot night!

    Tues: Orange Chicken w/ brown rice & stir fry broccoli
    I’m trying out your recipe, Jane!

    Wed: Leftovers

    Th: Chicken Marsala w/ egg noodles & green beans

    Fri: Grilled Chicken Sausages w/ pepper kabobs & cauliflower mac n cheese

    Sat: Boys are on their own…Working event at Callaway Winery

    Sun: Chili Relleno Casserole w/ black beans & Mexican brown rice
    This was a request from hubby. ๐Ÿ™‚
    He’s also requested I make a peach cobbler this week some time…we’ll see how that goes.

  35. I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Hungry lately, so I thought I tried recipes from that show this week. Most of the recipes can be found on my Pinterest board:

    S- Savory Chicken Pocket Pies and Tossed Salad
    M- Cobb Salad
    T- Lasagna and Garlic Bread
    W- Leftovers
    Th- Broiled Black Pepper Sirloin Steak, Baked Potatoes and Cornbread
    F- Tamale Pie
    S- Birthday Party- haven’t decided on the menu yet

    Have a great week!

  36. Monday: Pork Tenderloin Medallions with White Beans and Garlicky Green Beans
    Tuesday: My Dad’s birthday, out to eat
    Wednesday: Rosemary and Lemon Roasted Chicken and Twice Baked Potatoes and Salad
    Thursday: Braised Lamb with Parmesan Risotto and Broccoli
    Friday: Fussili with No cook Tomato Sauce and Fresh Mozzarella and Artichoke Feta Garlic Bread and Fresh Veggies
    Saturday: Pan Roasted Halibut STeaks with Anchovy Garlic Butter and Green Bean Casserole
    Sunday: Rosemary Red Bean Soup and Salad

  37. 37

    SUNDAY: Homemade chicken curry with pitas and brown rice
    MONDAY: Teriyaki salmon with pineapple and scallion potatoes
    TUESDAY: Taco-flavored stuffed shells
    WEDNESDAY: Spinach tortellini soup
    THURSDAY: Brother visiting – probably going out to eat
    FRIDAY: Slow cooker ginger pork with squash
    SATURDAY: Using veggie leftovers (stir fry?) before we take a quick trip to Washington, DC

  38. Monday: Chicken Enchiladas
    Tuesday: Broccoli Beef Stir Fry
    Wednesday: Crockpot Coconut Chicken Curry
    Thursday: Buffalo Sloppy Joes
    Friday-Sunday + beyond: Crockpot Chili for Benโ€“heโ€™s on his own for the weekend + the week after. Iโ€™m away for the weekend for my sisterโ€™s bridal shower and then will be gone for the following week to get some good work done on my MA thesis at my parentsโ€™ house, hence the meat-heavy weekโ€ยฆ good leftovers for this boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 39

    Sat – baked feta w/ tomatoes with a lazy chicken
    Sun – party. cake for dinner
    Mon – chicken soup
    Tues – spaghetti squash, eggplant, homemade sauce.
    Wed – grilled pork chops with risotto & roasted beets
    Thurs – BLTs w/ pasta salad
    Fri – homemade pizza

  40. 40
    Nikki CB

    That little guy is SOOO cute!

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