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Friday, November 2

{Food for Thought Friday} Feeding People After Sandy

I think we are all stunned at the damage that Sandy has caused to the East coast. Thankfully, all of my family was safe throughout the storm, for which I am very grateful. I’m from New Jersey, having grown up just 45 miles west of New York City. It is strange to turn on the news and hear the names of familiar places being spoken of in connection with such great destruction. Stranger still, I’m sure, for those on the ground. Mostly, though, I can’t stop thinking about all the people who have lost so much. My heart goes out to each and every one, wishing them strength in what is sure to be a long and difficult recovery.

This week I heard two great stories about people feeding people during Sandy, which seemed appropriate for this week’s¬†Food for Thought.

First, a quick story about Uncle Paul’s Pizza, a four-month old restaurant that stayed open through the hurricane. Five of the workers were stranded there anyway, so they just kept cooking!

Second, Citymeals-on-Wheels. I heard a story about this organization on NPR yesterday afternoon that was awesome (unfortunately¬†I can’t find the story on the NPR website). Citymeals has responded to Sandy by continuing to deliver meals to elderly people who are stranded in buildings without power. The NPR reporter joined the volunteers for a few deliveries, including one that involved a climb of 25 stories. Click here to read more about the organization and how you can get involved.

And, finally, a link to The Red Cross.

Prayers and love to all affected by Sandy!


  1. 1
    Nikki CB

    What a cool story, about that pizzeria. And Citymeals-on-wheels is inspiring. Thanks for writing about these. I hadn’t heard about either of them.

    • Jane Maynard

      thanks, nikki. I kind of liked those stories, not very well known, and I’m sure there are TONS of examples of people doing these kinds of things…unsung heroes!

  2. 2
    Kim from PA

    Very nice blog entry. The people in NJ and NY truely need everyone’s prayers and assistance by way of donations. It is heartbreaking to me that even when we knew a massive storm was on the way 4 days before it hit, 113 people have died in Hurricane Sandy and the death toll is expected to rise. The night time temperatures are now below freezing.

    I live in PA and we lost power for 6 days, but at least we had our home, a fireplace, and a gas stove we could light manually. I cannot imagine the hardship of those in NY and NJ who have 10 feet of water/mud/sand in their homes, no power, no gas for generators, no warmth, no food, no water.

    Helpful tips everyone should consider as prep for disaster:

    Invest in a small generator
    Purchase 10 gallon gas cans BEFORE a disaster strikes
    Fill gas cans as soon as a hurricane/blizzard is predicted
    Evacuate if authorities recommend evacuation
    Have a stash of emergency cash. Credit cards may not work once stores get up and running
    If you have a fireplace/woodstove, have lots of wood to burn for heat
    Have firestarters or chemical logs to assist with lighting a fire
    Have zero degree sleeping bags
    Have extra matches
    Invest in a car charger for your smart phone
    Have plenty of battery operated candles and lanterns….replace batteries regularly
    Have waterless hand sanitizer
    Have waterless shampoo
    Make blocks of ice by filling 1 gallon zip lock bags with water. I filled my freezer with as many of these as I could fit around the food and they stayed frozen even after 6 days with no power! If the ice melts, the water can be used for drinking or washing
    Have chlorox if disinfection is required
    Have freeze dried meals (Backpacker meals)
    Have canned soups/beans/pasta/ anything that can be prepared easily on one burner
    Have winter hats/gloves….you may need to wear them indoors
    Have the type of radios that do not require a battery,,,you wind them up. Also, there are flashlights that you shake that do not require a battery
    Fill your vehicles with gas BEFORE a storm
    Check on your neighbors. Several older people died of hypothermia
    Of course, have bottled water on hand

    I am sure there are many other tips…..the above are things that helped us in the past week.

    • Jane Maynard

      kim, glad to hear you only lost power – but 6 days is a long time! looks like you were super prepared, thanks for sharing your list!

      and, yes, lots of prayers and donations for NY and NJ…feel so bad for all these poor people!

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