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  1. Thursday, February 2

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice

    My friend Jessica had us over for dinner a few weeks ago and served Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice. People. PEOPLE. You are going to love me (well, Jessica) forever for introducing this recipe to you. I am head over heels for this dish.

    The rub for the pork is savory and the glaze is sweet and the flavors all complement each other in such a lovely way…and there is just enough heat. Enough that I can taste the kick, but not so much my kids wouldn’t eat it. Quite the opposite, they loved it, too. The technique yields a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin – tender and juicy. And the sticky coconut rice? Again, it just pairs so nicely with the pork…and, seriously, I could eat it for dessert. Yum yum yum. Last selling point…the recipe is quite simple to prepare and doesn’t require any super fancy ingredients. I personally just had to pick up some pork and coconut milk at the store – everything else was already in the cupboard!

    Without further ado, the recipe!

    Island Pork
    Someone named Mary Fetzer gave Jessica this recipe. The pork preparation originally comes from an Epicurious salad recipe. You could bop over to their website to check out the salad, but I really loved the pork served with the rice.
    Recipe type: Main Dish, Pork
    • For the pork:
    • 2 pork tenderloins, 2¼ – 2½ pounds total (they generally come in one package together)
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • Rub:
    • 2 teaspoons salt
    • ½ teaspoon black pepper
    • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
    • 1 teaspoon chili powder
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    • Glaze:
    • 1 cup brown sugar
    • 2 tablespoons finely chopped garlic
    • 1 tablespoon Tabasco
    1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
    2. Mix “Rub” ingredients, then coat pork with spice rub.
    3. Heat olive oil in an ovenproof 12-inch heavy skillet over moderately high heat until just beginning to smoke, then brown pork, turning, about 4 minutes total. Leave pork in skillet.
    4. Mix glaze ingredients. Pat onto each tenderloin and roast in the center of oven until instant read thermometer inserted diagonally into center of each tenderloin reads 140°F, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let pork rest 10 minutes in skillet. Slice into ½”³ – 1”³ slices and serve over sticky coconut rice, pouring some of the remaining glaze over the pork and rice.

    Sticky Coconut Rice
    Recipe type: Side Dish, Rice
    Serves: 6
    • 1½ cup jasmine rice
    • 1 15-oz can regular or light coconut milk
    • ⅓ – ½ cup sugar (I actually now do more like ¼ cup sugar and it’s still plenty sweet. add between ¼ – ½ cup to your own taste!)
    • 1 cup milk
    1. If rice is not pre-rinsed (the bag will tell you if it is), rinse with cold water until water runs clear. Put rice in a medium sauce pan and combine with coconut milk, milk and sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring regularly, then reduce heat to low and cover pot. Simmer for about 25 minutes (could take up to 45 minutes depending on the rice). Stir regularly.
    2. Rice and pork may be served with fresh, cubed mango, but this is optional (although I am certain it is delicious!).


  2. Friday, March 15

    Pork Chop Experiment

    Today’s post is fraught with diversions and side notes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    Pork chops. There is such a fine line between good pork chops and terrible pork chops that I just usually avoid cooking them altogether. (On a related note, this recipe for pork loin is the best pork I’ve ever cooked or eaten. The recipe is super reliable and beyond delicious. Side note #1 is now complete.) The other day I was thinking about pork chops and thought to myself that the AMAZING technique I discovered from America’s Test Kitchen for cooking steak could perhaps be applied to pork chops. (Side note #2: If you haven’t yet made the perfect steak, what are you waiting for? Seriously, you’ll never cook a steak on the grill again.) The technique involves baking the meat before searing and using a thermoeter.  When you follow this technique, the steak cooks very evenly and comes out perfectly every time.

    Okay, so back to pork chops. When I toured America’s Test Kitchen in Boston last summer, I got to meet a few of the chefs. As I was ruminating over pork chops this week, I pestered emailed Chef Dan to ask his opinion. He said he thought it would work and gave me some advice, including target temperatures for the pork chops when cooking.

    SOOOOO…I tried it last night and…it worked! I used the garden variety 3/4″ – 1″ thick boneless pork chops at the grocery store because that’s all they had that day. The pork chops came out not dry (woohoo!) and had great flavor. It’s still pork, so, you know, it’s no filet mignon. But the pork chops were simple and yummy and Anna and Owen could not stop eating them!

    I am going to try the technique again another time with a different kind of chop and see what happens. But for now, here’s what I did if you want to give it a try yourself! The recipe is nice and simple!

    Thanks for the advice, Dan of the Test Kitchens! For the record, if anyone cooks this and something goes wrong, blame me and not Dan! Unlike ATK, where they test recipes literally hundreds of times, the recipe below has been tested ONCE by yours truly. That’s what I call thorough recipe development.

    Pork Chop Experiment
    Recipe type: Main Dish, Pork
    • - ¾”³ – 1”³ thick pork chops
    • - Rock salt (or a nice coarse salt if you don’t have the rock salt)
    • - Pepper
    • - A bit of olive oil
    1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.
    2. Let pork chops sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Pat dry then sprinkle with rock salt and pepper on both sides, pushing the salt into the surface of the meat with your fingers.
    3. Line a baking sheet with foil then place a wire rack on the lined cookie sheet (I also put a bit of foil over the wire rack for easier clean-up). Place the pork chops on the rack and insert an instant read, oven-proof thermometer into the center of one of the chops. Place in oven and cook until temperature reaches 115 degrees F (this took about 30 minutes).
    4. When the temperature hits 110 degrees, begin preheating a skillet at medium heat. Drizzle 1-2 tablespoons of oil on the pan while heating and spread it around by tipping the pan. Sear the pork chops (that have reached 115 degrees), about 5 minutes per side, until they reach 135 degrees. Don’t cook them longer than that! Quickly sear the edges just to brown them up and make them look prettier.
    5. Let meat sit for 5 minutes then serve.


  3. Sunday, August 21

    Week 500 Weekly Menu – Let’s Celebrate!

    The giveaway described below is now closed. Thank you to all who entered! Winners are listed below!

    Today is a big milestone for my blog. It’s my 500th weekly menu post. FIVE HUNDRED. Five hundred Sundays in a row I have posted. No matter what. Yes, some of those posts didn’t have menus (like when I had babies or traveled to Africa or whatever). But most of those posts did include a weekly dinner plan and, more importantly, a place where our little community could come together to support and help one another get dinner on the table each week! I know these weekly posts have helped our family immensely over the years. I hope that it has helped some of you, too! In related news, I looked up the Week 1 Menu post. Oh man, we’ve come a long way from half a menu and only one comment from my friend Margo (thank you, Margo!).

    I think it’s time to celebrate the big 5-0-0, don’t you? We’re doing two special things this week in honor of the big occasion.

    The 500th Weekly Menu from @janemaynard, including favorite recipes from the blog and a fantastic giveaway!

    Celebratory Act #1: Menu #500

    First, I need to post a menu! This week’s menu is completely, totally, 100% UNrealistic and is actually a list of some (although not all) of my most favorite recipes on the blog. This seems like the best 500th menu I could pull together and is most certainly my dream menu (I would never in a million years make all of these recipes in one week, but it sure would be delicious!) Here are the links to all the recipes (links are also included in the downloadable PDF, which you can access by clicking the menu image above or by clicking here). As usual, please share your own weekly menu in the comments! (In fact, when you share, well, see celebratory act #2 below!)

    Celebratory Act #2: An awesome GIVEAWAY that you all need to enter!

    You guys. For real. Today’s giveaway is golden. I was able to get some of my favorite kitchen brands to donate all kinds of wonderful items for the 500th menu giveaway. AND we’re going to have three winners! Winner #1 will receive every last thing you see listed below. (Winner #1 is a lucky dog.) Winners #2 and #3 will each receive the first item on the list below (that beautiful 6-quart casserole from KitchenAid, which we will get to in a moment). Not too shabby, my friends!

    Here is how to enter the giveaway (prizes must be shipped within the US):

    • Leave a comment, any comment, on this post before Midnight PT on Sunday 8/28/16. That’s it!
    • BONUS ENTRY: Leave an additional comment with your menu for the week! (You must leave a separate comment to get the bonus entry.)
    • BONUS ENTRY: Follow This Week for Dinner on Facebook! (If you already follow, that counts! You must leave a separate comment to get the bonus entry.)
    • BONUS ENTRY: Follow This Week for Dinner on Pinterest(If you already follow, that counts! You must leave a separate comment to get the bonus entry.)

    This giveaway is now closed. Here are the winners!

    • Ana was our grand prize giveaway winner! Her Pinterest bonus entry (#82) is what got her the prize, but here is her initial comment! “Jane, congrats on reaching 500! I’m in awe of you! What a generous prize!! Would absolutely love to win!!”
    • KitchenAid Casserole Winner #1: Nora B (#214), who said: “Wonderful giveaway!”
    • KitchenAid Casserole Winner #2: Barbara (#118), who said: “Congrats on your 500th menu. They are a huge help to me on those weeks when I just can’t think of anything to cook.”

    You may be wondering what the giveaway actually is.  Here we go!

    KitchenAid's Professional 6-quart Cast Iron Casserole is functional and gorgeous. from @janemaynard

    • KitchenAid Professional Cast Iron 6-Quart Casserole (retail value $249.99): I love KitchenAid and they are always willing to provide the most wonderful gifts to celebrate my blog’s milestones. This cast iron casserole (with a lid that also works as a cast iron grill pan) is GORGEOUS and I love it so much. As I  mentioned, all three winners of the giveaway will receive one of these for their very own (you get to pick the color, but I gotta tell you, you’d be crazy not to pick Fiesta Blue. Really, it is so pretty.)

    Reliable's Steamboy 200CU Steam Floor Mop is my new favorite, we use it all the time! from @janemaynard

    • Steamboy 200CU Steam Floor Mop from Reliable (retail value $99.00): I’ve had my Steamboy since the start of the summer and it is my new favorite. It is just so easy to clean the kitchen floor and my 9-year-old Anna loves cleaning with it, which has actually been very helpful! I also love that there are zero chemicals involved. I use it once or twice a week and am so happy this steam mop is in my life.

    Force of Nature Green Cleaning Kit from @janemaynard

    • Force of Nature Kit (retail value $89.99): This is another new green cleaning tool we have in our home that is really cool. I actually just got mine, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet, but so far I love it. Basically you make a cleaning agent that is powerful, effective, chemical-free and safe. I’ve really tried to cut back on chemical use in our home for many reasons and this gadget will help tremendously.

    le creuset butter crock - one of my favorite kitchen items! from @janemaynard

    • Le Creuset Butter Crock: You should all own one of these by now because I talk about it enough. But I have a sneaking suspicion a few of you may still need one. Into the giveaway it goes!

    silpat half-sheet baking mat, a must have for any home baker! from @janemaynard

    Q Squared NYC Melamine Dishes - Perfect for Entertaining! Knoll Gardens Pattern | from @janemaynard

    • Q Squared NYC’s Knoll Gardens Serving Bowl with Provence White Salad Servers: Q Squared makes the best melamine dishware around and their new Knoll Gardens pattern has stolen my heart. (Note: the salad servers are not pictured above but are included in this giveaway.)

    Magic Chef Microwavable Cookware from @janemaynard

    • Magic Chef Microwave Cookware Set: Earlier this year I worked with Magic Chef to do recipe demos at a huge housewares show in Chicago to show off their new microwave cookware, which just hit the market! My favorite thing about this cookware is how it allows you to harness the steaming power of the microwave to cook all kinds of things, like perfectly tender chicken and heavenly chocolate lava cakes.

    KitchenIQ's Better Zester from @janemaynard(Better Zester photo credit: KitchenIQ)

    • Better Zester from KitchenIQ: Everyone needs a good zester in their life, and everything I’ve ever gotten from KitchenIQ has been awesome (including their knife sharpener, which I use every day!).

    The Smood from Dreamfarm (@janemaynard)(Smood photo credit: Dreamfarm)

    • Smood from Dreamfarm: Dreamfarm makes incredibly fun kitchen gadgets, many of which I own and love, and this one is no exception!

    live fashionABLE scarves from @janemaynard, supporting women in Ethiopia

    • ONE Beaded Bracelet, ONE T-Shirt and a fashionABLE Scarf: One of the very best things that has come out of having my blog is working with ONE. The work they do is inspiring and really making a difference and I am grateful to be a part of that work. Go ONE! And fashionABLE! (fashionABLE is a company I discovered through ONE and the work they do is amazing. And I love their scarves and have like a bazillion of them.)

    A huge THANK YOU to all of these companies for making this giveaway possible!

    Here’s to another 500 menus! (Oh man, can you imagine? Am I going to be posting these until I die? That would not be a bad thing, actually. ;))

  4. Sunday, April 12

    Week 429 Menu

    Well, we just pulled into the driveway and I’m exhausted! But it was a great Spring Break that included visiting three national parks (Joshua Tree, Bryce Canyon and Zion), driving over 1,600 miles, seeing lots of family, lunching with four fabulous food bloggers (Kalyn, Barbara, Letty and Karen), breaking into a mobster’s office to find gold, and so much more! Planning this week’s menu is my first foray back into “real” life.

    week 429 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list!

    Pat’s Asian Chicken Salad

    – Mark and Barb’s Brats (recipe to come)
    – Chips and fruit

    Naan Pizzas (flavors TBD)
    – Salad

    – Leftovers

    – Eat out (school talent show night and Cate is performing!)

    Rachel Sandwiches
    – Chips and raw veggies

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Broccolini

    Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

    Phew! That’s more work than I’ve done in over a week! 😉 Please share your marvelous menus! I love seeing what you’ve got planned, as does everyone else! 

  5. Sunday, March 29

    Week 427 Weekly Menu

    Hello! I have kind of a crazy week coming up. I’m off to LA for a couple days to hang out with Larry King (more on that later!), and then Nate is out of town for work, and then we’re driving 12 hours to visit family. I hope we survive the craziness! As a result my menu is a little strange this week. All the more reason for you guys to post your menus and inspire one another!

    week 427 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list!

    – I’m going to L.A. to hang out with Larry King (more on that later!)
    – Nate and kids are making English Muffin Pizzas

    – Take out night (I’m still out of town)

    – Penna in vodka sauce
    – Side veggie or salad with garlic bread

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Broccolini

    – Leftovers

    – Driving to Utah to visit family for spring break! Eat on the road

    – Easter Dinner with family!

    Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

    Please share your menus! And if you have your Easter feast planned, share that with us as well!

  6. Sunday, March 22

    Week 426 Weekly Menu

    Hello and good morning! (Or afternoon, or night or whatever it is when you read this!) This past week I actually did some cooking. Woohoo! Which means I can’t just steal last week’s menu again. 😉 Back to the drawing board…

    week 426 weekly menu from @janemaynard including FREE printable meal plan and shopping list!

    Pat’s Oriental Chicken Salad

    – Fried Rice (the only carry over this week!)
    – Potstickers

    Cilantro Sour Cream Enchiladas

    – Leftovers

    Rachel sandwiches
    – Fresh fruit and chips

    – Eat out / Take Out Night

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Broccolini

    Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

    You know the drill. Hop to it! Share your menu for the week! Thanks mucho!

  7. Wednesday, February 5

    Recipe Index

    recipe index for this week for dinner from @janemaynard

    Main Dishes | Side Dishes | Desserts

    Soups | Salads | Appetizers | Breakfast

    Mexican | Italian | Asian | Swedish


    Poultry | Meat | Seafood | Vegetarian

    Sandwiches | Pasta | Pizza | Grains/Rice | Rolls/Bread | Dips | Sauces/Condiments/Dressings

    BBQ/Grilling | Crockpot

    Beans/Legumes | Corn | Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes | Squash

    Chocolate | Pies/Tarts | Cakes/Cupcakes | Muffins | Cookies | Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt | Frosting | Bars


    Main Dishes

    Side Dishes








    Asian (Indian, Thai, Chinese…)













    Sauces, Condiments, and Dressings





    Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes




    Cakes and Cupcakes



    Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt




  8. Sunday, January 19

    Week 365 Menu

    We’re having a few friends over today to watch football (Go Pats!) and I made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting. We can’t wait to dig into this cake!!!!

    banana cake | weekly menu from @janemaynard + free printable menu and shopping list

    Confession: I did not make one thing on my menu last week. I think that might be a record. It was an unusually busy week and I never made it to the store, but this week should be better! I’ll only do a few repeats from last week. Maybe that menu was jinxed!

    weekly meal plan from @janemaynard + free printable menu and shopping list

    Cream of mushroom soup
    – Crusty bread

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Salad or veggie

    Kitchen Sink Quesadillas
    Guacamole and chips

    – Leftovers

    – Homemade pizza night (crust recipeno-cook sauce recipe)
    – Flavors: plain cheese, honey goat cheese with caramelized onions

    – Takeout

    Sweet Korean BBQ Beef Tacos

    Click here for the free printable of this week’s menu plus the shopping list!

    You know the drill – please share your own menu for the week! As always, thank you for sharing ideas with one another, it’s the best!

  9. Sunday, April 14

    Week 325 Menu

    After two weeks of Spring Break fun (Anna one week, Cate the next) and throwing caution (or at least responsibility) to the wind, it’s back to real life this week. Perhaps that means I’ll actually make more than one or two items on the menu plan! But, really, who cares about meal plans when there are zoos to be visited, beaches to play on, and flower fields to gaze upon?

    – Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry (from Real Simple’s Easy, Delicious Meals)
    – Rice and dumplings

    – Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Green Veggie

    – White Chicken Chili (from America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook)

    – Leftovers

    – Breakfast for dinner

    – Takeout

    – Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots

    Crossing fingers I actually cook this week! 😉 As usual, I can’t wait to see what your menu plan is for the week! Remember, we don’t care how fancy or un-fancy your menu is, and feel free to share any day of the week!

  10. Sunday, April 7

    Week 324 Menu

    We’re having a very lazy Sunday, complete with feathers all over the kitchen thanks to Anna’s hair accessory creation efforts.

    Okay, I guess I’ll buckle down and plan a menu! Going to utilize some of my cookbooks this week!

    – Spaghetti Carbonara (recipe from Big Bowl of Love)
    – Veggie and bread

    – Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry (from Real Simple’s Easy, Delicious Meals)
    – Rice and dumplings

    Island Pork with Sticky Coconut Rice
    – Green Veggie

    – Leftovers

    – Something simple like waffles

    – Eat Out/Take Out

    – White Chicken Chili (from America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook)

    As usual, looking forward to seeing your menu plans for the week. Please share!