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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Cookie Hail Mary

I did the craziest thing the other night, and it had nothing to do with Las Vegas. And I guarantee Chris Berman would be proud of this play.

cookie miracle

Here’s what happened: I made these cookies but inadvertently took them out of the oven way too soon. After letting them cool for 10 minutes, Nate and I started to eat and realized they were, well, kind of gross. Which was so disappointing. After an hour of watching TV, I went back in to look at my sad cookies. I thought the game was over, but I decided to go for the Hail Mary pass.

I re-pre-heated the oven, then put the cookies in for about 10 minutes. And, believe it or not, they came out perfectly! I still can’t believe it worked. The cookies were fresh but certainly no longer hot when I put them back in the oven. I’m not saying that anyone SHOULD cook their cookies this way…I’m just saying if you have nothing to lose, go for it!

I’m reminded of the time my brother and sister-in-law brought a beautiful turkey to our Thanksgiving feast…only to discover it was not cooked. They pulled the classic “put ‘er back in the oven after the fact” move and it worked!  Gotta love a good Hail Mary pass, especially on Thanksgiving. 😉


  1. 1

    Jane, I will definitely try this trick of yours!

  2. 2

    I love your site and have been visiting it for a few weeks, but have never written. I had to write after reading about your cookies. This happened to me with a cheesecake recently and you know they can be finicky. I took it out of the oven when I thought it was done, turned the oven off, cleaned it(butter had seeped out into oven) and then decided the cheesecake wasn’t done. I had no choice but to preheat the oven again and put it back in for a while longer. I thought for sure it would be ruined, but it turned out perfectly! I even served it to company (the kind of company that will eat your mistakes-close friends) and they loved it too! Goes to show…it can be done.

  3. 3

    Let me just say- that cookie looks so good….

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