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Friday, November 20, 2009

A little Lady apple for a little lady

If all fruits and vegetables were this cute, my kids would gobble them up!

little lady apple web

For the record, Cate looks grumpy because I forced her to pose with the apple. The apple actually made her very happy. Apparently, the camera has the opposite effect. Little stinker.

We picked up a few Lady apples at a local market this week. Anna was very excited about the “baby apples! baby apples!” Turns out they have an interesting history. The Lady apple is an heirloom variety that is also the oldest known apple variety. How about that? Click here if you want to learn more!


  1. Just curious what your going to make with this little apples?
    I have a new food blog and my last two posts were about apples. Would love for you to visit and comment.

    I really like your blog.


  2. 2
    Jane Maynard

    we’re just eating them fresh! they can be used for cooked dishes, but I think most people just eat them or use them as garnish and decoration.

    I recently did a call for apple recipes and lots of people submitted great recipes – here’s the link!

    glad you like the blog – thanks, mary!

  3. SO adorable!! I’ve never seen those in the mid-west…grrrr.

  4. 4

    Manhattan Fruitier includes Lady Apples in some of their fruit baskets and they are ADORABLE! It’s funny because they look like an underdone apple but they are fully ripe and so good. Super super cute.

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