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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Table for One, Please!

Nate and Cate are going on a daddy-daughter camp out tonight, which leaves Anna and I to fend for ourselves.  Which I’m actually a little excited about.  I’m just going to feed Anna some leftover spaghetti.  As for me, the possibilities are endless!

Do I order takeout? Do I cook a favorite dish, just for me? Or how about a bowl of cereal?  Ah, the freedom of only having to worry about myself!  I think I’ll even wait until Anna is in bed to eat, a nice peaceful dinner with my book.

Here’s to a lonely night at the dinner table…yippee!!

P.S…Nate and Cate, it’s nothing personal.  I promise.


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    I feel this way whenever I’m lucky enough to be alone for dinner. I’m always torn between making something super-fancy because I deserve it and because no one will interrupt me and making something easy because I deserve it and no one will interrupt me!

    Lately I’ve been making friends with my grill and have been making these fabulous portobello mushroom sandwiches. I marinate them in McCormick’s Garlic, Tomato and Basil grill marinade, then grill them. I stick them on a bun with a smidge of mayonnaise, some lettuce, tomato and fresh basil leaves. Sometimes I melt some cheddar on there as well. Delicious!

    Hope you have a great solo dinner…lucky girl! 🙂

  2. I am in the same boat tonight. Take out from one of my favorite places and a good book in bed (The Blue Bistro novel).

  3. I actually love when my dh goes out of town! The kids eat grilled cheese or mac’ncheese, anything with cheese, and I microwave a handy dandy Lean Cuisine. I really love them, and they’re super low calorie! They really help me with portion control!

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