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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Call for Recipes: Kale!

One of my most favorite things is when I get an email from someone requesting a Call for Recipes. I love the Call for Recipes posts myself, so it makes me happy that you guys like them, too!

call for recipes: kale recipe roundup from @janemaynard

I received an email from reader Lisa two weeks ago asking if I could ask you all for some kale recipes. She said she’s gotten so many great recipes from other commenters on the blog before. She’s in a kale rut and is hoping you all can help, which I’m certain you can!

So, that’s the theme for today’s Call for Recipes: KALE! Share your favorite kale recipes, tips for cooking and working with kale, whatever! Feel free to type out recipes or just link to recipes, it’s all fair game.

call for recipes: kale recipe roundup from @janemaynard | kale salad from costco

Here is what I have to add to the conversation:

  • To kick us off I’ll share the best kale recipe I’ve ever made. It’s really simple. You go to Costco and buy their kale salad mix. It’s delicious and foolproof. 😉 Seriously, though, we had it for Easter and loved it!
  • I recently wrote an article on about kale, with tips for how to cook it and a roundup of kale recipes from a bunch of great food bloggers. Click here for the kale Cosmo fun!
  • I’ve decided the world is full of LIARS because I recently had kale chips for the first time and they are absolutely not as good as potato chips. In fact, they’re disgusting. Nate agrees with me, by the way. And, before you ask, we had beautifully-cooked kale chips at a fabulous restaurant, so if we were going to like kale chips, those would have been the ones. So, the next time someones says, “No, really, kale chips are awesome!” I’m going to throw a pie in their face. Kale pie. Also, please don’t let my obviously-strong opinion keep you from sharing your kale chip recipes because, apparently, some people actually do like this healthy snack!
  • Hansen’s makes kale soda now. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure it’s delicious. Just like kale chips.

call for recipes: kale recipe roundup from @janemaynard | hansen's kale soda

Your turn! Share all your kale magic!


  1. 3

    I use kale in breakfast quiches, to make chips and salads. my two favorite salads are fromSmitten Kitchen:

    I add shredded rotisserie chicken to them to make a big, protein packed lunch

  2. 4

    Yay for new kale recipes! Thanks Jane! 🙂

  3. 7

    Sautéed kale with scrambled eggs…..delicious, just make sure to chop the kale finely. Kale soup, another favorite!
    We substitute lettuce with raw kale on BLTs, crunchy and delicious. And we LOVE kale chips. Our boys devour them. Try Real Simple’s recipe. Enjoy your kale!

  4. 10
    Rachel Utterback

    I need to eat more kale! Excited to try these recipes!

  5. Kale and Mango Smoothies

    1-2 handfuls of Kale
    1/2 frozen banana
    1/2 cup frozen mango
    1 cup almond milk or coconut milk
    if you have chia seeds or flax seeds, throw a few in to feel extra California-y
    Blend all this then add in 1/2 avocado and blend some more.

    Super yummy and healthy

  6. 12

    This is the most delicious kale salad I have ever eaten. I made it for my sister’s wedding reception. My 14 year old son claps his hands when I say we are having this for dinner. It is THE BOMB!

  7. Kale for the win. I wish I could eat it. It’s not allowed on my IBS diet, insert sad face here. Going to try this salad with a little substitution though. Nom nom.

  8. The picture on the can of kale soda looks like bugs have eaten the leaves.

  9. I love to make Kale Smoothies:

    The trick is to freeze the Kale before you blend it.

    I saw Renee’s Kitchen Adventures post up above; I love the slaw recipe she mentioned, but I cheat when I make it! If you live near a Trader Joe’s they have a bag of greens called: Cruciferous Crunch. It has broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc already shredded and ready for you! I love to caramelize onions, and then sauté a bag of cruciferous crunch and bag of green shredded cabbage with the onions. It can be served with anything!!

    I look forward to trying some of these yummy looking recipes!

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