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Friday, April 23, 2010

Cambria Cove Mother’s Day Giveaway – $150 Shopping Spree!

When I shared the Raspberry White Chocolate Cake a couple of weeks ago, a few of you noticed my completely gorgeous cake stand:

cambria cove milk glass cake stand with cake web

I love my cake stand. I mean really love my cake stand. Last summer, Cambria Cove gave all the BlogLuxe Award winners a $100 gift certificate to their site. I had a really hard time deciding what to get (they have so many beautiful things), but I eventually settled on the large milk glass servingΒ pedestalΒ from Mosser Glass. When I talked with Cambria Cove about doing a giveaway for all of you, they kindly sent me the small and medium pedestals to complete my collection (thank you, Cambria Cove!!!). Aren’t they so pretty?

cambria cove milk glass cake stand set web

Now that I’ve gushed about how happy I am with my cake stands…time for a giveaway, don’t you think? Cambria Cove is giving away a $150 shopping spree! One of you lucky people will be randomly selected to choose whatever you like from their wonderful website! Same drill as always – simply add a comment to this post by Midnight, PT on Wednesday, April 28. Your comment can be anything, but I think you should go window shopping over at Cambria Cove and tell us what you would spend your not-so-hard-earned money on! The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 29. That’s right, the winner will have time to get some shopping done for Mother’s Day! (Although, I won’t tell if you spend it all on yourself!)

Good luck!


  1. 1

    I LOVE their stationery!! I bought some from them a while back and am starting to run out!

  2. 2

    oooh… I LOVE LOVE LOVE that milk glass. mmmmm………

  3. 3

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Royal Albert tea cups and saucers. My mother-in-law has these and I feel so proper and ladylike using them. I would love to have my own to drink tea from and to use for tea parties with my children! Gorgeous.

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness! How do you even choose?!? I love the confetti pitcher & the aqua fish platter . . . the nesting bowls are so cute, too!

  5. 5
    Nicole Bassett

    That would be pure awesome!!

  6. 6
    Lori H

    What a generous giveaway! And so many things to choose from…I love the mini salt and pepper grinders, and I would get a couple of the organic seed kits, which would make a cute shower gift for my sister who is getting married. And your cake plates are beautiful!

  7. I am with you. Those cake stands are amazing! Excellent pick on your part! But I love the Taika Breakfast Setting by iittala. I would love waking up to that every morning! Sure beats anything ordinary!

  8. 8

    Did you see their matching mother/daughter aprons? I wonder if I could get an extra child’s size apron so the three of us girls could match…

  9. I would probably get the nasturtium stainless steel water bottle! I’m trying to get rid of all of our plasticware and replace it with glass or stainless steel, so this would be perfect! It’s pretty too…most stainless steel bottles I’ve found are just plain.

  10. 10

    I want the cake plates too! Perfect for my hosting an upcoming shower!!

  11. 11

    I heart cake stands.

  12. 12

    Beautiful site. I love the Nautilus Jewelery Collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. 14
    Katie B

    Such beautiful stuff! I might have to get myself some jewelry…

  14. 15

    My Williams-Sonoma cake stand recently broke. I’d probably replace that.

  15. 16

    I love the cake plates, I also like the confetti tumblers and the retro line!! Cute Cute Stuff!!

  16. 17

    I just can’t get over how gorgeous and beautiful the 3 cake stands are together! They’re on sale! I want them!!!!!

  17. 18

    I have been wanting to get myself a cake stand now that I am trying to make more cakes and decorate them nice! It is my birthday on the 28th so this would be a lovely gift!!!

  18. 19
    April Bean

    I can’t decide what I would get! Everything is so beautiful. It would be a toss up between jewlry or some kind of dish.

  19. 20

    Oooh! Fun! And, I’m hoping to get to try this cake recipe this weekend. Can’t wait!

  20. 21

    Cake stand, definitely!

  21. 22

    It would be so hard to choose, but I’ve been looking for a pitcher and I like the two they have.

  22. 23

    Me, Me, Me!! This giveaway ends on my BIRTHDAY (4/28); what a great gift. Okay, so I’m sort of a bargain shopper, lol…I would get the monogrammed cooler glasses set of 4, medium milk glass pedestal, waffle cone sundae glasses, St. Roch yellow Olive Tree Tea towel, and the lime striped napkins. Those are my choices for now and my total including shipping is 146.96 (so I may have to find something else or swap out one of my choices…and yes I put the items in my bag already…just in case =)

  23. 24

    I have wanted a cake stand for so very long! Please count me in!

  24. 25

    I would love to have a cakestand like that!!!!

  25. 26

    Insulated Hydration Bottle by Thermos

    Gustave Salad Serving Set by Sabre France

    Rainbow Whisk by Kuhn Rikon

    My list could keep going, but I’ll stop right there!

  26. 27
    Sarah A.

    Oh wow! There are too many beautiful things to choose from, but I think I might choose a cake stand like yours. Thanks!

  27. 28

    I would probably get the tea set for my wife as she has been window shopping for one for a while now.

  28. 29

    oh. i love this site! i would get those retro stoneware nesting bowls or those beautiful glass globe lights. so many beautiful things!

  29. 30

    Those ARE some lovely stands. I think my mom wouldn’t know what to do with herself if I got her something from here! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to πŸ™‚ Thanks Jane!

  30. 31

    What beautiful things!

  31. 32

    We are expecting our 6th baby so Mommy/friend time is so special! I have to say, that I love setting the table with beautiful linens and silverwear and tea sets for a rare and wonderful luncheon with girlfriends! Cambria cove is so fun to visit – everything is so so beautiful! I would definatly get some beautiful servicewear to pamper my girlfriends with!!

  32. 33
    Fern S.

    I love the Cake Stand!!

  33. 34

    I’d probably start by getting some nice chocolates!

  34. 35

    Kartio Tumblers is something I actually need. When we moved I lost the majority of my glasses so I would like to replace them. What a great giveaway. Thanks

  35. 36
    Marilena Amelang

    I love the Cake Stand!By the way, I made the White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Frosting (left out the raspberry extract) for my son’s birthday cake and it turned out great…delicious… Thanks, Jane!

  36. 37

    How fun! It all looks wonderful..what to choose would be hard, but SO much fun!

  37. 38

    I love love love the retro stoneware. It would go perfectly with my Fiesta Ware items! I have wanted a cake stand for a long time! These are beautiful! Plan to make the White Chocolate/Raspberry cake for Mothers day festivities (just so happens to be hubby’s birthday too!)
    Thank you for the great contest!

  38. 40

    Too many good things to choose from.

  39. 41
    Kirstjen Pratt

    I have no idea!! They have so many great things…maybe a new apron and some adorable jewelry?!

  40. 42

    I love me a cute apron! Great stuff!

  41. 43

    The champagne and nestle prints – redoing the kitchen and they would add just the right bit of artwork.

  42. I loved the little arts and crafts pin. So pretty. So simple.

  43. 45

    I would love a cake stand like yours! So pretty!

  44. 46

    loved the window shopping! so many fabulous things. love the retro line.

  45. 47

    I would get the shell cameo pendant for my mom. I remember her having one when I was very little but she lost it at some point. I remember sitting on her lap just running my hands over and over it. It was very calming πŸ™‚

  46. 48
    Laura R

    I don’t own any fine china and I’ve always wanted some really pretty tea cups. I like Commemorative Tea Cup Set by Royal Albert – 1900 to 1940.

  47. 49

    I’ve been wanting a charm bracelet for a while. Maybe the silver one by Estrella. But then again, I adore those stoneware nesting bowls, oh, and I could really use that smaller Rainbow Whisk. Man, this would be so hard to decide!

  48. 50
    Barbara Camp

    The confetti glasswear is my favorite.

  49. 51

    How do you choose? I love the cake plate, but I also like the confetti pitcher and tumblers. But I might be “selfish” and get a great piece of jewelry!!

  50. 52
    Tiffany D.

    Oh I hope I win!

  51. 53

    I love the medium size it would be perfect!

  52. 54

    The hand painted serving pieces by New Arcadia are lovely!

  53. 55

    So beautiful! I’ve wanted a cake plate for a long time!

  54. 56
    Jamie Raley

    I loved the Japonism rectangle tray. It totally wouldn’t go with anything I have but I don’t care!!

  55. I like the serving trays and since I love, love, love serving trays, that’s probably what I would go with. Shhh! Don’t tell me my if I win.

  56. It has been my marriage-long wish to have a beautiful cake stand! Still nothing…(tear). What an awesome addition to birthdays that would be!!!

  57. 59
    t sara

    my cake stand broke πŸ™ and i’m pretty sure that’s what i’d have to spend it on…those are so lovely!

  58. 60
    Sara S.

    I would get the recovered wood cutting board, the confetti serving bowl, and the floral embossed locket. But everything is beautiful!

  59. 61

    Can I copy you and choose the cake pedestals?? They are LOVELY!!

  60. 62

    The Jewelry is beautiful

  61. 63

    I really liked the aprons that they have!

  62. 64
    Jessica Allen

    Oh wow. They have some gorgeous stuff! Hard to decide. I love the cake pedestals and the jewelry and the handbags…

  63. 65

    Oh Jane, it’s ON!!!

  64. 66

    I would let my little daughter choose stationary with her name on it to write thank you notes and the Square Food Container for packing wonderful picnics!

  65. 67

    I can’t decide between the retro stoneware and the nautilus moonstone earrings. It’s all beautiful!

  66. 68
    Andrea MacDonald

    I could really use some new teacups since 3 of my favorites broke in the last month : (

  67. 69

    Those red polka-dot aprons are simply adorable!

  68. 70

    I love cake and I love cake stands even more. Bring it on!

  69. 71

    I have always wanted a cake stand! Haven’t gotten up the nerve to buy one for myself.

  70. 72
    MIchelle Smithq

    I love milk glass…it can look elegant or funky retro depending on how you dress it up. One like that will look great with the new tea set my mother in law gave me for christmas!

  71. 73

    so hard to choose. I would like an apron, the ceramic jug, and some new jewelry.

  72. 74
    Deb C

    I absolutely love serving cookies and cupcakes and cannolis… and would love the Round Cutting Board by Joseph Joseph to put them on! As they say “pretty brilliant”

  73. 75
    Fran TX

    Too many great things to make a sudden decision, but I absolutely love the “Love Token Scroll Heart Necklace by Lori Bonn”.

  74. 76

    I just love their collection. Everything!

  75. 77

    I love the cake stands. They are gorgeous. The cake looks pretty nummy too! They have so many beautiful things to chose from, that might be a hard one.

  76. I love their travel sets!

  77. 79

    I absolutely adore the blue/green confetti tumblers and pitcher (I don’t drink so the wine glasses, while lovely, wouldn’t get used.) I’d also buy the blue/green glass globe lights, but find a way to place them inside to use as night lights…they are too nice to leave outside!

  78. 80
    Traci P.

    There is a beautiful rake & shovel set for gardening. I would definitely give it to my mom for mother’s day!

  79. 81

    The Cambria site is wonderful! I pick the iPouch wallet, very smart!!

  80. I love the moonstone earrings, but the hand-knit finger puppets would be hard to resist!

  81. 83

    I love China, my mother has a beautiful collection. I would spend it on that, so I can serve my food on something beautiful.


  82. 84

    I love love love the cake stands!!! They would go great with my collection! πŸ™‚

  83. 85

    Oh the choices! I love the cake stands, journals, jewelry…I want it all!

  84. 86
    Kimmie S

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the cake stand as well as the ballet pink pendant! How beautiful!

  85. 87

    I totally need a beautiful cake stand, and the aprons are to cute. Of course if you have anything left over there is always CHOCOLATE!

  86. 88

    What a great giveaway! I’d love it!!! I’d get a really cute apron.

  87. 89

    Pick me!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  88. 90

    Hm… I’d love to try one of those monogrammed necklaces! Such cute stuff!

  89. 91

    I want to win! πŸ™‚

  90. 92

    Hooray…. love giveaways!

  91. 93

    Mom would love something from their store….or maybe it’d be more of a gift for me. Either way. πŸ™‚

  92. 94

    Oh my goodness these are cute and perfect for any type of party! I love your blog, I am a silent stalker. πŸ˜‰

  93. 95

    Everything I want is on sale WOO!! I would buy the ice cream maker and DEFINITELY one of the cake stands!

  94. 96

    The tea cup candle is super cute!

  95. 97
    Leah Parker

    Ooh what beautiful pedestals!

  96. 98
    Nicole Beckstrand


  97. 99
    Jennifer S.

    If I could choose one item, it would be the San Benito Magdalena Necklace by VSA in Pearl. I probably would sleep in it, it is too beautiful to ever take off. Sigh…..

  98. I heart shopping sprees!!

  99. 101

    Wow, I love their site, and everything on it!! I saw a locket that is so precious. I would put a pic of Rowan in there, and wear it every day! πŸ™‚

  100. What a gem… went to the site and found a treasure-trove of beautiful things! I would either go practical (I love the yoga-mat bags) or beautiful (the Medallion photo locket)!

  101. I’ve never heard of that site before but their things are beautiful! I’ll take… All of it!

  102. 104
    Andrea Hutchings

    They have so many great things, but the garden pruners are pretty cute and I need some! Love reading your blog.

  103. 105
    Kayla C

    I’m in love with cake stands and those are beautiful!
    I am making my first attempt at making pizza dough today and the gift certificate would be a great pat on the back for me getting over my yeast phobia!

  104. 106

    Love the serving pedestals…and since they are on sale right now I would throw in a couple of their beautiful necklaces, too. πŸ™‚

  105. 107

    I’d have to let my wife pick, but I’d definitely love the chance to let her!

  106. 108
    Jenn W

    Beautiful!! Please, please pick me πŸ™‚

  107. 109

    Thanks for the heads up! Beautiful cake stands. I think I need to go bake a cake…

  108. 110

    I think it would be easier to say what I wouldn’t want to buy. They have such beautiful stuff!

  109. 111

    Oh my goodness. I just clicked to the site and don’t even know where to begin because it ALL looks beautiful! The tea cup set looks amazing but I sure could use some new candles!

  110. 112

    WOW! Beautiful stuff. I think I would choose from the nesting bowls, batter bowl, and truffles!

  111. 113

    I’ve gotta win this!

  112. 114
    katie rivera

    so many beautiful things…it would be hard to pick!

  113. 115

    The store looks so cute! I’d love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. 116
    Jen Mosinski

    Must. Win. Getting. Bitter.

  115. 117

    I just love Cambria Cove. The Retro Stoneware Nesting Bowels are great, but I think the Blueberry Coffeecake has my name on it!

  116. I just spent the last 30 minutes on Cambria Cove’s site and I still can’t make up my mind. If I win, it’s gonna take me some time to narrow it down. So much gorgeous stuff.

  117. 119
    Jen Mosinski

    Plus my tenth anniversary is on April 29th, so I really must win! Enough with this random garbage, pick me already!!!

  118. 120
    Brittany Riesenberg

    I like the cake stands and the retro stacking bowls. I also really liked the stackable rings. pretty.

  119. 121
    Jenny McCulloch

    Mothers Day presents! I love those cake stands.

  120. 123

    So much great stuff! Love the cutting boards, and Thule glass serving dishes, and fun glassware!

  121. 124

    I would love a cake stand like that!

  122. 125
    Amy Fago

    Thank you for this opportunity! What great Mother’s Day Gift ideas!! πŸ™‚

  123. 126

    So many beautiful things! Jewelry or candles, maybe?

  124. 127
    Sara Denoncourt

    Does the cake come with it?

  125. 128

    I would love to have pretty things to serve on…

  126. I still need to make that yummy looking cake! It would be nice to have the cake stand to match πŸ™‚

  127. 130

    I would love, love, love anything from them. But because we just found out we are having baby #5 I would go for something beautiful from the baby part. I need a mothers day gift too, right?!

  128. 131

    Too much good stuff! I would have to take a loooong time to figure out what to get!

  129. 132

    I would have so much fun with this shopping spree! How cute are those rainbow whisks?

  130. 133

    Lovely. I would get the same thing.

  131. 134

    Ohh, a cake stand is something we need, especially with a 2 year old’s b-day coming up in a few weeks!

  132. 135

    Such pretty things, love your website all the way here in Ga. Helps me get through the week. Have the chance to add pretty dishes to my dinners would be a great bonus!

  133. 136
    Michele Wang

    Love the cake plates! Thanks Jane.

  134. 137
    Kathy Allen

    Pick me, pick me!! πŸ™‚

  135. 138

    I love their cotton baby throw! Thanks!

  136. 139

    Beautiful. I love that cake stand.

  137. 140
    Amy S.

    I love the rainbow whisks and the stoneware cake plate. And the confetti glass! It would be a hard decision. They have tons of cute stuff…

  138. 141
    Holly C.

    The thing that caught my eye was the Hot Chocolate Maker! Love it! However, I saw plenty of things that my mom would love too! So the shopping spree would be an excellent Mother’s Day gift!

  139. 142

    So many great items to choose from! I love the cake stand and the apron.

  140. 143

    The photo locket necklace and a purse hanger

  141. 144

    Love the cake stands too.. (and I would just have to bake that cake to make it complete!)

  142. 145

    love the cake stands!

  143. 146
    Rachel J

    Loving the aprons, ink stamps, and the mini salt and pepper grinders.

  144. 147

    Jane! What a fabulous giveaway! I’ve been looking for some vintage cake stands for a while, but haven’t justified buying one yet.

    I would definitely get the retro stoneware cake stand(among other entertaining serveware) if I happened to be lucky enough win that gift certificate.

  145. 148
    Nikki CB

    I’d pick a cutting board…or maybe the retro nesting bowls…fun stuff!

  146. 149

    I just love desserts! Please pick me!

  147. 150
    Michelle W

    What a gorgeous selection! I don’t have even one cake stand and would love, love, love the ones you have shown. I could also see myself with lots of their fun dishes. What a great site!

  148. 151
    Brooke Todd

    I want the cake stands with the cake!

  149. 152

    oh my lord! What an amazing site and giveaway! I would buy the Medallion Photo Locket Necklace by Lori Bonn for my mom and maybe enclose some yummy sprinkles cupcakes in the package!
    I’m a poor starving college student so pick me! haha πŸ™‚

  150. 153

    help me.

  151. 154
    Jennifer Toone

    I would love the cake stands. And that blue stripe and floral apron is so cute! I’d also love the chance to try the baking extracts – it’d be so nice to try something other than grocery store brand for once. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. 155

    The stacking rings are beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for!

  153. 156
    Katrina W

    A few Rainbow Whisks (one for us and for each of my nieces) and the Red and white Polka Dot Aprons (for Mom and Daughter). My Madeline would LOVE them!!

  154. 157

    I love the confetti pitcher and the glass globe lights. I can’t choose. Hopefully I win and then maybe I could get both!

  155. 158

    I would have to get a gift for my Mom, but I really like the commemorative tea cup set and yoga mat tote.

  156. 159

    Mmmm aprons, darling!

  157. 160

    Batter bowls and cake stand or stacking rings…hmmm…

  158. 161

    I would really like to get one of the rings and/or something for my new re-modeled kitchen.

  159. 162

    The serveware is gorgeous! …as are the yoga mat totes. πŸ™‚

  160. 163
    Robin R

    what are the odds?

  161. ooh, never even been to cambria cove, love it! (i guess im living in the dark) I would start with one of those fabulous tableclothes and that great locket necklace, since im expecting a new little one…it would be a great spot for a picture of my two kids.

  162. 165
    Shauna W.

    The retro nesting bowls and fiesta table runner would be great additions to any kitchen!

  163. 167

    I would love a real yoga matt!

  164. 168

    Oh, jewelry of course. I really like the charm bracelets. I’ve always wanted one. Maye my Mother’s Day wish will come true this time.

  165. 169

    Love the confetti glasses and pitcher!

  166. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for all the great tips. I don’t know how you do it!

  167. 171
    Sarah Covert

    This is one I really would love to win.

  168. 172
    Emma K.

    I did a little window shopping and I thought the Personalized Self-Inking Stamper by PSA Essentials was great and also the Versailles Mosaic Lighter by Social Light was awesome. I didn’t know a lighter could be so pretty!

  169. 173
    The Raven

    I am totally entering for the cake stands!

  170. 174

    There are so many great options! I love the earrings, the aprons, and the personalized stationary stamper!

  171. 175

    oh I love those cake stands!! I could definitely use a number of the beautiful pieces at cambria cove. the matching mother/daughter aprons in red polka-dot are so cute!!

  172. 176

    Personalized stationery, aprons AND cake stands! Count me in!

  173. The cake stand is great, but I’d also love the cake to complete it.

  174. 178

    Oooooh! This is so exciting! I love your cake stands! I also love tumbler glasses and the adorable garden pruners!

  175. 179

    The 29th will be my birthday–what a great gift!

  176. 180

    hmmm. never heard of them, but looks like great stuff!

  177. 181

    I love all the personalized gifts…I know if I gave this to my mom she would get the stamper and the stationary. Such a cute store!

  178. 182

    Wow, thanks for sharing their website! I found lots and lots of great things. I might blow the whole gift certificate on a stackable ring or buy a bunch of things! Maybe… the personalized self-inking stamper, the interchangeable stamps, some bon-bons, and/or some gardenia soap.

  179. 183
    Geraldine Paraha

    It would have to be Commemorative Tea Cup Set by Royal Albert – 1950 to 1990. It is gorgeous and would be lovely for a tea party

  180. 184

    The confetti pitcher and glasses are so cheerful and fun!

  181. 185

    Beautiful jewelry!!!

  182. 186

    I love all of the jewelry!

  183. 187
    Kassie B

    I love the aprons!

  184. 188
    M.J. Jacobsen

    Wowsa! I love it all! I’m going to make the cake for my future sis-in-laws bridal shower in June. Can’t wait!

  185. 189
    Teresa A.

    Such a pretty website. So many wonderful things to choose from, but I like the molton cups and the cakestand the best – and on sale no less. Awesome!

  186. 190

    love cabria cove…
    been eyeing the p.s. i love you pillow cases and oh so much more!

  187. 191
    Angela S

    Wow so many beautiful things, how does one choose… I think my fav so far are the japonism rectangular tray and the personalized stamp but I still have more exploring to do…

  188. 192
    Jenny Worthington

    Lucky Day Caloo Callay!

  189. 193

    so many awesome things to choose from, anything from the letter necklace to the chocolat yellow pitcher! i could have fun choosing!

  190. 194

    I love cake stands!!

  191. 195
    Miranda New

    i love to bake and these stands are beautiful.

  192. 196
    Natalee Maynes

    Wow! Their stuff is beautiful!

  193. 197
    Vivian Maynes

    My mom really needs this! πŸ™‚

  194. 198
    Phyllis Padfield

    Love it!

  195. 199
    Karalee Curl

    I would love this!

  196. 200
    Melissa Mullins

    I would definately get one of their too cute cake stands:) Would love to win!

  197. 201
    Sybil Clark

    As much as I bake cakes I cannot believe that I have never gotten a cake stand. Have lots of cake carriers but no stand. That one looks like a great one to have. Love the simplicity.

  198. 202
    Deanna G.

    I’d love to get the Hot Chocolate Maker by Bialetti!

  199. 203

    I love the cake stands! But the red and white apron would have to come home to me too!

  200. 204
    Julie Lolofie

    The Personalized Self-Inking Stamper by PSA Essentials is pretty cool, along w/ some beautiful new stationary. However, I also have my eye on the blue cake stand, the lovely charms by Lori Bonn and the Umbrella in a Pod…decisions, decisions! Thank you for this opportunity!

  201. 205
    gretchen mckinney

    OMG…I had never heard of their store. I am so glad you let me in on this website. Has this been a best kept secret? What wouldn’t I spend my money on there. Everything is worthy of spending my hard earned money in my opinion…and I will be buying!

  202. What a beautiful website. I’d love to win and do a little shopping.

  203. 207

    Wow…I wasn’t expecting such a variety of products. I think I’d have to own the retro cake pedestal and one of those round little teapots. So cute!

  204. 208

    you can never have too many cake stands in my opinion.

  205. 209

    what a fun website…too many things to choose from!

  206. 210

    Wow… so many things to choose from. One of the things I would love is the recovered wood cutting board.

  207. 211

    Those are the most beautiful cake stands!!

  208. 212

    Wow…this beats a cake “plate” any day! Thanks for the chance, Jane!

  209. 213
    Whitney Jordan

    These milk glass plates would be used often at my house!!

  210. OHMIGOSH! I love Cambria Cove! It takes me forever to go through the catalog because I want it ALL.

  211. YES! My birthday is next week and this would be perfect!!

  212. 216

    i would love to get a little jewelry for myself and then something more practical for the kitchen…

  213. 217

    I love the cake stand you picked, but I have really been wanting a wine aerator. The one from Cambria Cove is beautiful!

  214. 218

    That milk glass is very pretty. I wouldn’t mind shopping for ME!

  215. 219

    I have to have the rainbow whisk! And some sort of tablecloth, we got our first grown-up table and seriously need a nice one for when we have company.

  216. 220
    Mandy O'Hara

    I’ll take one of each, please.

  217. 221

    I just recently happened onto your blog through PW I believe…I have lots of your recipes I want to try…
    As far as Cambria Cove? Well, the lovely intial charms caught my eye…what a great give away!

  218. 222

    Wow – I’ve never heard of Cambria Cove, but what beautiful things they have! My sister is getting married this summer and I’d be able to get her a lovely gift. πŸ™‚

  219. 223

    Awesome, Jane! This is a great one!

  220. 224

    Wow grea give away I love there site. i think I am going to get my MIL something for mothers day, from them.. for me I covet the … overnight bag Little Harbor Collection by Halsea

  221. 225

    Their stuff looks so gorgeous.

  222. 226

    What a gorgeous website. It would be a happily hard decision to pick something from Cambria Cove.

  223. 227
    Tammy Blais

    So many beautiful things to choose from…what to do, what to do…

  224. 228

    I would LOVE the cakestands!!!

  225. 229

    I love EVERYTHING but I think the pink table linens would be perfect in our new house!!!

  226. 230

    Those are beautiful cake stands!! I can’t wait to see what else they have!

  227. 231
    Sara P.

    Their jewelry is gorgeous. I love the Allegra Necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  228. 232

    I adore the retro stoneware. The colours are beautiful!

  229. 233

    The glassware section looks promising…especially since I’ll be needing summery pitchers and glasses to serve lots n lots of agua fresca πŸ™‚

  230. I think the Taika line in blue is stunning and would try to accumulate every piece

  231. 235
    Amy B.

    I would definitely put the $150 toward a roller duffel bag!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Amy B.

  232. 236

    i would get gifts 4 my mother & sisters

  233. 237

    Gorgeous! I hope I win!

  234. 238

    That cheese grater delights me in ways that even I can’t understand… and the rest would probably go towards those gorgeous tea sets.

  235. 239

    I loveeee your cakes stands..and the aqua fish serving platters!!!!

  236. They are so beautiful and classy! I want one! I want one! πŸ™‚

  237. 241

    I really want these awesome cupcake wrappers, I’m always looking to stock up on cute and unique ones.


  238. 242

    First of all, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful company. I will definitely use them for gift giving. I really liked their commemorative Prince Albert tea sets. They were so elegant looking.

  239. 243

    What a nice giveaway! And so nice to see a mention to Mosser Glass–they’re located in my hometown (or maybe I’m in their hometown?), and I’ve always enjoyed their pieces. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  240. 244

    There are so many beautiful things to choose from… I love the milk glass or any of the gardening items… laaavvve the vintage watering can!

  241. 245

    This is an awesome giveaway! I love the cupcake liners, milk glass, the new acadia platter, the wood bowl and the stationary with stamp is great!

  242. I think I would have to order some of their beautiful Retro Stoneware. I love the bright colors!

  243. 247
    Candice Smith

    Oh, the mother daughter aprons are too fun. My girl would wear it all the time!

  244. 248

    Oh my goodness gracious. I’ve never seen this place before. Wow…

    What would I spend $150 on? Well, my daughter is going to the extreme other side of the United States (from Portland, OR to Boston, MA) for college in the fall. I would find something very special to give her to help her remember that her Mommy loves her and misses her like crazy… like maybe that charm bracelet! Or the tea cup set – she loves tea. Or stationery – she believes in handwriting notes and sending them via snail mail. I’m not exactly sure what – but I would have great fun finding something for her!

  245. 249

    I love the vintage watering can. I am starting my first vegetable garden and that would be a great addition to my lacking gardening collection.

  246. 250

    Got to go with the pedastals- that is one thing missing in my kitchen collection. Would also have to pick up a polka dot apron!

  247. 251

    How about a birthday present for my little cook? He’s turning two, so I’d get him some chocolate and the rainbow whisk.

  248. 252

    I love seeing a cake on a beautiful pedestal…..pick me!

  249. 253

    I would pick the polka dot mom/daughter apron AND the wooden cutting board. Perhaps throw in a little jewelry. I’ve never heard of the company before, but I liked what I saw. Ok, Ok, I’d pick a box of chocolates, too.

    Too much?

  250. 254

    I love their stationary! It is beautiful, although I’m also pretty smitten with the cake stands that you picked out.

  251. 255

    oh my, I love their bamboo growing pot!

  252. 256

    What a wonderful website! Too many things to choose from – I love the seed collections, beautiful picture frames and candles!

  253. 257

    I think I would go w/ the cake stand!! Love the pure white. Any cake would look stunning on that.

  254. 258

    I love their personalized stampers and stationary.

  255. 259

    I love shopping with not-so-hard-earned money πŸ™‚ I have been wanting to get a nice serving tray, so that would be first on my list, and then I REALLy like the yellow teapot. I think it would be a nice cheery touch, whatever it is serving (and my second born would be in heaven since he demands everything yellow.)

  256. 260

    Oooh… confetti glassware? Cake stand? the options are endless!

  257. 261

    I love so many things on the site! I would have to go with the initial charm necklace first and then we will see! Great offer. Thanks!

  258. 262

    Oooh so many tempting treats on that site! The jewelry is so beautiful! I am looking for a monogramed necklace to give to my Mom for her birthday/Mother’s Day, and saw some lovely ones on this site!

  259. 263

    Too many choices to choose- unless of course I HAVE to. πŸ™‚

  260. 264

    I just found your blog! The cake you made above looks gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway! I like the heirloom bamboo growing pots.


  261. 265

    I love the brown betty tea pot but the white cake stands are wonderful too!!!

  262. 266
    Sarah S

    I am in love with the cake stand you chose! too cute! also I have had my eye on those rainbow whisks for a while, although I would have to get one for my mom too or she would never forgive me! haha Too many great things to choose from.

  263. 267

    I’m thinking jewelry….

  264. 268

    I’ve been wanting a cake stand and this one is gorgeous!

  265. 269

    Those cake stands are GORGEOUS. Mmmmm….lovely.

  266. 270

    ooh pretty and yummy! and pretty yummy!

  267. 271
    Melissa Grogan

    Love those cake stands… just wish they came with the cake! πŸ™‚ Had never heard of Cambria Cove… another place I can drool over their stock.

  268. 272

    gorgeous cake stands! I think i’d choose those as well.

  269. 273

    Just discovered your site through the Every Day Food blog and what a coincidence to see Cambria Cove featured!

  270. 274
    Maria Hartnett

    Sounds like a great site!

  271. 275
    Nicole Madison

    I always drool over this catalog. Does the cake stand come with the cake?

  272. 276

    The 28th is my birthday. I would love to win this! It’s lovely.

  273. 277

    that cake stand is truly beautiful! they have such fabulously beautiful stuff!

  274. 278

    Consider me entered.

  275. 279

    Now this is a giveaway that I can really relate to, I drool over that site all the time! And it just so happens that your cake plates are on sale! SALE! regardless if I win or not, may have to make a shopping spree of my own.

  276. 280

    Wow! to have a pretty cake stand. This is a perfect reason to bake a cake. I will keep my fingers crossed and my belly waiting.

  277. 281

    Beautiful site, including the cakestand!

  278. 282
    Lori P.

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway, Jane! If I had to choose (and boy, it is hard!), I would LOVE to have the electric ice cream maker and the aluminum condiment tray and bowl!

  279. 283

    I just love those cake stands!

  280. 284

    I absolutely love, love, love cake stands and this one is beautiful!

  281. 285

    Endless uses for cake stands like these. Love that they are also timeless in their style…

  282. 286

    Some jewelry for my wife would be nice.

  283. 287

    I’m a complete sucker for serving trays. I’ll take them all, please!

  284. 288

    I don’t know why but I love serving dishes, the brasserie tray is gorgeous! Also love the cake stands. Thanks!

  285. 289

    Beautiful cake stands! I really enjoy your blog πŸ™‚

  286. 290

    The polka dot mother/daughter aprons are adorable!! Your blog is fun to read!

  287. 291

    I’d never been on their site before and it is so lovely! Going back to browse some more. Especially love their glassware and those red/white polka dot aprons! πŸ™‚

  288. 292

    I want to win something to keep my wife happy : )

  289. 293

    I love the 3 cake pedestals. I have been looking for ones that I can tier!!

  290. 294

    I LOVE the Metal Watering Can!

  291. 295

    I want to get my wife the trophy wife mug set! She really deserves it!

  292. 296

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cake stands, and would love to get my hands on some of these… What a nice give away, perfect timing just before Mother’s Day!!!

  293. 297

    I want to get in on the fun!

  294. 298

    I love the cake stands too!

  295. 299
    Barbara Ann Baker

    pick me pick me pick me

  296. 300

    Really! I want the cake stand. When you posted that cake I said to my husband “Look at that cake stand! I want one.” Plus, I recently started taking a cake decorating class so that would be absolutely perfect!

  297. 301

    Love the cake! I want to get Barbara Ann Baker one for Mom’s day! XO

  298. 302
    andrea p

    I love the mother of pearl filigree earrings and necklace. The aspiring cook in my wants the baking extract gift set and the stripe and floral apron. They have so many lovely products.

  299. 303

    My hubby kept asking me what I’d like for Mother’s day – I think I want to get picked for $150 giveaway, even though my hubby has nothing to do with this! πŸ™‚

  300. Cambria Cove take me away!

    I love the cake stands. LOVE them to bits and pieces. But if I won, I’d buy the luggage because I’m obsessed with it, and I travel all the time, and I want to be upgraded to first class based on the fact that that’s where their luggage belongs.

  301. 305

    I love your cake stands. I also love their Confetti pitcher and glasses. This would be a tough choice!

  302. 306

    I like cake.

  303. 307

    I want those cake stands. Love, Love, Love them!

  304. 308

    We love, LOVE pancakes and waffles in our house with our four little hoodlums and we would choose the batter bowl.

  305. 309
    Jennifer Rose

    I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted a tea set!

  306. 310

    Too many great things to choose from. I love the cakes stands or one of the sturdy wooden cutting boards or one of the pretty lockets! Fun:)

  307. 311

    Oh my! Cambria Cove is a real treasure! So much to love. I could easily live with the graphic Pillow Covers by One Thread Fair Trade or the Yoga & Pilates Bag by Kim Michie! LOVE them!

  308. 312

    Wow! Hope I win! Thanks!

  309. 313

    Terribly cute! Love these!

  310. 314

    now i have cake stand envy!

  311. 315

    I would splurge on those cake stands for SURE! They look just like the stands that Melody from My Sweet & Saucy Shop uses. So cute!

  312. 316

    Oh, my! I would totally have to get the confetti tumblers! Two sets of them!! They match my Fiestaware and I am down to 5 nice glasses in the house. Someone keeps breaking them. Yeah, someone…me. lol As for the rest of the $$, maybe the fiesta tablerunner? or the rainbow wisks (too cute!) or the recovered wood cutting board!! Or those adorable polka dot aprons…my daughter would look so cute in that! Or I could treat myself with some exotic caramels or chocolate turffles. So many wonderful choices…

  313. 317

    I love the cake stands!

  314. 318
    Liz Brown

    What a fabulous giveaway!! My Mother was born on Mother’s Day, although her birthday doesn’t fall on it this year. I think anything from Cambria Cove would make a great gift for her!

  315. 319

    Cake stands are the best…But I love what you put on the stand much better…Mmmm Cake…

  316. 320
    Susan A

    So many lovely things. Cake stands are on sale!! I will be purchasing the small one even if I don’t win. If I win, I will be purchasing the large oval locket. So beautiful!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  317. 321

    I love pedestal stands so much. I love having ones of different heights on the table, I think its such a cool look!

  318. 322

    I love anything white & have been searching for the perfect cake stand. I think I’ve found it!

  319. 323

    Love the beautiful cake stand. Always up for a giveaway : )

  320. 324

    Definitely the stacking moonstone ring! That is gorgeous! Pretty colors for summer!

  321. 325

    LOVE the Royal Albert Commemorative Tea Cup set πŸ™‚ I’m a chinaware junkie so anything unique and beautiful would be on the top of my list.

  322. 326

    I would love to win and try out something new

  323. 327

    I could get into serious trouble with this! I can’t say anything for definite yet, because then when I don’t win I’ll still want it and be tempted beyond my budget.

  324. 328

    I love to bake and am a cake stand virgin, so I would be purchasing one or two of them. And the bundt pan that I want for my birthday!!!

  325. 329

    the monogrammed glasses- is that cheesy? and the jewelry is gorgeous! ???? πŸ™‚

  326. 330

    so much to choose…maybe the retro cake stand, or the organic stacking rings.

  327. 331

    Love the cake stands!!

  328. 332

    love the site!

  329. 333

    You can never have too many cake plates. So pretty.

  330. 334

    oooh Serendipity at it’s finest; I Stumbled here. =) We’re having a Derby party this weekend and I was just wondering if I shouldn’t try to squeeze one more sweet thing onto the table somewhere. The answer is YES and this cake looks like the perfect thing. Too bad I didn’t have one of those killer cake stands to set it on…

  331. 335

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! If I win, I’d love to have the French Vintage pitcher.

  332. 336

    those cake stands are so beautiful

  333. 337

    NEED those cake stands!

  334. 338

    The Nautilus Triple Drop Necklace by Lori Bonn is beautiful. Wow!

  335. 339

    I like the Stripe and Floral Apron by Jessie Steele.

  336. 340

    Just found. Your site and love it! And that cake stand.

  337. 341

    SO many beautiful jewelry pieces from which to choose. That’s where’d I spend the gift certificate if I won. Thanks!

  338. 342

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would enjoy the personalized self inking stamper…if I win!

  339. 343

    must. have. the. Retro Stoneware Nesting Bowls!!!!
    please throw my name in the hat too!

  340. 344
    Jenny D.

    Those are great cake stands and I could pretty much throw everything into my cart from that site. Thanks!

  341. 345
    Rayme Bernick

    Love, love, love the gold glasses! But…love pretty much everything! Would love to give myself my own Mothers Day gift:-)

  342. 346

    Oooh! I love receiving my Cambria Cove catalog in the mail. There are so many amazing things to choose from. I think I’d end up doing something in the stationery category.

  343. 347

    I love their china. Those cake stands are so simple and elegant!

  344. 348
    Nancy Bice

    Visions of a multi-colored cutting board are filling my head. What a great addition to my kitchen!

  345. 349

    I am digging the rainbow whisk and the orange teapot, and of course the cakestand! I’d make a nice little tea party for my two little princesses – Claire (age 3) and Pepper (age 1).

  346. 350

    I would take the batter bowls and I love the mini salt and pepper grinders. What a great giveaway!

  347. 351
    susan Heffron

    Love It!

  348. 352
    Stephanie Grant

    I love the Commemorative Tea Cup Set by Royal Albert – 1900 to 1940

  349. 353

    I need a good cakestand – then I could make some really cute cakes!!! πŸ™‚

  350. 354

    So many things to choose from! What beautiful stuff! I would love the Glass Globe Lights for my back porch. Gorgeous!

  351. 355

    I would get the lovely watering can. πŸ™‚

  352. Love, love, LOVE these cake stands!!!!! There is nothing like a beautiful cake stand to show off a cake, it just makes a dramatic difference. πŸ™‚

  353. 357

    I’ve always wanted to own one of these cake stands. They are perfect for any party.

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