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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheese Paper

I was at a party a few months ago where, at the end of the evening, the hostess began wrapping her leftover cheeses in cheese paper.  I didn’t know anything about cheese paper, but I did know it looked cute, so I took a picture.  The hostess said she got the cheese paper from her local cheese shop and that it helped keep the cheese fresher.  (I wonder how many times I can use the word “cheese” in this post…we’re up to 7 already!)

I’ve done a tad bit of research.  This short little NY Times article indicates that cheese paper does indeed help the cheese breathe better and, therefore, last longer. Click over to this website for a very scientific-looking diagram explaining how the paper works, as well as a video explaining how to wrap cheese in the paper.

Hey, if wrapping cheese in paper is good enough for the French, then it’s good enough for me!  I just need to track some of this fancy, dancy paper down.


  1. 1

    Hmm interesting. Is that fancy polo paper? Those icons look like the polo horse logos. Heh.

  2. 2
    Jane Maynard

    I thought the same thing! 🙂 I’m pretty sure Polo hasn’t entered the cheese paper business…but perhaps they should! 🙂

  3. 3

    These are adorable! But I don’t think cheese lasts long enough in our house to warrant special paper.

  4. I live alone and love having wine and cheese in the house. I can see myself using this paper, especially for the expensive stuff.

  5. I always just use some parchment. I’d love to try the cheese paper and see the difference it makes.

  6. 6

    Is there any way you could ask your friend where she got her paper? I’m totally in love with those.

  7. 7
    Jane Maynard

    do you want me to find out the specific cheese store she went to in the menlo park area? I could probably track that info down with a little detective work. 🙂

    from this website – it looks like some whole foods and sur la table stores might carry cheese paper

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