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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cruisin’ with My Girlies

Today is a sad day. “My” Lincoln MKT is being taken away from me. Yeah, yeah, I know “Ford” actually “owns” the car and I also know that I was perfectly aware that I would “only” have it for two weeks, but I’m still mad at the {very nice} dudes who are driving to my house as I type to take back the nicest car I’ve ever driven. If only I had 50 grand lying around…

Here’s the Lincoln MKT at Albion Basin in the Little Cottonwood Canyon near SLC, UT – hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth. That sparkle on the front of the car? It just comes naturally to the MKT, kind of like Ken doll’s sparkly smile. (Yes, I just saw Toy Story 3)

Ford provided us with the Lincoln MKT for our trip to Utah last week. We’ve had a lot of fun with this car. In some cases, too much fun (keep reading to get the dirty details!). The MKT drives like butter, the THX sound system is OFF THE HOOK, and every little detail to make driving more comfortable is covered. USB port with amazing entertainment and navigation system? Check. Blind spot alerts and rear back-up camera? Check. Retractable screens in the backseat windows for the kids? Check. Extra swish of the windshield wipers a few seconds after the initial swishes to get rid of those last few drops that always drip down? Check. Adjustable brake and gas pedals? Check. Ambient lighting with 6 different colors to choose from? {No, I’m not kidding} Check. Heated rear seats? Check. The biggest sun roof you ever did see? Check. The list goes on and on.

This car is not perfect. The gas mileage is not so good, which is what you would expect from this size car with a powerful engine. Every time a call came through on bluetooth, I had to readjust the volume. (Yeah, I know, rough life.) My rearview mirrors and pedals always reset whenever I turned the car off…which drove me nuts. But Nate is pretty sure this is just because I don’t know what I’m doing. He’s probably right.

Also, my grandma kept bumping her head when she would get in. She said she was ready to buy the car, but the head bumps changed her mind. Then she laughed. And, as you can see, she was perfectly happy tooling around the Wasatch Mountains with the girls and I.

And that giant sunroof I mentioned? It was AWESOME for looking out at the mountain peaks as we climbed the canyon. Even the girls in the backseat had a great view on our adventure.

I do have to say, the MKT car was a cop magnet. I don’t know if I was driving differently or if cops just really like pulling over fancy cars, but I got pulled over  TWICE. I haven’t been pulled over since high school, people. The first time I met a policeman in the MKT was because of a speed trap, and I wasn’t even going that fast. And the whole time the uber-friendly CHP officer was writing my ticket, he was asking me questions about the car. NOT KIDDING. New rule for police officers – no car questions allowed unless you let the nice mom of two off the hook!

Incident #2…Allison, Marie, Kami, Alma, Carina and I decided to ‘cruise’ Park City the Friday night of the Evo conference. We had our jams pumping and our dance moves ON. A {bored} Park City cop saw a car full of non-speeding, law-abiding “girls” (little did he know they were all married moms) hug the white line once or twice and decided to pull them over to see if they were “okay.” Keep in mind the “girls” were completely sober and driving the speed limit, not a broken traffic rule to be found. When the cop realized this was a pretty “boring” pullover, he actually told me I had a warrant out for my arrest and had us going for a good 30 seconds. Is that even legal? I don’t think so. Allison is convinced he was in fact a stripper cop. I guess we’ll never know…thank goodness!

So, there you have it. My two weeks with the beautiful MKT. Big thanks to Ford for the opportunity to review the car!


  1. 1

    I’m so glad you talked about being pulled over, because I’m talking about it next.

    The MKT was gorgeous! The only issue I had was the way that scrolling worked on the AUX interface. Otherwise, I think it’s a great car.

  2. Oh, the stories I will tell.


  3. i wanna get a car sponsored for a trip! dang! that’s too cool!

    Will they sponsor me to the grocery store and a kiddie pool adventure this afternoon? 😉

  4. 4

    That car looks like a big improvement over the Pfinder! Glamorous with gusto. Way to ride Jane & Co.

  5. 5

    Funnest night I have had in a long time, and I owe it all to the VIP party in the MKT! Sweet Ride, Jane! Let’s do it again!

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