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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cutting Triangle Half Sandwiches

Hey everyone! It’s looking like I’ll be able to share our fun news with you tomorrow! Which is one of the reasons I’ve been missing from the blog this week. Things to do! Things to do!

Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches |

Until then, I want to share a little trick I just discovered. Oprah would call it an “A-HA!” moment, but I think it can more accurately be described as an “OH, DUH!” moment.

Okay, so I have kids who won’t eat the crust on their sandwiches. It drives me batty. They all started out as people who ate their crusts, but all three of them, at some point along the way, just stopped eating crusts. I think it’s such a waste and I hate it, but there’s not much I can do about it! Since there’s no fighting the no-crust-eating around here, I always cut their sandwiches into four triangle, which results in straight crusts. If the crusts are straight, they end up eating a lot more of the actual sandwich.

My one problem has always been when they just want half of a sandwich. I always cut squares for half-sandwiches. When you try to cut rectangular-sized bread into a triangle for a half, the edges don’t line up.

Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches | thisweekfordinner.comSee, the long side of one triangle doesn’t line up with the short side of the other triangle and everything is skeewompus.

As a result of all this, I hate giving my kids half sandwiches because I feel like they are hardly getting any sandwich at all with those dumb cornered crusts.

And then, the other day, as I was making a half sandwich, it finally hit me. We CAN have half sandwiches AND straight crusts, too! (PS…I’m pretty sure this is what Marie Antoinette actually said.)

uncut bread | Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches |

Cut the bread in half diagonally, into two large triangles.

first cut | Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches |

Then, flip one of the pieces over, like so. (This is the secret to success here!)

the flip | cutting half triangle sandwiches |

Look at that! The long edges line up with the long edges, the short edges line up with the short edges.Β All is right with the world!

bread lined up | Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches |

The result? A half sandwich cut into two triangles with straight crusts!

final product | Cutting Half Triangle Sandwiches |

When I was photographing the bread for this post yesterday, Cate asked, “Do you think other people don’t know this?” She makes a good point. You may all have already figured this out, but if there is just one of you in the “OH, DUH!” boat like me, then it’s worth writing the post!

Happy non crust half sandwich eating, spoiled children of the world!


  1. 1
    Nikki CB

    Nice! My kids won’t even eat sandwiches at this point, so I have other issues to deal with too, BUT I can definitely use the overall advice to cut their toast and bread in triangles to minimize wasted bread! Tx!

  2. 2

    freaking brilliant! i loathe how much crust I waste on my son’s sandwich everyday. my daughter doesn’t care and will eat around the crust but my son won’t touch the thing if there is any crust. this will save me so much time in the morning. thank you and congrats on the house!!!!

  3. What is it with kids and crust? My dad always told me that the crust was where all the nutrients were… so if I wanted to grow strong and healthy (like him) that I should eat it. I believed this was a scientific fact until some time in high school… and by that time, I liked crust on my sandwiches! πŸ™‚

  4. 4

    So I just made a half peanut-butter sandwich for Lucas and feel pretty dim, because I remembered your tip after I already spread the peanut butter. I actually spent a few minutes looking and it, feeling confused, and had a very “duh!” moment once I figured out it was too late to implement the genius, otherwise I would have peanut butter on the outside. And yes, I am admitting this publicly. πŸ™‚

  5. 5

    We’re another family where I can’t get the kids to even eat sandwiches, crustless or not. Maybe a grilled cheese, but that doesn’t help with packing lunches. So not excited for when they go back to school in 2 months.

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