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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As I’ve mentioned, my in-laws are in town. We were exploring yesterday and drove by the Allied Arts Guild down the street from where we live.  We always figured it was some sort of artists’ colony and never took the time to really check it out.  Yesterday, as we drove by, we noticed a “Public Welcome” sign.  We finally stopped to explore.

It was so cool. Boutiques, working areas for artists, a restaurant and BEAUTIFUL grounds.  I can’t believe I’ve been living literally steps away from such a lovely spot for nearly a year.

So…my challenge to you this week…discover a hidden, beautiful place where you live.  I promise it’s there.  Maybe hiding behind a stone wall as mine was. Or perhaps a little art gallery down the street. Whatever it is, it’s there.  Take a minute to notice, really look closely.  You’ll be happy you did.


  1. We did something similar when we moved into our new house. We had no idea that literally a mile away you can find beautiful farms and even an exotic animal farm!

  2. 2

    My mom has been bugging me for years to meet her for lunch at Allied Arts. It’s supposed to be really good!

    Also, thanks so much for sharing your lovely blog with the food-loving public. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks since my mother-in-law passed along the link, and will be trying Kitchen Sink Quesadillas for the first time in a few days.

  3. Great challenge!! I live in Salt Lake and there are so many gorgeous and fun places around!

  4. 4
    Jessica Hansen

    I am thinking that my local “hidden gem” has already been discovered by my family years ago (Provo Bakery!). But on a serious note, I think maybe my discovery will conclude after a couple of visits to neighbors who I haven’t connected with even after a year and a half of living here. Maybe my hidden, beautiful place will be in a new friend. Corny, but I hope it happens!

  5. 5
    Kim M

    We just visited a couple of nurseries and greenhouses today and I’m so excited that there are these awesome resources fairly close to us. Much more exciting than another trip to Home Depot.

  6. 6
    Karen Zachary

    Thanks for sharing this!

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