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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Feast Plans

This might be one of my most favorite pictures from my blog over the years. Could it be that I LOVE LOVE LOVE those darn Cadbury mini eggs so much I could just stare at them all day? Perhaps…

Thought I’d sit down and actually plan our Easter feast! And, as always, please share your plans for this weekend…whether your feast is celebrating Passover or Easter! I could still use the inspiration…and until I actually get to the grocery store, I reserve the right to change my menu in favor of your better ideas!

I’m hungry already…

Can’t wait to see what deliciousness you have up your sleeves!


  1. 1

    No lemon dessert suggestions but when you roast the asparagus it’s very yummy to add a few slices of lemon too. Especially if you drizzle some of the juice over the spears first. Makes it look pretty too.

  2. 2

    I always love classic lemon bars, but this morning on a blog I saw a orange and vanilla cupcake combo. I but it would be good with lemon too! With little candied lemons on top (that the recipe shows you how to make)? So cute and springy and I know I personally like the lemon/vanilla combo.

  3. 3

    It seems we are having a community Easter feast this year. As always with the holidays, the more the merrier. I hate seeing anyone alone on a holiday. We’re also splitting up the cooking responsiblities, which is nice. Here’s our menu…

    Sweet Potato Casserole
    Green Bean Pudding (or Casserole as most people know it)
    Homemade rolls
    Green Salad
    Deviled Eggs
    Blueberry Jello Salad
    Cranberry Sauce
    Banana Pudding

    Have to feed 10 adults & 2 kids. I think we have enough food… HAPPY EASTER!

  4. 4

    My biggest Easter weakness are those wickedly delicious Cadbury mini eggs. Divine!

  5. We’re going to our family get-together which is always a potluck. I’m bringing my Jalapeno Cheese Dip (my family would mutiny if I didn’t), and some kind of dessert. Brownies are the easiest option, but I’m still searching for inspiration.
    Usually we do Easter in a picnic format…Sliced Ham w/rolls for sandwiches, and cold dishes like potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, etc. We have a large family who come at various times, so it works better to not have a hot meal.

  6. 6

    Don’t know how else to get intouch with you.
    Laree received a mission call to Arcadia, CA. We did the guessing game and I was wondering what sorts of things are unique to CA (other than It’s It) that I could give the winners. Any ideas?

  7. 7

    We’re going to do a roast leg of lamb w/ a lemon & rosemary marinade. I was going to do holiday potatoes but now think I will steal your idea and do funeral potatoes! Rolls and a really hearty green salad should round things out. Then for dessert a lemon/raspberry cake and a chocolate cake, both small, both from Trader Joe’s — I’m cheating a little this year! They’re both really good and so much less work!

  8. 9

    We are going all out this year. I love leftovers, so i’ll be doubling (or even tripling) most of the recipes. To serve 10 adults and 7 kids, we’ll be making:
    -Crescent Rolls
    -Glazed Ham
    -Garlic-Crusted Rib Roast (cheating and just heating up a seasoned and semi-cooked one that we ordered from a gourmet market)
    -Scalopped Potatoes
    -Peas and Carrots
    -Easter Cookies

    Dessert will be rounded out with a delicious blueberry tart my sister makes, as well as other treats from family members. Speaking of dessert, for lemony desserts, i’d go with lemon bars or lemon meringue pie. If you really have the time, mini lemon souffles or french macaroons would be super tasty.

  9. We’re having:

    – Steaks on the grill
    – Homemade rolls
    – Veggie dish (mother-in-law is in charge of that one)
    – Dessert: Still looking for inspiration tonight

    Fueled by my Pinterest addiction, I found a Cadbury Creme Egg (regulation size) recipe that is AWESOME!!! Surprisingly easy to make, too. Now you can have them year round!

    As for the lemons, I’m always partial to some lemon curd! Maybe a lemon/blueberry cake? Fantastic!

  10. 11

    My room mate’s family was in charge of the meal, so we are going out to eat. It wil be a late lunch, thou. I am figuring that we will just nibble the rest of the day.
    As for the lemon dessert, I haven’t got any ideas. I have a two years degree in baking, so this isn’t a good sign. 😀

  11. 12

    Ham, homemade hot cross buns (my husband has to have these and makes them every year, thanks to his old Betty Crocker cookbook, grilled asparagus covered in a dijon vinaigrette with garlic, capers and basil, steamed new potatoes and for dessert cherry pie for my hubby (sorry, there is nothing Eastery about cherry pie in my book) and Pina Colada cake for the rest of us. Yum, white cake poked and filled with sweet and condensed milk and cream of coconut, slathered with coconut and coolwhip.
    I could eat this dessert all day…which I do.

  12. 13

    Lemon mousse with piped whipped cream and sugared
    Violets or raspberries…refreshing and light after
    Heavy meal and so pretty!

  13. 14

    My husband requested southern food so I’ll be making pullled pork bbq’d (eastern NC style – with a vinegar and red pepper sauce), collards, black eyed peas, cornbread, and whatever other fixins I feel like making when the time comes. And strawberry shortcake for dessert, with almond flour biscuits and whipped coconut milk instead of whipped cream.

    Happy Easter!

  14. 15
    Sarah H.

    Lemon meringue pie! It’s an Easter tradition in my family, and I think no Easter would be complete without it. 🙂

    This year it’s just going to be the hubby and I (and lots, and lots of leftovers).

    Scalloped potatoes
    Roasted brussells sprouts
    Broccoli bleu cheese bake
    Homemade sweet rolls
    Lemon meringue pie

  15. 16

    We are having 9 for dinner and 5 dogs! The weather is supposed to be nice so the dogs will get to play outside! We are having a spiral sliced ham, lobster mac and cheese, a pineapple casserole, wasabi coleslaw, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus baked in the oven. My daughter is in charge of dessert- I think she is making a cherry pie and a cheesecake.

  16. We’re doing bbq this year for Easter. My dad is smoking pork ribs and we’re having a big pot of cowboy beans, squash casserole, deviled eggs, and carrot cupcakes. We’re even celebrating a day early so I get to eat like a country queen today!!! Yes.

  17. 18
    Susan D.

    Our Easter lunch line-up includes:
    Grilled salmon, roasted asparagus, fresh sweet corn on the cob, scalloped potatoes, lemonade layer cake with lemon cream cheese frosting, homeade sweet potato pie from my SIL and carrot cupcakes from my daughter!

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