Slow Cooker Sweet Korean BBQ Beef Tacos
Recipe type: Main Dish, Beef
Cuisine: Korean
  • 1 package Campbellā€™s Sweet Korean BBQ Dinner Sauce
  • 3ish pound chuck roast (The back of the package calls for a 2-3 pound roast, but my roast was over three pounds and there was plenty of sauce for that amount of meat. I would recommend going with the bigger size roast.)
  • Coleslaw mix (no dressing, just the cabbage mixture)
  • Flour tortillas
  • Sour cream
  • Hot sauce
  1. Place chuck roast in crock pot and pour Sweet Korean BBQ sauce over the meat. Turn crock pot on low and cook for 7-8 hours.
  2. Remove meat from crock pot. Cut up or shred the meat. Return meat to slow cooker and mix with the sauce.
  3. Heat flour tortillas then top with beef, coleslaw, sour cream dollops and a bit of hot sauce if you want some heat. Wrap like a burrito if your tortilla is bigger or fold like a taco for smaller tortillas.
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