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Eat Less Meat

Welcome to the Eat Less MeatTM challenge! My 2010 New Year’s Resolution was to eat LESS to help Mother Earth. LESS meat. LESS processed foods. Of course, we’ll be eating more VEGGIES. More FRUITS. More WHOLE GRAINS. If we eat well, we can heal the planet. Our family was able to successfully fulfill the goal in 2010 and are continuing to make these goals a priority in our lives.

Want to join me on the journey? It’s not about becoming vegan or vegetarian, although you certainly can if you’d like to. It’s about becoming more conscious about what you put in your mouth. Each and every one of us can make a difference, both in our own individual lives and for the planet.

I will be writing about the Eat Less MeatTM challenge throughout the year and will keep a comprehensive list of all related posts on this page.

Eat well, friends. Your body will thank you. So will Mother Earth.


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Click here to view the “Eat Less Meat” tag…whenever I feature a vegetarian recipe, I use that tag – that is the easiest way to see all the vegetarian recipes on the site that aren’t necessarily listed above. Enjoy!