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Thursday, May 10, 2012

KitchenIQ Giveaway Winner

Time too announce the winner of the KitchenIQ giveaway!

Drumroll please…go on, rap those fingers on your desk…

Lynette Staszko, who said, “I just never thought about having my knives professionally sharpened. Then again, I grew up with cheap knives that we used for pretty much anything. I received my first “quality” knife for Christmas. Wow, what a difference! Great blog! Well written, and very interesting. Thanks!”

So happy that Lynette is in possession of her very first quality knife…now she can take great care of it! AND…I promise that even thought she said really nice things about my blog, really did pick her! 😉

Big thanks to KitchenIQ!

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    The peppers in Le Cruset look amazing…a work of art.

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