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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Evo ’10 – A Truly Amazing Experience

Last week I attended The Evolution of Women in Social Media conference (Evo ’10) in Park City, hosted by two of my dearest blogging friends, Rachael Herrscher from Today’s Mama and Jyl Johnson Pattee from MomItForward. Before I say anything else, I have to recognize Rachael and Jyl for the amazing women that they are. It was the inaugural Evo conference, but the streamlined organization and utter classiness of this event made it seem like the twentieth. The speakers were phenomenal. The sessions were actionable and enriching. And the food….oh, the food I ate this weekend….mmmmmmmm….

food blogger workshop food web

I was honored to be asked to participate in the Food Blogging workshop. The workshop was unreal and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. The Canyons hosted our afternoon at The Alpine House, a beautiful restaurant at the resort. They served us gorgeous food that tasted just as good as it looked.

Then the chefs taught us how to make that food.

food blogger workshop cooking web

Then food photography extraordinaire Helene Dujardin from Tartelette taught a photo class.

food blogger workshop helene web

Then I had the choice opportunity to sit on a panel with Helen Jane Hearn (a lovely food blogger) and Stephanie Robinett from, where we discussed everything from how we got into blogging, to how to maintain content year after year, to how to work with companies and sponsors, to how to develop content for various demographics while maintaining your unique voice. I know, awesome, right?

food blogging panelThis photo that makes me look all smart and stuff belongs to Helene Dujardin of Tartelette – she gave me permission to use it because she’s nice like that.

One of the most fun parts of the food workshop were all the cameras. Get a bunch of food bloggers together and it suddenly feels like your camping outside Britney Spears house…cameras everywhere.

food blogger papparazzi webPictured: Katie Goodman, Kristen Doyle and Maria Lichty

As if the totally rockin’ food workshop wasn’t enough, the entire weekend was packed with amazing classes, sessions, networking and unbelievable keynote talks. I mean unbelievable. Each of the five keynotes on their very own would have been worth the trip. We heard from truly inspiring bloggers who shared their unique and touching stories, from Rachael and Jyl discussing their geekiness, from the CEO of Make-A-Wish Utah (who’s presentation made me bawl like a baby…along with everyone in the room), from two of Oprah’s peeps talking about how they work with social media, and, finally, from two beautiful and inspiring women who closed the conference in the most perfect way possible.

Oh, and someone at the Waldorf Astoria was tricked into thinking I was a VIP and invited me to an amazing dinner on Friday night. Of course that super fancy dancy restaurant had dark lighting and whatnot and my little Canon Rebel just couldn’t handle it. Believe me, it was awesome. Oh, and you’re all invited to join me in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf for Thanksgiving this year. It will be just lovely. Only one caveat, I have to make my billions before then. I’ll keep you posted.

One of the best parts of the weekend was the closing party at the Park City resort. Families were welcome to attend and my girls had a BLAST. (Poor Nate was stuck in California working.)

evo conference closing partyweb

I hardly picked up my camera the entire weekend. But some of my food blogging friends did a great job documenting the event, so you should go check out their posts (listed below). And, if you really want to read more about the conference, Evo is compiling everyone’s posts about the weekend here.

Thank you to everyone who made Evo ’10 the fantastic weekend it was. I’m still floating on Cloud Nine.


  1. 1

    Great recap! I miss you and evo! It was such a fun time. I can’t wait until next year and your workshop rocked the house:)

  2. 2

    Completely inspiring weekend! So much fun!

  3. This post is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Wow! What an amazing recap, Jane! I’m so glad you attended, added to the great speaker line up, and contributed to the amazing vibe that was evo’10.

    Can’t wait to see you back next year… or at Thanksgiving… and definitely at SocialLuxe Lounge in NYC this August. I totally have faith that you can become a billionaire in 3 months :D, so I’m esp excited for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks again for the fab and complimentary post!


  5. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for this awesome recap. I look forward to hearing more next week, maybe over a night cap.

  6. Wow! what a fabulous time! so cool!
    someday, someday…;-)

  7. Great recap! It was really good to meet and learn from you.

  8. 8
    Nikki CB

    Looks like it was great! You DO look super smart in the photo – but you always do! 🙂

    What are the sushi roll-looking things in the top photos?

  9. 9
    Miss Ferneyn

    Jane, Sounds like the summer is really moving for you. Soooo busy!!! I got teary eyed when I saw the picture of Cate and Anna, little foodies that they are, eating so sweetly. I miss you all. Hope your summer continues to be amazing. Ferneyn

  10. 10

    Great recap! I soooo loved vlogging with you! Looking forward to seeing your’s, ahem, and keeping up with This Week for Dinner!

    Winks & Smiles,

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