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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I LOVE My Bread Box (a.k.a. Expandable Bread Keeper)

About six months ago I needed to order some parchment paper sheets from King Arthur and then proceeded to get totally sucked in and bought way more stuff than I was planning on (like the tulip baking cups). I had been wanting a bread box, mostly for when I make homemade bread. I had done some research but hadn’t found anything that I thought would work well.

why I love the expandable bread keeper from king arthur flour from @janemaynard

Then I noticed this expandable bread keeper on the King Arthur site. It caught my eye for two reasons. First, it’s expandable. Second, it had an air vent. The biggest complaint I found with other bread boxes was that bread would go moldy. The vent seemed like the answer.

why I love the expandable bread keeper from king arthur flour from @janemaynard

So, I bought the expandable bread keeper, got it in the mail, and then stuck it in a cupboard and forgot about it. Like, my-friend-Debbie-texted-me-one-day-and-asked-if-I-had-a-bread-box-and-I-told-her-no forgot about it. When we got home from vacation this summer, I stumbled on the bread box, broke it out and started using it. AND I LOVE IT.

why I love the expandable bread keeper from king arthur flour from @janemaynard

The vent works great and has two settings, depending on how humid your climate is or if your bread is warm. I love that it can expand to different sized loaves, and it’s really tall so you can fit a lot in there. And there is also a little mini bread board inside, making it really easy to slice off the bread you need and then put it away.

why I love the expandable bread keeper from king arthur flour from @janemaynard

This bread keeper is great for homemade bread but I do also use it for breads we buy at the store that come in paper bags (like fresh French and Italian breads). I’m using less plastic bags AND the bread keeps better. We even stored leftover muffins in there and it worked great – since the bread keeper is so tall, I just stacked two layers of muffins inside.

I had a loaf of crusty bread go moldy the other day, but it had been in there for a whole week, so, you know, obviously it went moldy. And it actually stayed UN-moldy much longer than when it’s in a plastic bag.

So, there you have it. I love my expandable bread keeper and I’ll never forget its existence ever again! If you’re in the market for a bread box, I know it’s not as cute as some of the metal retro ones out there, but I think the function on this far exceeds the need for a glamorous bread box. Just sayin’.

Anyone have any bread box advice? Do you have on you love? Tell us about it!


  1. The King Arthur site is fabulous, not just their products, but their recipes too.

  2. I need to invest in a couple of these. My daughter eats a ton of bread. I have trouble keeping it fresh for long enough though.

  3. 3

    Sounds like a great kitchen essential. Off to check out this fabulous site 🙂

  4. it’s so inexpensive! i thought it was going to be $50!

  5. 5
    Bill McAuliffe

    I enjoyed mine until I put it in the dishwasher, from which it emerged warped and unusable. Don’t do that.

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