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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fab Faves: This American Life Podcasts

I LOVE This American Life and I have two things to say about it.

1) If you haven’t started listening to This American Life, get going already!

2) If you do listen to This American Life, that means you know how awesome it is. And how great it is you can get it as a free podcast or online. And since I love This American Life so much and I really want to keep getting it as a free podcast, I’m going to do a little plug for them. They need to raise money in order to keep the free podcasts and free online streaming. If you want to support them, head on over to the website.

Even if you don’t want to donate, please go listen. It is seriously good stuff. Here are just a few of my favorite episodes to get you initiated. You can also click here for their list of favorites.
#352: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar
#347: Matchmakers
#323: The Super
#226: Reruns
#253: The Middle of Nowhere

One of the reasons I survived my crazy roadtrip across Nevada with my two girls was because of this show. The hours honestly flew by. NO JOKE! Enjoy! 🙂

Please note, I am not affiliated with This American Life or Chicago Public Radio. I just think it is a wonderful program and want to help keep it going strong! 🙂


  1. 1
    Shane and Becca

    Ha! Seriously! I just listened to the podcast today while I was making all sorts of crazy food for a baby shower. But I loved the episode–have you heard this, where the girl got dumped by her boyfriend and had Phil Collins help her write the song to play for him? And wow, I loved her song in the end! ahhh, so great!

    I always comment on your blog, Jane, when you mention TAL. Can’t help it.

  2. 2
    Jane Maynard

    I know how you feel, becca…I’m sure all my friends and family are sick of me quoting TAL stories. like you, I just can’t help it!

    I haven’t heard that episode yet…need to track that one down! thanks for sharing…

  3. 3

    I am training for a half marathon and got tired of listening to music (I know, weird, right?) I was in heaven to find all these TAL podcasts – they are keeping me great company while I log the miles.

  4. 4
    Tyler and Rachael

    I am a random reader of your blog and love checking in. I am so happy I checked in today, because I absolutely LOVE This American Life–have laughed and cried to it–but since moving I haven’t figured out what time it is on… now I am excited about their free podcasts. Thanks! This American Life–here I come.

  5. 5

    OHHhh… I just love This American Life!! I’m really sad that you can’t listen to all the past broadcasts now!! The ghost of bobby dunbar was a really eery episode!! Thanks for sharing this!!

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