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Friday, November 28, 2014

Why My Family Thinks I Have a Ghostwriter and My New Favorite Way to Cook Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Ours was beyond lovely and I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

thanksgiving table

So, if you’ve ever wanted to laugh at me, now’s your chance.

On Wednesday while my sister-in-law Jessica, my friend Allison and I were cooking a bunch of the food for Thursday, I dumped milk over 3 hot burners on the stovetop AND poured a bowl of cooked sweet potatoes into the sink. My crowning glory, however, was cooking a turkey upside down without realizing it. Everyone decided I can’t possibly write a food blog and must have a ghostwriter on the books. I assure you this is not true, but am wondering if maybe it should be! 😉 Every time I think about checking the temperature on the turkey breast (i.e. the back of the turkey) and the probe hitting bone and me saying, “This is so weird, it’s like there isn’t even any meat in this turkey breast, I think we got a bad bird,” I bust out laughing.

Despite my apparent lack of skill on Wednesday, I was able to pull it together and, with a lot of wonderful help, we had a glorious feast yesterday!

A quick note on the turkey. This year we needed a lot of food, but I decided to cook 2 12-pound turkeys instead of 1 giant turkey. I followed my friend Amy’s technique and these were the best turkeys I’ve cooked in years. I’ve tried cooking turkeys every which way and Amy’s recipe is now my favorite way to do it. I also think cooking smaller turkeys probably made a difference. I cooked one turkey on Wednesday and one on Thursday. The Wednesday bird was carved immediately and we stored the meat in the fridge for leftovers. It worked great!

Happy Leftover Day!


  1. 1

    Oh man, I’ve done that same thing! And yes, felt similarly silly.

  2. Hahaha. Ahhh, what stress does to you brain! I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Our 30+ person family Thanksgiving saw 4 turkeys and not nearly enough leftovers! Just happy to have the family together, though.

  3. Must of been something about this week as I stuck my hard sought after Rocky Road ice cream in the fridge and did not realize till the next morning!

  4. I’ve done the same thing in the past- poured a finished dish into the sink! So frustrating… But all’s well that ends well, right?
    Glad you pulled it together at the end!

  5. 5

    I used your friend’s turkey recipe too and must say it was my best turkey yet. 🙂 Thank you for posting. We also made the cranberry slushy drink. (second year) My kids love it.

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