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Saturday, December 6, 2008

First trip to Berkeley

We met some friends the other night in Berkeley for dinner.  They had both lived there for years and love the ‘hood, so we decided it was time to make the trek and see what it was all about.  We were not disappointed!  Great food, fun neighborhood, cool campus.

We ate dinner at Gypsy’s, an Italian restaurant close to campus. The food was great and we could not believe the prices!  Living in Silicon Valley has it’s advantages, but one of them is NOT cheap food.  Even our local burger joint puts a dent in our wallet.  I find whenever I venture outside of my little silicon bubble, I’m pleasantly surprised at the prices (it also makes me a little bitter about my bubble!).  Anyway, Gypsy’s was delish and a great value.

Then off for dessert!  How about a little gelato at Gelataria Naia?  Yum!

My next Berkeley visit will be the Berkeley Bowl.  I can’t wait…although, I’m a little nervous…


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    You don’t know me — but I know your area of California. I’m from the San Joaquin Valley and I love hearing you talk about all the places I’ve been & know so well. Especially Berkeley! Ahhhh. Good memories. You’re right, they have fantastic food – I’ll try and send more recommendations. Can hardly believe that you just made your first trip, but life gets busy doesn’t it? Especially when you have a fabulous blog & job to keep tending to. Love your blog and recipes. I check everyday. Here’s to food that’s worth the calories!

  2. When we went to Berkeley we didn’t have any cash on hand, and were sorely disappointed to find that hardly any restaurants take plastic. Luckily, I had packed sandwich stuff. Next time I’m bringing cash. Definitely.

    I think Chris and I will have to go to Gelataria Naia next time. That looks incredible. MMMMMmmmm.

  3. i just started reading your blog [and it’s great]
    i’m a student at berkeley, so i love this post and the berkeley bowl one – that store is my heaven.

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