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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

‘Fishing’ for Crabs

The house that we’re renting this week on Cape Cod sits between a beautiful marsh and the beach. On the marsh side there is a long dock. The owner of the house told us if we dangled uncooked bacon on string off the dock, we could catch crabs.

Nate took Cate and her cousin Abby out to catch crabs yesterday afternoon. This activity kept the girls occupied for a really long time.

I’ve never seen two four-year-olds so focused for such a long time. It was adorable. I couldn’t help but think about how at that very moment we were forming their childhood memories. I hope this one stays with them, it’s a goodun.

In case you’re wondering, we did not eat the crabs…or the bacon. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. 1

    This is one of my favorite childhood memories too! Except mine was in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, not beautiful Cape Cod- but still, it made for some great mornings at the beach!

  2. I love that first photo! Very cool. Very Cape.

  3. Crabbing was the best when we were at the shore as kids! The shore for us was Maryland’s Eastern shore and we used pices of raw cut up bone in chickens tied to the inside of the crab cages. You set those cages down in the water and BAM next thing you know you are filled with beautiful MD Blue Crabs! We can’t get them down here in NC and I miss it! Steaming them in Old Bay on the stove and picking ’em till your fingers burned! I think your post made me need to go home for some crabs!

  4. 4

    We use hot dog pieces when crab fishing in the long island sound. Very, very fun.

  5. 5

    Looks beautiful! I love the Cape. My cousin is getting married there in October and I’m so excited to go!

  6. It is amazing what amuses kids so easily. Mind you, I am an adult and would find this amusing. Make a game of it to see who can catch the most crabs. Thanks for sharing this great memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ahhh. That’s so fun! We used raw chicken pieces to crab. In Savannah, the crabs were yummy – my uncle cooked them up at night, after we spent the Very Warm afternoons hanging on the edge of the dock, waiting and watching…

  8. 8

    this is so cool! Living on the west coast, I’ve never seen this!

  9. really enjoyed reading this

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