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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flour and Sugar Storage Bins – To Use or Not to Use, THAT is the Question.

I have never used flour and sugar storage bins. I know, crazy confession from a food blogger! I have always kept my brown sugar in a tupperware so that I can store it with a piece of bread to keep the sugar soft, but I haven’t ever put regular sugar and flour into storage containers. I’m basically too lazy and just keep the flour and sugar in whatever paper bags they happen to come in!

flour and sugar storage bins from @janemaynard

Well, now that I’m cooking with the kids more regularly, I find it’s really hard for them to measure out flour and sugar when it’s in the bags. We were at the Crate and Barrel outlet last weekend (we found a $1600 dresser in perfect condition for $500 – score of the century!). I happened to spot these adorable bins and decided to take the plunge into organized flour and sugar storage.

flour and sugar storage bins from @janemaynard

I’m glad I did! My baking drawer looks a lot tidier now and I like that the container closes all the way, you know, to keep out the bugs. (I found weevil in the flour when I was a kid and may never get over that experience. TRAUMA.) So far so good and it’s definitely easier to measure from these containers. Also, the containers I bought are so cute, I’m tempted to keep them on the countertop. I probably won’t, but I’m thinking about it.

flour and sugar storage bins from @janemaynard

So, do you store your flour and sugar in special containers? Or do you just keep them in the original packaging? I’m curious about what you all do and if more of you are like the Old Jane or the New Jane. If you do use storage containers, please share your favorites!


  1. 1
    Kelly B

    I keep my flour and sugar each in clear glass storage containers on the counter. It’s convenient, easy to see when I’m low on something, and easier for the kids to use. Containers all the way! 🙂

  2. I use large OXO Pop containers that I keep in a cabinet. To keep moisture out, I use a cheap pair of nylons filled with rice that I keep in the bins.

  3. 3

    I use canisters…a mix between the anchor hocking glass jars 1 gallon size and the some other cute glass ones found at target and Walmart

  4. 4
    Sue Petrosino

    I am more like the New Jane. I have always used storage containers, those bags are just too messy. Over the years I have used a variety of containers. My favorite was a a gallon sized jug with a wide mouth that I originally bought at a price club with cheese crackers in it. It was great because it had a handle, it was see through, and it had a wide opening.

  5. 5

    I keep most all my baking flours and sugars and such in glass jars that I find at Target. They’re like maybe $5-$10 each depending on size and are easy to toss in dishwasher. I have a bakers hutch that I keep them in and it looks darn cute!

  6. 6

    I have a set of Tupperwear canisters (a bridal shower gift from my MIL) that I’ve used for the last 28 years.

  7. 7
    Kristine Notarangelo

    I also like the OXO Pop containers for my flour and sugar – I keep them in the cabinet

  8. well, it’s looking like Old Jane is in the minority! 😉

    thanks for all the great comments – keep ’em coming!

  9. 9

    I’m a container girl! I keep my flour in the freezer (I have also been traumatized by weevils and have never had an issue since using the freezer). I also keep all my sugars and rice in my refrigerator due to another trauma – I bought a bag of rice years ago at Trader Joe’s and put it in my pantry. Days later it was covered in maggots and there were moths flying everywhere! Seriously awful. 🙁 We learned that keeping baking ingredients in the cold will kill any larvae. So far… success!

  10. 10
    Kim from PA

    I have a variety of clear, glass jars that I use for pantry item storage. Some are antique, some are new from places like Marshall’s and Target.

    My flour and sugar (and cat food too) are in 1 gallon, wide mouth glass jars. I love them!…….brown sugar, beans, small pasta are stored in large glass peanut butter jars with bright yellow lids from the 1960’s (my M-I-L gave them to me).

    I like the stylish, red containers you found at C&B!…..isn’t it fun to open your pantry door and be greeted with them?

  11. 11
    Alice E

    I have always kept my flour, sugar, cornmeal and other large volume items in canisters or large glass jars. I am currently using the large Rubbermaid canister types. They are square large enough and easy to measure from. You can buy them in sets or individually, and I bought extra large ones for cornmeal, masa and specialty flours such as whole wheat. They are also a neutral color and since I leave most of them out on the counter that was an issue and why I replace the Tupperware ones I used in the past. Once grain products have spent a week or so in the freezer, the larva should be dead and they can be kept at room temp. But, whole grain flours should be kept in frig or freezer so they don’t go rancid. I also keep couscous and grains such as rice, barley, etc. in canisters or jars as well.

  12. I keep my flour and sugar in canisters. I didn’t know about storing sugar with a piece of bread to keep it soft. Thanks for the tip.

  13. duh. just realized you are on instagram. i’m your latest follower! and awesome dresser!!

  14. P.S. I keep my flour/sugar in big white Tupperware containers. I love them!!

  15. 15

    all my bulk things flour & sugar are bought in 10 kg. bags.
    My wh. sugar is in a medium sized Rubbermade container approx. ( 20 litre, size) it holds 2 – 10kg. bags of wh. sugar. For my ap flour I bought a 5 gallon pail fits 10 kg.(THAT’S ALL I PUT IN)if I picked up more because it was on sale I’ll put in freezer if theres room otherwise just in the basement pantry off the floor. with lid from Home Depot approx. $ 7. and I keep those is the basement in my pantry. when I need to top up/fill my containers from upstairs lower kitch. cabinets i just go fill them up instead of having to go pick up.For my pasta I only pick up when on sale & I came across some large container with lids at the dollar store approx. 1.5-2 gallon in size, I picked up a dozen. I didn’t use all, so I left them in the pantry waitng for the next thing to be put in them. Everything I have in the basement pantry I have in the kitchen. I hate running out of stuff.

  16. 16

    I found some lovely glass “beer barrel” canisters with a wide mouth and screw top lids at Big Lots, and purchased 8 of them. I use different flours all the time, and these canisters hold a 5# bag. At $6 a piece, I can see just how much flour and sugar I have at all time.

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