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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fred’s Steak

A delectable delight here in the Bay Area is Fred’s Steak. This is what Fred’s Steak looks like after it’s cooked. It melts like butter in your mouth and the flavor is unreal.

fred's steak1 web

Here’s what it looks like uncooked. Pretty nuts, eh? It’s kind of shocking when you walk into the butcher shop to see a big pile of BLACK meat.

fred's steak uncooked web

I think this might be my favorite red meat to eat. Although, filet mignon at a fancy steakhouse like Donovan’s might take that top spot. Regardless, I love Fred’s Steak. Too bad it’s $14 per pound! While it is in fact worth every last penny, my wallet can only handle Fred’s Steak for a special treat.

fred's steak wrapped web

When I bought our cut at Shaub’s (the originator of Fred’s steak; you can also get it at Draeger’s), the butcher told me that while cooking it on the grill gives it a nice crispy exterior, most of the butchers like simply cooking it in the oven. So that’s what I did. It was so easy and came out perfectly. For those of you who live locally, this would be a great meal for Christmas. Maybe Santa can cover the cost.

fred's steak2 web

It’s official, this post has made me hungry.

For those of you who don’t live anywhere near Schaub’s or Draeger’s, there is a recipe for the marinade on the Fred’s Steak Wikipedia page that may be worth trying! I would marinate a piece of sirloin for 3-5 days in a ziploc bag and then cook in an oven at 375 for around 45 minutes. I might just have to try it myself.


  1. 1

    This post made me very hungry too πŸ™‚

  2. This post also made me hungry! I have been craving for steaks-good steaks. I love it when they are half-cooked and all the juices still in the meat. Yummy.

  3. 3

    I live in Palo Alto and Fred’s steak is our favorite special occasion meal. Some friends moved away (to Chicago) last year and when my husband went to visit them this fall, they begged him to bring a Fred’s steak. So he froze it, wrapped it well, and put it in his carryon for the direct flight. I’m sure food safety rules were violated, but they cooked it that night for dinner and said it was delicious!

  4. 4
    Jane Maynard

    julia, that is an awesome story – love it!!! πŸ™‚ glad to know I”m not the only one completely enamored with this meat!

  5. 5
    Jane Maynard

    oh, and tiny house – three cheers for rare / medium rare steak! πŸ˜‰

  6. A lovely sweet idea and looks so delicious.Merry X-mas.

  7. 8

    Heard about it, had some last night, enjoyed it very much.

  8. 9
    Leighann Nicolaysen

    totally trying to figure out how to get it for christmas this year and i now live in idaho….thanks for your post!

  9. 10

    Wow it’s so nice if you eat and watch this mawarslot

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