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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Giveaway! ProFlowers $100 Gift Cards

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!

One of my favorite things about having this blog is knowing that when a holiday is coming, I’ll find a ProFlowers box on my porch with yet another beautiful or tasty thing to share with you…and that all of you will get a chance to win a $100 gift card to use on their site.  It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away (can you believe it?!?!).  If you send your mom this Monet’s Garden bouquet, she’ll be thanking her lucky stars she raised you so well. Seriously, this is my most favorite ProFlowers bouquet so far.  It smells wonderful, the mix of flowers is gorgeous.  Basically, I’m in heaven right now.

And now, for the giveaway! TWO lucky, random TWFD readers will each win a $100 ProFlowers gift card…to spend on dear mother.  Or yourself…don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Just leave a comment on this post by Midnight PT, Wednesday, April 29. Only one entry per person, please.  Two winners will be randomly-selected and announced next Thursday, April 30.

Be sure to visit the ProFlowers site through any of the links on this post to receive a 15% discount.

Good luck to all!


  1. 1

    That photo is so beautiful! I LOVE flowers!

  2. 2
    Jenny Jolley

    Hurray, I’m the first to sign up. Maybe that’s a good luck sign that I’ll win the gift card to Proflowers. I love flowers, they would just brighten the house up!

  3. I could easily think of what to do with a $100 gift card!

  4. 4

    Pick meeee!

  5. I agree, there is nothing like receiving a flower delivery. The photo is beautiful and I would love to see those flowers in my home, or my Mom’s.

  6. 6

    Nothing nicer than sending that special someone some beautiful flowers!

    Great Prize

  7. 7

    I’m a mom with a mom and with a daughter who is a mom too….. hope it’s me this time!

  8. 8

    Jane! When is it my turn?? Pick meeee!

  9. 11

    There is nothing more lovely than fresh flowers!

  10. 12
    Auntie Barb

    I don’t think winter is ever going to end! I could pretend it’s spring with Pro Flowers…I may have to do that whether I win or not!

  11. 13

    I love giving flowers.

  12. F L O W E R S!!!!
    This will be my first Mothers Day and it could use some flowers!!

  13. 15

    You always have the best giveaways!

  14. 16
    Kimmie S

    I love fresh flowers but I would probably send them to my Momma!

  15. 17

    I love your giveaways Jane! Here’s to hoping it is my turn to win!

  16. 18
    Kelly B

    o wow… what a cool give away!!! I love flowers!!!!

  17. 19

    This is my first Mother’s Day so I might send them to myself! 🙂

  18. 20

    Those flowers are gorgeous–I’m sure my mom would love them 🙂

  19. 21

    Fantastic! I have had great success with sending Proflower arrangements.

  20. 22

    my mom wants (scratch that) NEEDS flowers.

  21. 23

    Fresh flowers always cheer me up. I could use some of that! They are gorgeous!

  22. I would love to brighten up my kitchen with some pretty flowers. We ordered from ProFlowers for our Mom’s last year and it was great!

  23. 25

    Beautiful flowers and always up for something free! Thanks.

  24. Nothing beats a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers! YAY!

  25. 28

    I just ordered flowers for the Moms in my life, so this card would be used on me and only me!! Love it Jane! Thanks!

  26. I would love to give my mom these beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day. She (and I) would be so happy!

    — LTV Mom

  27. Those are beautiful. That would make a great gift for my mom.

  28. 31

    I love Proflowers – I use them every Mother’s Day for both my mom and my mother-in-law. Pick me!

  29. 32
    Amy Duke

    I love flowers! Thanks, Jane!

  30. 33

    I’m gonna win it this time.

  31. what a relief it would be not to have to worry about what to get our moms for mother’s day. this would certainly make everything easy…

  32. Fresh flowers for my birthday would be cool.

  33. 36

    Gotta love Pro Flowers!

  34. I love flowers, I mean I’d be crazy not to right?

  35. 38

    I spy some purple stock (one of the yummiest smelling flowers)…sigh…I love flowers!

  36. 39

    The flowers are gorgeous. This will be my first Mother’s Day! Woo Hoo!

  37. Wow, beautiful! I’d love to win!

  38. Mother’s day is just around the corner!! I would love to get a beautiful bouquet like that!!!

  39. This would be PERFECT for mother’s day!!!

  40. That picture is stunning. I LOVE flowers.

  41. My wife really deserves some flowers right about now 🙂

  42. 46

    wow! I need these!!!

  43. 47

    What a lovely giveaway!

  44. 48

    I would love to win some flowers for myself or another fabulous mom, I know many!

  45. 49
    Dorina Stadelmeier

    What a great website Jane! Flowers are always nice to give and receive.

  46. 50

    Food and Flowers. I love your blog.

  47. 51

    I love flowers. 🙂

  48. 52

    Ooooh boy! We’d love some of those strawberries! The flowers are gorgeous too!

  49. 53

    I would love to be able to spend $100 bucks on my mom just like that!

  50. 54

    love it jane.

  51. 55

    The flowers are gorgeous…I’d love to give them to my mom and MIL!

  52. 56

    Would love to send bouquets to my Mom and MIL!

  53. 57

    I love flowers and I love free stuff!

  54. 58

    I would love to win… go proflowers.

  55. 59

    Would love these – but not sure whether I’d send to my mom or keep them. hmmmm.

  56. 60

    I think I’d probably send one to my Mom, but one to my Mother-in-law, too, considering my sweet husband wouldn’t think to(husbands…thank goodness they have a wife, or they would forget to get dressed in the morning).

  57. Hooray! I can’t figure out what to get for my mother/mother-in-law, and this would be perfect. I hope I win 🙂


  58. I totally bombed on Mother’s Day last year so this would be perfect. I can send something to my mom and MIL.

  59. 63

    Oh! This would be great! Thanks so much for this chance to win! I love these flowers too!

  60. 64

    Love your site and what a cool giveaway!

  61. 66

    Happy Mothers Day, Jane!

  62. OOOOO I would love to smell those flowers!

  63. 68

    Love the flowers! Thanks!

  64. 69

    I would love to win this!

  65. 70


  66. 71

    These are beautiful, thanks for the fun giveaway!

  67. 72

    Love ProFlowers! I just sent some to my mom for her birthday and she couldn’t stop talking about how BIG and BEAUTIFUL and LONG LASTING they were!

  68. 73

    I LOVE ProFlowers! They have the best looking flowers AND they last forever! I had an orchid bouquet last almost 2 weeks once! Pick me, pick me.

  69. 74

    It would be wonderful to win flowers for my first mother’s day! (though truthfully, I’d feel guilty spending on myself and would probably pass it along to my mother and MIL)

  70. 76

    April showers bring May flowers… I hope.

  71. 77

    I won’t be able to visit my mom this year, she lives 250 miles away. She would love this bouquet!!

  72. 78

    I’ve been holding off on buying fresh flowers to save money. :o( A gift card would be sooo nice!

  73. 79

    Come on lucky #79! I used to pick my mom flowers from around the house on Mother’s Day. It would be nice to be able to send her some really nice ones.

  74. 80

    I would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 81
    Pamela Earley

    I would love to spoil my Mom with beautiful flowers!!!!

  76. 82
    Elizabeth Paul

    What a bunch of manipulative kissups! add me to the list. I love your web site and I want the flowers!

  77. 83

    i can’t believe i’m going to win.

  78. 84
    Barbara A Baker

    Hello, Miss Jane, Please enter me to win some gorgeous flowers!! XXOXOX

    Barbara Ann

  79. 85

    Flowers for a mother’s day gift sounds great!

  80. 86

    Beautiful, would love to win this.

  81. Beautiful! Hope I win too…

  82. 88

    that’s a beautiful arrangement!

  83. 89

    I would love to send my mom and sister (who is pregnant with her third son) flowers!

  84. 90

    Those flowers are gorgeous!! I’d love to win!

  85. 91

    The flowers are amazing. What a beautiful gift!

  86. 92

    April 30th is my wedding anniversary so, flowers would be a nice gift! 🙂

  87. 93

    A perfect time of year for fresh flowers..

  88. 94

    The flowers in Portland right now are so beautiful and blooming everywhere. I love it!

  89. 95

    I love flowers and chocolate too!

  90. 96

    I love flowers! Pick me!

  91. 97

    I love ProFlowers!

  92. 98

    My mom would LOVE these flowers!! It would brighten up her already cheerful life!

  93. 99

    Sure would love some flowers!!

  94. 100

    Those flowers are gorgeous! And they would make such a great gift!

  95. 101
    Joan Ostler

    I need those flowers. Yes I do.

  96. 102

    Beautiful! I love flowers!

  97. 103

    Beautiful flowers, sign me up!

  98. 104

    Nothing makes me smile more (except my kids giggles!) than a beautiful bunch of flowers!

  99. 105

    Someday I will be one of those women who buys herself flowers all the time. Until then…I would love to win a gift card!

  100. 106
    andrea park

    I also love when a holiday approaches and you have a giveaway!

  101. 107
    Helen Naylor

    I can almost smell those stocks! JV brought me a bouquet of those when I was in the hospital with my #4…over 24 years ago. Sight, combined with scent, is a powerful memory!

  102. 108

    Beautiful flowers! Great giveaway!

  103. 109
    Meike Schulze

    They are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could use them to send my mom flowers here in Germany. But I guess I could also use them so send flowers to my sister in the US who is a mom :)Meike

  104. 110
    Heather Slopak

    It’s amazing how these giveaways bring out all of the comments.

  105. 111

    Thanks Jane…

  106. 112

    I love Proflowers. They are always beautiful when they arrive.

  107. 113

    I would love some flowers!!

  108. 114
    Jen M

    Oh how some pretty flowers would make my Mom happy!

  109. 115
    Amy Andrews

    I LOVE tulips! Pick me!!!

  110. 116

    Such beautiful flowers!!!

  111. 117

    Everyone comes out of the woodwork for giveaways…how fun!

  112. 118

    Sadly, I rarely comment with meal plans (because I don’t usually get them together) but apparently I am motivated by free stuff!

  113. 119
    Lady M

    Such gorgeous flowers!

  114. 120
    Jordan Smurthwaite

    This may be the only way I get flowers on Mother’s day…my hint dropping usually goes un noticed 🙂

  115. 121

    Beautiful flowers!! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  116. 122

    fab; hope you enjoy your bouquet!! 🙂

  117. 123

    I LOVE fresh flowers!!

  118. 124

    Mmm – hyacinths!

  119. 125

    I’m looking forward to viewing your site more often!!!

  120. 126

    That would be FABULOUS!

  121. 127

    We love flowers (and the flowers from Proflowers are beautiful — very fresh)!

  122. 128

    Wonderful, Beautiful Flowers!

  123. 129

    The colors are so beautiful!!!

  124. I’d love to win this, thanks for the great giveaway!

  125. 131

    That is a great photo! I love fresh flowers in the spring–it really gets me in a spring-y mood!

  126. 132
    Niki E

    hey — spring flowers, how beautiful!

  127. 133
    Jen Schulte

    those are beautiful flowers, thanks for the chance to win!

  128. 134

    I think flowers are one the best ways to make someone smile and feel loved. The bouquet photo on your post is amazing. thanks for sharing! Here is a fun flower quote I love,
    “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” ~Emma Goldman

  129. 135

    Winning this gift would be awesome!

  130. 136

    This would be great, seeing as how I kill flowers instead of grow them.

  131. 137

    My mom could sure use an upgraded bouquet this year 😉

  132. 138

    Flowers are a wonderful way to decorate your home. THese are absolutely gorgeous!

  133. 139

    Flowers make me happy and I know they’d bring a smile to my Mom too. Awesome giveaway!

  134. 140
    Michele Wang

    I love Pro Flowers. Just used them to send flowers to my friend that has a baby. Would love to get some for myself! 🙂

  135. 141

    I’m happier just seeing your gorgeous picture of these flowers.

  136. If i win your contest then I might remember to get my Mom flowers this year for Mother’s Day!

  137. 143

    What a great giveaway!

  138. 144

    The flowers are one of my most farvorite things about Spring!

  139. 145

    Who dosen’t love flowers?! Hope I win!!!! They are beautiful!:0)

  140. 146

    Love your blog, and this bouquet!

  141. 147

    My Mommy would LOVE these flowers…and so would I ;o)

  142. 148
    Liz Cook

    Flowers remind me of health and beauty! They are always given at hospitals to help people recover, and also at funerals to give hope to those left behind! Flowers are WONDERFUL!

  143. 149

    I’d love flowers for my first mother’s day! 😉

  144. Beautiful flowers…I can never have enough!

  145. 151

    What a great gift! Thanks for the chance to win.

  146. 152
    Tammy Blais

    MY TURN!! It’s an awesome giveaway! Thanks, Jane.

  147. 153

    It’s 29 degrees here tonight….I think I remember flowers.

  148. 154

    Oh god. Please. The starving student would love to treat his mommy to something nice! 🙂

    Thanks Jane!

  149. 156

    hooray for beautiful flowers and an amazing give away!!

  150. What a cool giveaway! I’d love to spend that gift card on my mom for Mother’s Day, so she’d know she raised me right! 😉

  151. 158

    I don’t think I’d have one bit of guilt buying myself some gorgeous flowers. Technically it would be a gift from you!

  152. 159

    Flowers! Thanks, Jane.

  153. These are beautiful! And, wow, look at all the comments!

  154. 161

    Fresh flowers & meal planning – it doesn’t get any better than that.

  155. 162

    My MOM loves fresh flowers. Pick me!

  156. 163

    I dropped the ball last year for my mom’s first Mother’s Day as my baby’s grandmother…help me redeem myself.

  157. 164

    Perfect for my hard to shop for mother in law!

  158. 165

    flowers. perfect.

  159. 167

    Pick me!! Please! 🙂

  160. 168

    Beautiful! Hooray!

  161. I love ProFlowers! They’re a great way to send flowers to that special someone on a special day!

  162. 170
    Monica Romo

    What a great giveaway for Mothers Day. I wold love to win.

  163. 171

    Hey – this sounds like a poifect gift for me! Where do I sign up?

  164. 172

    Would love to win some flowers =)

  165. 173

    I wold love to give my mom a vase of beautiful flowers for Mothers Day!

  166. 174

    Pick me! Pick me!

  167. 175

    Wow! Thanks!

  168. 176

    I would love to win some flowers. 🙂

  169. 177

    Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never comin’ ’round

  170. 179

    What beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing your menus.

  171. 180

    Such a pretty bouquet! This would be lovely.

  172. 181

    Those are beautiful – I adore tulips and gerbera daisies!

  173. 182

    Looks beautiful! My mom would love that bouquet.

  174. 183

    This would be perfect for my mom!! It is beautiful!!

  175. Oh, I forgot I could use the gift card to send to my mom in the US…woo hoo! Thank you Jane, and thank you ProFlowers!

  176. 185

    This is so great! I hope I win. My mom would love to get an arrangement that beautiful. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  177. 186

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  178. 187

    Wow – I love ProFlowers! Pick me.

  179. 188

    I found this page by looking for menu planning for my family and always love some flowers!! Thank you for such a wonderful and helpful page!! ~Kris

  180. 189

    Beautiful picture. I bet they smell wonderful!

  181. 190

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! (waving hand wildly in air.)

  182. 191

    I love your site! It’s such a help to me. I steal, er, I mean borrow ideas all the time. Happy Mother’s Day.

  183. i put a menu on my site every week, as well… would love to post a link of your site to mine –
    and i would love to win the flowers!

  184. 193

    As a Mama myself I would love to send some deserving Mamas some beautiful flowers:)

  185. 194

    This is my Mom’s first Mother’s Day since my dad died. I’ll definitely be sending her some pretty flowers this year.

  186. 195

    Pick me- my mom loves flowers 🙂

  187. 196

    I love sending flowers. My sister is having her first real mother’s day after waiting 9 years for a baby! Can’t wait to celebrate with her!

  188. 197

    Our family just moved closer to my parents so my mom and I can share this gift, so beautiful!

  189. 198

    My mom loves flowers and so does this mom!!!

  190. 199

    I love ProFlowers! Their mini roses are just amazing! I send them out as gifts all the time. Thanks for the chance to win the giftcard.

  191. 200
    Jodi B

    Love this giveaway… was a gray day today and flowers would brighten things up!

  192. 201

    Yes Please!!! Thanks for doing such nice giveaways!

  193. 202
    Laura Tierne

    Entry #203 – Please Pick Me! Free flowers for the kiddies to send mommy – Yippeee!

  194. 203
    Debbie Ward

    ProFlowers is the best…I love flowers…hope I’m picked!

  195. 204

    Jane is great. Flowers are great. Who can go wrong?

  196. 205

    What a beautiful photo! I checked out their website – beautiful flower combinations! Going under my faves!

  197. 206
    Chelsea Brunner

    It being my first Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate then sending myself some flowers 🙂 Or maybe my mom…

  198. 207

    I just found your site…fun and helpful! There’s nothing like fresh flowers (especially for free!)

  199. 208

    Truly do LOVE FLOWERS more than chocolate for Mother’s Day!! My fingers are crossed!

  200. 209

    Hi, I found your blog through a friends. Great info, I’m a fan of Trader Joes too.
    I would love flowers! PIck me Pick me!

  201. I would be so excited to win these. My mom would be so excited. I hope i get picked

  202. 211
    Melissa Davies

    hey free flowers! good one. what’s up jane?

  203. 212

    How Fun! 🙂

  204. 213
    Amy Hanson

    Sign me up!

  205. 215
    Alyssa McNeal

    I would love to win. My mother just lost her mother and we would always bring flowers as gifts when we visited her.

  206. 216

    I loved watching the informational video of how to arrange the flowers. I love learning how to make something pretty.

  207. 217
    Michelle Garff

    These would be perfect for Mother’s Day! What beautiful flowers!

  208. 218
    Sarah A.

    I know someone very special who would love flowers for her special day.

  209. 219

    What beautiful flowers!

  210. 220

    Oh, I hope I win!!!

  211. My mother, stepmother, mother-in-law…all would love these. Thank you!

  212. 222

    proflowers rocks! i’m in!!!

  213. 223
    Helen greeson

    Good deal.

  214. 224
    Corinne Bos

    I hope I win!!!!!

  215. 225

    Those flowers are beautiful. Nothing brightens a day like pretty flowers!

  216. 226

    Oh! I love Proflowers!

  217. 227


  218. 228

    Love the picture!

  219. 229

    I love the flowers! I hope to win!

  220. 230
    Aileen in MD

    Absolutely beautiful. I would love them, but my single Mom daughter would love them more as she needs a bit of cheer! Beautiful colors!

  221. 231

    No better way to brighten a persons day!

  222. 232

    I am just starting to learn how to garden, etc., and am so inspired by flowers these days…I would love to use this gc for the mothers in my life and for this new mom (me)! 🙂

  223. 233

    Spring! Flowers! Love it!

  224. 234

    I would send them to my mom for sure

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