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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Giveaway! Shabby Apple Dress!

Today’s giveaway is fun fun fun! Looking for a great dress for the summer? Look no further!

Shabby Apple is giving away their 90 Words Per Minute dress to 1 lucky TWFD reader! It’s in a great, fresh color for the summer and comfy to boot! I only wish I could win this thing…it would definitely kick up my “cool” factor a notch or two (or twenty). You men out there should enter this giveaway, too…your wife or girlfriend would be mightily impressed if you gave her this dress!

I know, I know, the giveaway isn’t food related. But I knew you would love it anyway…AND the name of the company has a fruit in it. So, it’s a food giveaway after all!

Shabby Apple is also offering a 15% discount on your orders between now and August 24, 2008, so get shopping! The coupon code is SAMarketing15forJane.

To enter the giveaway, please write a comment on this post by Wednesday, July 2, 2008, Midnight PT. The winner will be announced Thursday, July 3, so come back to see if you are that lucky person! (Please be sure there is a name associated with your post so I can identify the winner.)

Good Luck!


  1. 1
    Rebecca O.

    Watch me win this dress that will look absolutely ridiculous on me (even though it is a very cute dress)…but I have to test my luck here.

  2. 2

    I should get a prize for being the first one. Hi Janard!

  3. 3
    Tech Savvy Mama

    What a darling dress! I’d love to wear it to BlogHer in a couple weeks!

  4. 4

    Dang someone posted while I was typing…darn Rebecca O

  5. 5
    suburban ecomom

    My child says I need cuter clothes. Pick me please!

  6. 6

    Love it, love it, love it!

  7. 7

    Adorable. I have never seen that site before. Need to go shop.

  8. 8

    i have been drooling over shabby apple dresses all summer.. i so want this dress!

  9. 9
    anna jo

    this is the comment that is going to win.
    *sending out the cosmic vibe*

  10. 10

    My 3 year old told me the other day she was sad because I didn’t have any dresses, that I only wore skirts and shirts. Maybe this could change that!

  11. 11

    Hi Jane!! Here’s hoping I win this time. Cute dress!!

  12. 12

    Let my dreams come true, Jane. Let them come true.

  13. 13

    I don’t even own a dress- This would be the first in my closest. I should definitely win….

  14. 14

    I might have to buy my dress for a wedding next month from that site! What great dresses! Thanks for another awesome giveaway Jane!

  15. 15

    Oooh, count me in! I’m a secretary; clearly it’s meant for me 🙂

  16. 16

    my favorite color AND a favorite website of mine…maybe the stars will align this time!!

    Jenny H.

  17. 17
    Amy O.

    Yes, it would take winning a contest to get me into new clothes at this point. 🙂

  18. 18

    What a cute site, I had never heard of the company.

  19. 19

    Oh Pick me! I’d love dresses probably just as much as I love food.

  20. 20
    Christina G

    Oh a new dress!! {heavy sigh} I’d love to feel like a girlie girl again and not a tired mom of three kids! 🙂

  21. 21
    Shane and Becca

    please oh please pick me! That dress is darling!

  22. 22

    I love Shabby Apple! Great dress & this one is super cute!

  23. 23

    love it, want it, need it, pick me!

  24. 25

    Ooohhh….I love the dress! Hopefully it’s my turn to win! Miss you down here!

  25. 26

    love it jane! great giveaway!

  26. 27

    Here’s hoping.

  27. 28

    Love it! Pick me!

  28. 29

    I never win, but I’m crossing my fingers extra on this one. Maybe this will be my chance!

  29. 30

    I love Shabby Apple dresses! They’re cute, not too trendy, and reasonably priced!

  30. 31

    Just in case 🙂

  31. 32

    Me, me, me!!!

  32. 33
    Adriana Velez

    I’ll throw my hat in – pick me!

  33. 34

    If I win, I’ll pair the dress with my sexy librarian glasses and give my husband a real treat on our anniversary dinner…

  34. 35

    ohhh I’m needing this one!

  35. 36

    i would probably look funny in this too – BUT i still want to win!

  36. 37
    Mike & Jill

    The dress is too cute! I’d love to win!
    I’m sooo behind on posting my menu but am taking everyone’s ideas! That counts for something right??


  37. 38

    What an awesome dress. Pick me, Jane!!

  38. 39

    pick me. I need a new dress!

  39. 40

    Shabby Apple has lots of cute dresses! I’d love to win this one.

  40. 41

    Me !!! feener44atgmaildotcom

  41. 42
    Nette @ Smiling Mom

    Now this sounds like fun!!

  42. 43

    A girl can always use a new dress!

  43. 44

    Please Please let me win. So cute!

  44. 45

    Too Cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 46
    The Potter Family

    My husband promised me a dress for mothers day and I still haven’t got one…so this may be it!

  46. 47

    me – cute!!

  47. 48
    Natalee Maynes

    If I don’t win, you run the risk of ruining our friendship forever (yes, I’ve resorted to threats!)

  48. 49

    It’s very cute, I have always wanted to by something from there but I can’t afford it.

  49. 50

    Oh, I can only hope…and dream…and cross my fingers to be a winner on a TWFD giveaway! Dresses and food go hand in hand…

  50. 51

    I’ll enter, even though I’ve never worn turqoise before. Maybe it will look good on me!

  51. 52

    I’m feeling lucky this time! Plus, my wardrobe needs some updates!

  52. 53

    I would love to win that dress. I am tired of looking like a nursing mom!! Plus, my mom could borrow it!

  53. 54

    I need a new dress!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. 55

    Oh so cute! cute shop.

  55. 56

    I am feeling like a winner!!! I do need alot of help too!

  56. 57

    Ah I LOVE Shabby Apple! Maybe I’ll finally win a giveaway.

  57. 58
    Michele P.

    turquoise is one of my favorite colors… very pretty. Haven’t worn a dress in years though, this might just change things!

  58. 59

    this is the greatest food blog ever.

  59. 60

    ummm hello!!?!? i would LOVE a super cute dress from shabby apple! best giveaway yet! oh jane. please pick me. you won’t be sorry.

  60. 61

    That is the cutest dress! Love igt.


  61. 62

    Cute dress, great giveaway!!

  62. 63
    Married Mannings

    I love that dress! Pick me because I have just the shoes to go with it 🙂

  63. 64

    I love the color and need a cute dress. It’s too hot to wear suits during the summer in Florida. Uber-strict dress code — Yuck.

  64. 65

    Like it. I’ll have to look at their other stuff.

  65. 66

    Very cute!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  66. 67
    The Bouldins

    What a cute dress!

  67. 68

    pick me! pick me!

  68. 69

    Pick me! I love comfy and cool!

  69. 70

    super cute…even though I am preggo now…I have some cute sisters that would love it.

  70. 71
    Bunny B

    Lovely dress!! Thank you for the chance!

    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  71. 72

    I can feel the vibe. I’m going to win!

  72. 73
    kim & co.

    Would love to win that!

  73. 74

    Perfect summer dress! I would love to win this.

  74. 75

    I’d love a Shabby Apple dress!!

  75. 76
    Amy D

    Thanks, Jane!

  76. 77
    Erin & Jordan Spencer

    That is my absolute favorite color to wear! I just had a baby and I haven’t looked cute for a while. I’m starting to get my body back, so please let me have that adorable dress!

  77. 78

    I love Shabby Apple, but I’d really love to get this dress! Thanks, Jane!

  78. 79

    I really need a cute summer dress.

  79. 80

    Ooooh, my birthday is July 3rd…what a FABULOUS present this would be!

  80. 81
    Aaron Tunell

    I would love this dress! My wardrobe definitely needs spicing up!


  81. 82

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  82. 83

    It would be great to finally wear a dress, not just a skirt and shirt.
    I have always wanted a dress from Shabby Apple.

  83. 84

    Oh, I do love it!

  84. 85

    So cute! What a fun giveaway!

  85. 86
    Jen C

    There is nothing shabby about that fantastic frock!! Pick me 🙂

  86. 87

    Shabby Apple is so cool. I love their clothes.

  87. 88

    What a cute dress! Love the bright color.
    -Brooke in Dallas

  88. 89

    Oh please, oh please pick me! I love, love, love Shabby Apple!

  89. 90
    Andrea Cooper

    Love Shabby Apple, love the dress! Hope I am the lucky winner!!!

  90. 91
    The Fago Family

    Super cute! Hope I win : )

    ~ Amy Fago

  91. 92

    I love it!

  92. 93

    Cute! I hope I win! I love their website too… such great design!

  93. 94

    I do need this! But first the baby weight must come off!

  94. 95

    I have heard of how great shabby apple is, but never gotten acquainted; this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out!

  95. 96
    Gwendolen Gross

    Ooh! Pick me, pick me! (hand in air). I’m off to check out their website–the dress is amazing!
    Gwendolen Gross
    author of The Other Mother
    NJ Moms Blogger

  96. 97

    ooh, so cute! and this mama lost a lot of baby weight and needs some new duds!

  97. 98

    I never get lucky with these giveaways, but I am really hoping it is my lucky day! This dress would be fabulous for a casual wedding that I am attending next month! 🙂

  98. 99

    love, love, love the dress! I hope it’s me!

  99. 100

    Very cute dress! I’d love to win!

  100. 101

    Ooooh! How excellent! I hope I win…

  101. 102

    Shabby Apple?!! How fantastic! I’ve wanted one of their dresses, but couldn’t justify the splurge what with bills to pay and all. Oh! Pick me!

  102. 103

    Will it still be in style next summer when I’m not pregnant? I hope so!

  103. 104

    ::chanting:: I want to win…I want to win


  104. 105

    I would love to own a shabby apple dress. Count me in

  105. 106
    The Cooks

    Ooohhh! I love Shabby Apple. I’m so excited to win this giveaway!

  106. 107

    way cute!!!!! it’s even my color! would love to win it!!!! :O)

  107. 108

    I love a good giveaway, and I love dresses in the summertime!

  108. 109
    Matt and Kelly Woodland

    I am going to be super-styling in my new Shabby Apple Dress!

  109. 110

    A very summery dress

  110. 111
    Kristen Klingler

    love, love, love, Shabby Apple! Hope I win! 🙂

  111. 112

    Oh my, the odds are not in my favor! But I would love a dress and thank you for introducing me to Shabby Apple; I’d never heard of them.

  112. 113

    Great dress and I love wearing dresses! Thanks Jane!

  113. 114

    So very cute! My coolness factor definitely needs to get kicked up quite a few notches!!

  114. 115
    Devin, April, and Gavin Jolley

    Love the dress!! Never heard of the brand but love it now!

  115. 116

    It’s been FOREVER since I got a new dress (that wasn’t a bridesmaid dress). So I would love to win!

  116. 117

    I really like the microcredit this company does in India. So good to see a company helping others!!

  117. 118

    Pretty dress!

  118. 120

    Awesome! I want that dress! I am pregnant but I still want it!

  119. 121

    Great ideas here! cute, cute dresses 🙂

  120. 122

    I should just give you the size I need now right….because I’m absolutely going to win this cute dress!

    Teresa R

  121. 123
    Jasmine Marie

    what a great giveaway!

  122. 124

    I love your site! Thanks for all the great meal ideas!

  123. 125
    hannah m

    Too cute for words!

  124. 126

    I have heard a lot about Shabby Apple.

  125. 127

    I just found your blog. What a cute lady. And a cute dress.
    hillary smith

  126. 128

    I have purused Shabby Apple’s website many times over the past year and love the dresses. However, I never bought one because I just had a baby and have been waiting to get down to a slimmer and trimmer me. I think I’m about there now and would love to wear that dress!

  127. 129

    Love their dresses

  128. 130

    Cutest dress ever! And eating + cooking is always more fun when you have a fun dress to wear.

  129. 131

    I could use a new dress.

  130. 132

    This is a great dress! This color is the best!

  131. 133

    Fabulous dress!

  132. 134

    love it!

  133. 135

    Love your blog, love this dress!

  134. 136

    This granny needs new clothes, and the dress would be so nice to win!

  135. 137

    Please, please please – let it be me!!

  136. 138

    i love this dress! thanks for the so cute giveaway!

  137. 139

    Let’s see, what would go best with my new dress…white wine or gin and tonic…..

  138. 140

    I love that dress!!! And I love all your give-aways…always something new and exciting over here on TWFD!

  139. 141
    Jennie Bennion

    Cute dress!

  140. 142
    Uptown Girl

    please choose me

  141. 143

    Love the dress so cute!

  142. 144

    Gorgeous! This dress would be perfect for weekends at the cabin.

  143. 145
    The Shaw's

    My name is Jami Shaw and I would love to win this dress. Yeah!!!!!

  144. 146

    Fabulous dress! It won’t fit my pregnant body right now, but what a great dress to motivate me after the baby!

  145. 147

    I am still pretty fat after having this baby, but it might serve as good motivation right? Brittany Riesenberg

  146. 148
    Ryan + Erica

    Maybe that dress will be just the thing to motivate me after I have this baby! Love it.

  147. 149

    So cute; pick me!

  148. 150
    scott and tara

    Love it!

  149. 151
    Coordination Queen

    That dress is so cute!

  150. 152

    Crossing my fingers!

  151. 153

    A free dress! I love it!

  152. 154

    wishin’ and hopin’

  153. 155

    would love it

  154. 156

    I love that even thought the contest isn’t directly food related that it still manages to have a food in its name! 🙂 The dress looks cute.

  155. 157

    I love the colors this dress comes in

  156. 158

    What a lovely dress. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  157. 159
    Marketing Mommy

    THAT is an awesome dress. Here’s hoping…

  158. 160
    Mom and Dad

    it’ll look great when I lose a lot of pounds!!

  159. 161
    Scott, Whitney and Connor

    Super cute dress! Super fun giveaway! I would love to win, but know that i am not so lucky at these things! I’ll try and be optimistic though!


  160. 162

    oooh ooohh oohh, pick me! Pick me!

  161. 163
    Bellessa Family

    I love Shabby Apple…they are one of my ELIZA MAGAZINE advertisers. I have a few of their dresses…i can vouch…they are super cute and comfy…i would love to add another one to my collection!

  162. 164
    Justice Fergie

    the dress is adorable! and what a coincidence – i JUST found out about Shabby Apple a couple of weeks ago. pick meeeee!

  163. 165

    i think being the 165th commenter i definately have a chance…;)

  164. 166

    What an awesome giveaway! You are always having great giveaways!

    P.S. I never knew you could plant a blueberry bush! I will have to try that!

  165. 167
    Heather Mommy

    I love dresses and free stuff!

  166. 168
    Jordan & Kimberly

    I would adore this fabulous dress!I need it for my upcoming trip to London & Paris!

  167. 169
    Joseph and Brooke

    I’m entering too. Thanks for the ideas on your site, they help me with my eternal struggle to figure out what to eat every evening.

  168. 170

    Here’s hoping!

  169. 171

    I love the idea of this website, Jane! I am always looking for new, yummy recipes. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win a dress, too!

  170. 172
    acte gratuit

    I’ll wear it on my way to Japan!
    Hooray for cute dresses!

  171. 173

    I love your blog and I love Shabby Apple so this is perfect! Here is to hoping I win!

  172. 174

    I love Shabby Apple!!! Great color for a dress! I need one! 🙂 They have the cutest baby girl dresses too!

  173. 175
    princess granola

    i’m pretty sure my husband would make fun of the neck tie part…but i love it and that is one of the reasons he loves me. 🙂

  174. 176

    Oh I SO want to win this dress. I need some new work clothes STAT after losing weight this year. Sadly, only my 19 mo old seems to be the only one getting new clothes around my house anymore. 🙁

  175. 177

    what a fab dress. hope i win! 🙂

  176. 178

    My wardrobe needs some desperate help!

  177. 179
    Jon & Sarah

    I just had a baby, so a new dress would perk me up just right. Thanks!

  178. 180

    I found your blog via “According To Kelly”…love it. My fingers are crossed for the dress. I love the color. 🙂

  179. 181

    I would love to win this dress!! I’m crossing my fingers!!

  180. 182

    Sweet, I would love to win!

  181. 183

    oh, that is too cute! Hope I win!!!

  182. 184

    Holy wow-wow! It’s super cute and one piece! After a year of nursing, I’d love to wear a real dress again. Help me out?

  183. 185
    The Hansens

    I am new to this blog, and love the idea. How cool would that be if I won. I never win stuff like this though, the luck just isn’t there. Thanks for your blog, it has already given me new ideas.
    oh, my name is Heather.

  184. 186

    Cute dress! I love the color! Here’s hoping I’m the lucky winner.

  185. 187

    ooooh. I would love a new summer dress!

  186. 188

    Maybe I could finally get a night on the town…

  187. 189

    I never win these types of things.
    But I sure do love the chance.

    I hope I win!

  188. 190
    little miss bean

    pick me, pick me! what a darling dress! cute company, too!

  189. 191
    Darren and Nikki

    I don’t want to say I would look amazing in that dress BUT I would look amazing in that dress!!! Just kidding. Not about winning though.

  190. 192
    The Belka's

    I love Shabby Apple Dresses!

  191. 193
    Lance and Missy

    so cute! I want to win!

  192. 194

    WOW !!!!


  193. 195

    Me, me, me!

  194. 196

    it’s not for me, it’s for my wifey.

  195. 197

    I would love to get a new dress! I love the whole Shabby Apple line!

  196. 198

    I’ve loved this dress from the first time I saw it. Great giveaway!

  197. 199

    I’m feeling lucky today!

  198. 200

    I need a new dress… Pick me, please!

  199. 201

    Hmmmm….my first job interview after mat leave. Sure would love to “dress” the part. Great site, just found it.

    Pick ME!

  200. 202
    Carrie Hellewell

    Sooo great. I actually have a friend that designs for them. She does the baby line. Let’s pray I win!

  201. 203
    Lisa Michelle

    Oh my goodness, that color is to die for!!! It would be so awesome to have something to wear after I have this baby next week!! (or the next week if he makes me wait longer…!) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  202. 204

    very cute! i love the color.

  203. 205
    Chelsea Smith (Sandy)

    Cute dresses! Count me in!

  204. 206
    Mindy & Tyler

    I Love it! Pick me! Pick me!

  205. 207

    Love the style, love the color, love everything about it! Please, my wardrobe is in desperate need!

  206. 208
    Adam, Jaci, & Grant

    Shabby Apple dresses are the best! Adam bought me one about a year ago but then he did laundry one day and put it in the washer and dryer. Needless to say, it didn’t fit me anymore. Sad story but very true. Anywho, I have no idea how you choose winners but good luck to you…seems like a big job. And good luck to me, too!

  207. 209

    Please pick me! I LOVE it!

  208. 210

    I could use a new dress. Thanks

  209. 211

    I love their clothes…especially the dresses. It is pretty hard to find a good modest dress and not look like a granny! hehe

  210. 212

    I’d really LOVE a new dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. 213

    mmmm…a new dress…delish!

  212. 214
    Mark & Deidra Smith

    pick me!

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