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Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Giveaway! ‘Taste This’ Cookbook & Apron

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for your interest!

Remember the Taste This cookbook signing I recently wrote about?  I am excited to announce that the author Gina Von Esmarch is offering a special giveaway to TWFD readers!

One lucky, random winner will receive a copy of Taste This, signed by Gina and photographer Tom Vano.  The winner will also receive TWO Oilcloth Alley aprons – one Mom-sized and one kid-sized!  Practical AND adorable, you definitely want to get your hands on these great oilcloth aprons!

To enter the giveaway, please add a comment to this post by Midnight PT on Sunday, February 8.  The randomly-selected winner will be announced on Monday, February 9.

Big THANKS to Gina! And good luck, everyone!


  1. 1

    how could you not want to get into your kitchen and cook if it meant you got to put on that apron!

  2. 2

    Courtney and I would look so adorable in those matching aprons! We love cooking together! And I can never have enough cookbooks either:)

  3. 4
    Malerie Weed

    LOVE this giveaway! I’d be the cutest cook in the neighborhood!

  4. 5

    Do I get extra luck because I have the same name as the author? That doesn’t happen often to us Ginas.

  5. 6

    So cute! I am crossing my fingers! Thanks, Jane!

  6. 7

    Those aprons are darling!

  7. 8
    Katie B

    Great giveaway! The book looks beautiful.

  8. The cook book looks great and the aprons are darling! Good luck to everybody!!!!

  9. 11

    Oh my goodness! De-lic-i-ou-se!

  10. 12

    I love a good cook book, pick me!

  11. 13

    I love oilcloth! Fingers crossed.

  12. 14

    OOOOOh I need a good cook book! Pick meEEEE!

  13. 15

    I love those aprons, and you can never have enough aprons! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Ooh, Wouldn’t Audrey and I look cute in them. Besides, the apron I wear now apron is so ugly!! Here’s hoping!

  15. 17
    Michelle P.

    Ooooh! I love the aprons and the book sounds great! I hope it’s my turn to win something!

  16. 18
    Auntie Barb

    Too cute!

  17. 19

    Yes, please!

  18. 20

    Um, perfect Valentines/Birthday gift for me:) I love pretty cookbooks and aprons!!!! Pick meeeeeeeeeee!

  19. 21

    Darling apron and I would love that cookbook! Thanks Jane!

  20. 22

    This is awesome! I LOVE those aprons and have to WIN!!!!!!!!!

  21. 23

    I hope I win — I really want that cookbook and the apron is way cute!

  22. 24
    Amy Fago

    Too Cute! Hope you guys are doing well Jane… miss ya!!!

  23. 25

    Very cute.

  24. 26

    I would love some new ideas.

  25. 27

    Love cookbooks and the aprons, bonus!!! Thanks!

  26. 28
    Denise @ EatPlayLove

    I am a firm believer in one cannot own too many cookbooks. And oilcloth aprons tops the cake!

  27. 29

    I love it! Sign me up!

  28. 30

    Love the apron, and I always love a new cookbook!

  29. 31
    Megan T

    Too cute!

  30. i love the apron that i made myself last year, but it’s nowhere as cute as that one… i would wear that one all the time!

  31. 33

    32 is my lucky number this time…I can feel it.

  32. 34

    I am not big on aprons, but the cookbook looks yummy!

  33. 35

    What a great giveaway! I’ve never seen an apron as cute as that!

  34. 36

    That cookbook looks awesome. I would love to win!

  35. 37

    Super giveaway! I don’t own an apron, so it would really come in handy!


  36. 38
    Nicole O

    what a fun giveaway! The book looks great.

  37. 39
    Emily S.

    I get hungry just looking at the cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. 40
    emily anne

    Oh what fun! I love this giveaway!

  39. 41
    emily moore

    Love the apron. It would inspire me to cook.

  40. 42

    such a great apron especially for valentine’s day!

  41. 43

    Please pick me! It would be my second signed cookbook. My wonderful husband stood in a long line of woman to have Tyler Florence sign a cookbook as a surprise to me. I loved it!

  42. 44

    These aprons are adorable! I think my favorite is the black toile and polka dots.

  43. 45
    Barbara A Baker

    That is a darling apron — I want it!!

  44. 46

    cute. pick me!

  45. 47
    Auntie Deb

    Why actually wear the apron. I would hang it just to look at!

  46. 48

    i love that apron! and i love a giveaway! thanks for hosting it.

  47. 49
    Nicole Beckstrand

    You always have the best giveaways! Pick me this time;-)

  48. 50
    amy estes

    i have yet to purchase myself an apron – and that one is adorable! cookbook looks yummy too. cheers!

  49. 51

    Looks like a must have. I hope I get to add it to my cookbook collection soon! Thanks:)

  50. 52

    I wanted to get this when you told us about it a few weeks ago, but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll get it sooner than later after all!

  51. 53

    Amazing Give-A-Way!!! Love it!!!

  52. 54

    This is such a great giveaway! I could definitely use both!

  53. 55

    oooo….I hope I win.

  54. 56
    Jenn MacArthur

    Maybe I’ll win this time 🙂 Thanks, Jane!

  55. 57

    What a cute apron! And def in need of a new cookbook…

  56. 58

    pick me. I LOVE cookbooks!

  57. 59

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  58. 60
    Sarah Thompson

    pick me!

  59. 61

    Rig it for me, Jane.

  60. 62

    AH, Sweet!

    Sign me up!

  61. 63

    My toddler is starting to be a “big help” in the kitchen, and I have not bought her an apron yet. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  62. 64
    Paula Cohen

    This looks like m color.

    thanks for the great website

  63. Who knows what would happen after the meal in that apron! What a great contest. Thanks!


  64. Just found your website through a blog chain. Very fun. Very real-mom take on the weekly menu challenge. Great Job.

  65. 67


  66. 68

    Whatever is on the book cover looks very delicious.

  67. 69

    Who wouldn’t want to win????

  68. 70

    what an adorable apron!!!

  69. My daughter and I just finished looking at a bunch of aprons as I has asked for one for Christmas!

    This style is one of the ones we really liked.
    And my duaghter is a great cook!


  70. 72


  71. 73

    I don’t even OWN a descent apron and I’ve heard good things about that cookbook! That would be a great win!

  72. 74

    Let it be mine! What a fun prize!

  73. 75

    Love the aprons! Can’t wait to get my hands on the cookbook.

  74. 76
    Sarah F.

    I love the aprons! The cookbook would be so fun too! Hope I win!

  75. 77

    Totaly cute aprons. How fun would that be to match with my daughter!! We love to cook!

  76. 78
    Amy Skinner

    I love, I love, I LOVE aprons!!!! This is my dream give away. I hope I get it! BEST EVER!

  77. 79

    This looks great! I need a new cookbook! Thanks so much

  78. 80

    for my wife…

  79. 81
    Julie Carr

    Fabulous! I hope the next giveaway will be matching chef hats.

  80. 82

    Wow, awesome! Great giveaway!

  81. 83
    asha vinodh

    i would love to cook from the recepie book with my daughter wearing the beautiful apron.

  82. I love this….pick me!

  83. 85
    Chelsea Brunner

    I love trying new recipes and just know would love this cookbook…and how adorable is that apron???

  84. 86

    Cute aprons and I’m always up for a new cookbook!

  85. 87

    what a cute apron!

  86. 88

    Cute apron. I love cookbooks!

  87. 89

    I love the apron…and the book! Great giveaway!

  88. 90

    Cookbooks are my favorite thing to collect and I read them over and over like good books!

  89. Looks like a great book.. and the apron is adorable!

  90. I want to win!! Pick me!! 🙂

  91. 93

    super cute! Thanks!

  92. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWFD!!! I love this blog, and I think I have fallen in love with that apron too.

  93. 95

    Love the cute aprons, thanks for the contest!

  94. Yay!! How cute are those?!!

  95. Yippee. Love giveaways.

  96. 99

    I want to get picked! I love cookbooks and I need an apron 🙂

  97. 100

    Pick me! Pick me! I have an apron fetish!! And the cookbok will give me something to do while modelling that great apron…

  98. 101
    megan herrmann

    The apron is so cute.

  99. 102

    My little one and I need aprons! And this is one is sooooo cute!!!!

  100. 103

    What a great giveaway!

  101. 104

    I love cookbooks and I really need an apron! Thanks for the always-great giveaways (and blog)!

  102. 105
    Alison Poirier

    Even if I don’t win where can I get my hands on that cute apron?

  103. 106

    Ok, that apron is just too cute. I gotta try to win it, even though I seriously doubt my chances!!

  104. I want to make and taste!

  105. 108

    Super cute aprons!

  106. 109
    Corinne Bos

    What an adorable apron! I would love to cook those recipes wearing that apron!

  107. 110

    looks yummy!

  108. 111

    Looks like a great book! I’d love it!

  109. 112

    Okay….now this is good. I really do need a new apron! And, of course one of my granddaughters will love using the child size apron when they visit. Thanks!

  110. 113

    Great prizes! I’m trying to teach my granddaughter to cook (and trying to learn myself at the same time….). The aprons would be great and the cookbook looks yummy!

  111. 114
    Amy Duke

    Thanks, Jane!

  112. 115
    Emilee M.

    I love to try new recipes and love that apron. Thanks!!

  113. 116

    ooh, the adorableness! love love love.

  114. 117

    Cute apron!

  115. 118
    Jenny D.

    I LOVE getting a new cookbook (almost as much as new shoes)!

  116. I would love both the apron and the cookbook! Maybe I’ll get lucky this time 🙂


  117. 120
    Jen M.

    yummy! thanks!!

  118. 121

    I’m delighted to hear about this giveaway! I was absolutely intrigued when you mentioned “Taste This” a little while back. It looks like a wonderful cookbook. Does it have lots of photos? Cookbooks without photos are just not my “cup of tea.”

    And those aprons? Too cute! My 2-year-old and I just love cooking together. And I’m sure her little sister will eventually join in the fun as well (she’s due in March). 😉

  119. 122

    What beautiful aprons! I hope I get lucky and win them…

  120. 123

    please please pick me!

  121. 124

    How cute!

  122. 125

    I collect cookbooks. Pick me!

  123. 126

    oh wow. you weren’t the apron. and love you for sharing. brit

  124. 127
    Lynn McCowan

    Those are the cutest aprons and cookbooks are always great to have.

  125. 128

    tasty AND pretty! what more could one ask for?

  126. 129

    Come on! Big money! No wammies!

  127. 130

    I just love new cookbooks! And you should see my “well used” aprons! I’m due for a replacement!

  128. 131
    Kim M

    THose look great! I don’t have an apron and keep thinking I should get one so my clothes aren’t always covered in flour.

  129. 132

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  130. 133

    I’m feeling lucky today!!

  131. 134
    Dottie LaPierre

    How fun! I love having little helpers in the kitchen and what a fun way to try out a cookbook than with a little friend in a matching apron!
    Great idea!
    Thanks, again, Jane

  132. 136

    This would be an awesome thing! I never win anything, but it would be awesome to have a great new cookbook to add to the collection as well as the aprons! Thanks for the blog! It brings lots of enjoyment!

  133. 137
    Britten Wheeler

    Dang lucky number 140! lets hope being down on the list will be lucky

  134. 138
    lori haun

    so fun!

  135. 140

    I would love to try that cookbook, and the aprons are super cute!

  136. 141

    That apron is too pretty to cook in. I love it!

  137. 142

    Is it my turn yet??

  138. 143

    What a beautiful apron! Not only would it look adorable on my daughter, but it matches my kitchen. Love your site!

  139. 144
    Carolyn G

    I am an apron fiend and these are so cute. THanks for the giveaway!!

  140. 145

    I don’t know what I want more, the book or the apron!

  141. 146

    ooh, i’m feeling lucky! 🙂 cute apron…and can one ever have too many aprons when you practically live in the kitchen?

  142. 147
    Amanda B.

    I have been eyeing those aprons for sometime. They are gorgeous! Maybe this will be my lucky break!

  143. Yum, yum, yum. And I must have that apron! I think I’ll be forced to buy one if I don’t win!

  144. 149
    Jen M

    Those look awesome! I never win, but who knows when my luck might strike. 🙂

  145. 150

    I am a huge fan of your website and a definitely a fan of that apron. The book looks like it has a lot of treasures!!

  146. 151

    Love the site, I have been a long time reader! Happy Birthday!

  147. 152

    Darling apron! BTW I love your site. Keeps me inspired. Good luck, everyone!

  148. 153

    What a great give-away! Love the apron!

  149. 154

    OOh pick me pick me!!!!!

  150. 155

    The apron is adorable…would look cute in my house of all guys. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I am always looking for new meals!

  151. 157

    This would make my day! Pick me!

  152. 158

    The Oilcloth aprons are so adorable – and who wouldn’t want new recipes to try!

  153. 159
    Jacqulyn Barrow

    I like to cook and I like aprons…so why not!

  154. 161

    I want to win!! you can never have enough cook books. And the apron is so cute, you’d never want to get it dirty..

  155. 162

    Love the site, hope I win!

  156. 163

    yum yum. the book and the apron look delicious.

  157. 164
    Chelsi W

    Love getting a new recipe book! Most excited about the mom and child apron!!

  158. 165
    Maureen Harmon

    Woo Hoo. Pick me! Love your blog. Thank you for making Sunday’s easier for me.

  159. 166

    Oh Please oh please, did you know I’m an Apron dork?? Truly, I am part of a clup called the SSC (Secret Stitch Club)Check out the button on my blog. I would be so thrilled to get this!!!!!!! Thanks for the best giveaways. have a happy day full of LOVE

  160. 167

    Lovely design – thanks!

  161. 168

    I am a recent follower of your blog and love it! Thanks for the great food ideas!

  162. 169
    Jenny Jolley

    Jane, I love this giveaway…….pick me!!!!

  163. 170
    Sarah A.

    My birthday is this week and this would be perfect since I need a new apron and some new cooking ideas.

  164. 171

    How cute is that apron? I’d wear it every time I made dinner…yes I would!

  165. 172

    what a great giveaway!

  166. 173

    Sweet! I hope I win!

  167. 174

    If only, if only . . . . I do love to cook and my two little girls are already wanting to join me in my cooking efforts! The book is always a help and the apron, well, lets just say, it would cut down on the amount of washing!!! 🙂

  168. 175
    Heather Slopak

    The apron is absolutely adorable and I’m just starting to let my 2 yr old help out with mixing and stuff in the kitchen. I also have a cookbook fetish. I just love to look through them.

  169. 176

    I’d love to win that cookbook! Thanks for another great freebie!

  170. 177

    The more popular you get the harder it is to win!!!! But here is my attempt anyway.

  171. 178

    I could be quite happy to win this book. . . and apron!

  172. I can’t even get over how cute those aprons are! And I’m always up for new cookbooks.

  173. 180
    Amy H.

    Love the cookbook and aprons. Fingers crossed!

  174. 181
    Heather W.

    My family loves to cook together to help pass the dark Alaskan winter. We LOVE new cookbooks and would love to look cute while we’re working!!

  175. 182

    So fun! We’d love a new cookbook!

  176. 183

    I would just sizzle in that apron!! And since I’m pregnant, I think it would really be a flattering bump accessory!

  177. 184

    oh man! im so excited. that apron is so cute!! my bf will definitely love seeing me in that along with his vday dinner. LOL. PICK ME!

  178. 185

    Sounds fabulous! I hope I win!

  179. 186

    OK I think that is seriously THE CUTEST apron ever!
    Oh how I {heart} cooking!

  180. 187
    Betsy Y

    I am so excited. The aprons are so cute and new cookbook would rock.

  181. 188
    Deidra Smith

    I love you!!!!

  182. 189

    Wow…I love this. My four year old daughter loves to help me cook. She tells everyone she loves Rachael Ray, Alton Brown and does a wonderful Paula Dean impression! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one! She would be thrilled.

  183. 190

    come on lucky comment 194?!?!

  184. 191

    What a great idea…Momma apron and kiddie one too! Cute!

  185. 192

    I really, really need a new apron and now that my daughter is old enough to bake, a matching one would be just adorable! I could send you a picture!!!

  186. 193
    Colleen Sanders

    Always looking for new recipes. Thanks!

  187. 194

    hey good lookin’….whatcha got cookin’???

  188. 195
    Gina Florencia

    Wow! Gtr8t blog and thanks for sharing, hope I can win!!!!

  189. 196

    That is THE cutest apron I have ever seen!

  190. 197

    I think I could encourage my new grandson to wear an apron while we bake cookies!

  191. 198

    What a fun prize! I love your site. I refer to your recipes a lot. Thanks for getting me through dinner!

  192. awesome giveaway! love the prize and your site!

  193. 200

    Me too, me too! That’s the prettiest apron I’ve ever seen. Take care, Jane!

  194. 201
    Jenny Worthington

    Well…this has to be one of the cutest aprons I have ever seen!

  195. 202

    Toooooo cute and looks yummy as well!

  196. 203
    Tammy Blais

    OO! OO! I wanna win! Love em!

  197. 204

    This apron would create quite a stir in my kitchen…so cute!

  198. 205

    Random # generator smile on me 🙂

  199. 206

    What a fantabulous prize! I love the book.

  200. 207
    Liz Brown

    Awesome giveaway!! Love the aprons!

  201. 208
    Katherine Luvisi

    First time particpant. This is very exciting~~~

  202. 209

    Whatever that is on the cover looks yummy!

  203. 210

    Wow, that apron is the cutest apron I’ve ever seen. I need it!

  204. 211

    I just found your site through your chocolate tart post last Valentines Day. What a great site. I need to refill my coffee and explore all of your past posts. Hope the kids don’t mind if their clothes don’t get washed today. The cookbook and apron look great. Thanks for the oppurtunity to enter your drawing.

  205. 212

    That apron is darling!

  206. 213
    Kayla T.

    wow! i so want that apron.

  207. 214
    Erin W

    Love to cook your recipes with that apron! I am loving this blog, and appreciate all the work you are putting into it!

  208. 215

    I LOVE IT! Love the apron!

  209. 216

    What a beautiful apron!

  210. 217

    Oh, yes please!! I love the shape of that apron and I looove cook books!

  211. 218

    I am in love with that apron!!

  212. 219
    Linda Brennan

    Thanks for blogging. This site has given me some good ideas!

  213. 220
    Jodi B

    Love this giveaway…..

  214. 221
    Kim G

    Thanks for all the great recipe ideas – great giveaway!!

  215. 222
    Elisha A

    This is a great site. My friend just recommended looking and here pops up an exciting offer. Can’t wait to dig into all your recipes. Beautiful apron!!

  216. 223
    Laurel M.

    My daughter is a cook in training…we sure could use those matching aprons!

  217. 224
    Annalissa N

    I would love a copy of the book and that apron is so trendy. Love it! Thanks for all the great easy to follow recipe ideas.

  218. 225

    I just found this blog! I love it! I also don’t own an apron and my daughter is just getting into baking!

  219. 226

    Again, Gina, congratulations! Yes, no sneaking into your fridge. I will EAT AND TELL!

  220. 227

    That apron is lovely and would be perfect for my daughter-in-law and granddaughter!

  221. 228

    Cute aprons! And a girl can always use another cookbook.

  222. 229

    What a neat sounding book! And the apron is adorable!

  223. 230

    Help a sista out! 🙂

  224. 231

    oh jane, you always have the coolest giveaways. <3 i think whoever wins, should make you something from the book! hehe…

  225. 232

    I REALLY need a new cookbook with fresh ideas! Pick me, Pick me!

  226. 233

    I love trying new recipes and that apron is so cute, not to mention my birthday is feb 9th! 🙂

  227. 234

    Please, oh, Please, oh, Please…My 3 year old has started insisting on using her brothers nasty tool apron when we cook.

  228. 235
    Helen Naylor

    Looks like I’d need to wear that slimming apron after trying all those tasty new recipes 🙂

  229. 236
    Lauren Padden

    Great website! Great Giveaway. The apron is adorable!

  230. 237
    karin a.

    Cute apron–

  231. 238

    Adorable apron. And fabulous blog! I love to read it.

  232. 239

    your blog is so fun! who wouldn’t want to cook in that cute apron? 🙂

  233. I want to taste this! While looking cute in a new apron.

  234. 241

    Love the apron – and I can never have enough cookbooks!

  235. 242

    pick me, pick me!!! My hubby might look forward to eating my dinner with a good cookbook as my guide.

  236. 243

    Great giveaway! Love the apron and the cookbook looks great!!

  237. 244

    I’d love to get this cookbook either by winning it or buying it! Great aprons, too-

  238. 245

    I have already made 1/2 the recipes in the cook book and love them all! I would love to have the apron to cook the 2nd half of the cookbook!

  239. 246

    I love cookbooks!

  240. 247

    The cookbook looks great! I just moved into my own place and am excited about cooking! This would be a great book to get started with!

  241. 248

    I so need an apron! Thanks!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  242. 249

    Here’s hoping!

  243. 250
    Lin Fiorentin

    I love reading cookbooks, so I hope I win!!! BTW, I love your website! I just found it a couple of weeks ago, and I have already tried some new recipes. Thank you!!

  244. 251

    These look great!

  245. 252

    awesome giveaway!! I could use a new apron.

  246. 253

    What a fun giveaway! The book and aprons look wonderful.

  247. 254
    Typhanie Le

    I’m always up to try something new… “Taste This!” just seems like the best title to something that get’s someone’s attention…in addition…love the apron, it looks so cute and on top of that it comes with a smaller ones…fun to cook with you kids…Please pick me!!!

  248. 255

    would love this!

  249. 256

    I found your web sight last week and love the idea, and this is as awesome give away.

  250. 257

    I just came across your website today.
    The cookbook and apron(s) look wonderful! Please enter me into your giveaway. Thanks!

  251. 258

    that apron looks like it’s straight out of anthropologie! crossing my fingers! 🙂

  252. 259
    Laurie Field

    What a wonderful surprise it would be to present your book signed to my 21 year old daughter Melissa. She is the mother of a 3 year old daughter and has fallen for a US Army Sargent with a 2 year old son. She wishes to learn how to cook. This may be the book to start her off.

  253. 260

    Luv the book…Luv the apron….Crossing fingers here….

  254. 261

    I could really use a great cookbook and apron – my fingers are crossed!

    Love your site!

  255. 262

    I would love a matching apron with my daughter!

  256. 263

    fun, thanks for the contest!

  257. 264

    I seriously need something new to read…

  258. 265

    would love that apron!

  259. 266

    I”m so glad I found this blog it is amazing!!! Adorable apron!

  260. 267

    I love this apron It’s so feminine and not at all old ladyish, and the cookbook I could really use!!!

  261. 268

    Thanks for all the great giveaways! I love your website! Pick me!

  262. 269

    Very cute apron!!!

  263. 270
    Victoria Payne

    Great contest! Can’t wait to see the book. My husband will flip over this apron!!!!I better watch out!

  264. My wife would love that apron she is in our kitchen all the time she cooks all.our.meals and during the holidays between the fudge and prailines and cake pops and the homemade cranberry sauce.she makes is to die for i must say that cookbook and apron would be a great addition to her arsenal in.creating meal

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