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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Show and Tell

Happy Friday!

house of cards season 2

Before we get to food, can we talk about House of Cards for just one second? Nate and I FINALLY watched the Season 2 premiere this week. And this is what I have to say: WHAT?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Totally did NOT see that coming!!!!!! Obviously I am not going to spell it out because President Obama asked for no spoilers, but for real, crazyTOWN. Nate and I need to get going on the rest of the season to see what Frank’s got in store for Washington, D.C. My friend Kathy posted a status on Facebook the other day that she was watching a little of The West Wing on Netflix to counteract House of Cards. Made me laugh because it’s so true. They’re basically the same show except one is the angel on your right shoulder and the other is the devil on your left. I’m just hoping reality reflects The West Wing!!

Okay, back to food!

best sautéed mushrooms ever from @janemaynard

Here are my “Babbles” for the week!

And yumminess on Cosmo!

Show and tell means everyone in the class gets to share, so be sure to share your stuff, whatever it is!


  1. I LOVE House of Cards, and I had the same reaction. No spoilers from me, but it gets good.

  2. 2

    I just sent you an email! 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen House of Cards…although Netflix keeps telling me to watch it…Now that Psych is over (boohoo waaaahhhhhh), we’re looking for a new show to get into. This could be the one!

    This week, I didn’t post much in the way of food, but I did share a lesson that Junior has been teaching me. The special needs world has been the most difficult, yet rewarding experience of my life.

    Here’s the update/lesson I was talking about

    • it’s so funny, we LOVE psych and the other day I thought to myself, “we haven’t seen psych since we moved back to san diego” because it hadn’t been set up on the DVR, so I looked around and realized we missed the last two seasons! I couldn’t believe it! So, I’m actually happy that it’s not quite over for me yet! 😉 House of cards is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than pysch – but it’s good! I also have about three zillion other tv shows I could get you hooked on if you’re interested.

      sara – that post was so beautifully written. I’m really glad you share the link, thank you!

    • Yes! We need more show suggestions!! My husband is a man’s man, so he refuses to watch things like Downton Abbey and the sort…I don’t like shows with too much gore, so it’s hard to find something we can both agree on 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed Junior’s post. He is such a blessing to us.

    • haha! you guys are hard to find a match for! all of our most favorite shows are super gory (what does that say about me?!?!) – but have you done Friday Night Lights? that might be a good compromise! if you still want gory suggestions, lmk 😉

  4. 4
    Bonnie Lawrence

    House of Cards…..OMG!!! In our house there were audible WTFs and OMGs the whole season. I already have a primal need for Season 3. 🙂

  5. 5
    Rachel U

    My husband LOVES House of Cards! And those 9 spicy potato recipes sound divine!

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