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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Show and Tell!

How is it already Friday? I think I say that every week, but every week Friday’s arrival surprises me all over again!

NH macintosh apple |

My mother-in-law Pat mailed us a box of New England autumn, which arrived yesterday, complete with Macintosh apples, caramel apple kit, maple candies, New England-style hot dog buns (just for me!), and PRETTY LEAVES. This is the time of year when I really really really miss the east coast.

NH macintosh apples |

Here are my “Babbles” for the week:

And in the world of TV (which is suddenly very busy!):

Lastly, I love Jenny’s take on the government shutdown. Very uplifting and empowering. Also, much love to any of you out there who are not being paid right now as a result of the craziness. I am constantly thinking of you.

You know the drill! Show and tell time! Share whatever you want!


  1. 1

    My “show and tell” this week is that I’ve learned I need to save menu plans from the past. They would probably come in handy when I’m facing a new week and can’t come up with anything… Duh! 😛

    And yes, BOO! HISS! to our government. So disappointing… My sister is now on a forced vacation. Fingers crossed that it can resolve soon!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Jane Maynard

      yes, they would come in handy! I suppose you could always dig through the old posts on here, at least they are somewhere! 🙂

      much love to your sister!

  2. My grandparents sent us a Halloween themed box which is supposed to arrive Monday and I hope it is as fun as yours!

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