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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Show and Tell: Bacon for Dessert?

Happy Friday! Actually, for me it’s UNhappy Friday because it’s our last day on the Cape. Back to real life in just two days!

Okay, Show and Tell time!

Have you heard Frank Turner’s music? We’re kind of loving it around here.

Breaking Bad is back! I am SUPER excited for this last handful of episodes. Also, I am on Team Hank. How about you?

bacon desserts

I pulled together a round up of bacon desserts on Babble today. I’m still not convinced of this crazy fad, but every last one of the pictures in this collection of recipes makes me want to dive right in. Hmmmm….

I also rounded up 10 recipes for 10 different types of fish.

Oh, and lemongrass recipes. I really love lemongrass.

Check out our fun Mexican-themed family night we did with Grandma Phyllis!

And don’t miss these 10 tips I shared for staying healthy even when the busy school year starts. (I employed some of these techniques while traveling the last few weeks and we did pretty darn good!)

PHEW. For being on vacation, I’ve been busy. I need another vacation!

Remember, you can Show and Tell, too! Show us what you got!


  1. 1

    Had s’mores at a friends house with salted caramel chocolate bars, marshmallows and bacon. Surprisingly delicious!

    • Jane Maynard

      that IS surprisingly delicious!

      I’ve been thinking lately, too, how I should step away from the classic hershey bar for s’mores and go for some really good chocolate bars…still have one more week of summer to make that happen 🙂

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