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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Show and Tell: Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometers and Getting Ready for Africa!

Happy Friday! Today for Show and Tell I am super excited to tell you about my new kitchen thermometer! I know, EXCITING stuff! 😉 I am a firm believer that all home cooks need an instant-read thermometer. I’ve been using a cheapo Pyrex thermometer for years, but I could tell for the last little while that it was definitely reading incorrectly.

the instant-read DOT probe thermometer by ThermoWorks from @janemaynard

I called my friend Lindsay to find out which thermometer she uses – I remembered that there was one she was completely in love with and had splurged on a few years ago. Today I’m sharing the details with you and demanding that any of you who do NOT have a thermometer must go buy one of these right NOW. It’s your homework. I’ll be checking next week. All of these instant-read kitchen thermometers are made by ThermoWorks and I’m providing you with three different options at three different price points, so no excuses!

  • Thermapen ($96): This was Lindsay’s dream thermometer that she saved up for. She did in fact buy it a few years ago and used it for a long time. And she did in fact love it. And she did in fact recently break it and had to get a new thermometer (more on that in a second). If you want to invest in a really nice thermometer and you think you can keep yourself from breaking it, this is the one. Click here to buy the Thermapen.
  • Thermapop ($29): This is basically the poor man’s version of the Thermapen but still super awesome. This is what Lindsay replaced her Thermapen with and she said she totally loves it, too. Click here to buy the Thermapop.
  • DOT Professional Probe Style ($39): This is the one I bought. I was going to get the Thermapop, but when I found this probe style thermometer by ThermoWorks, I was sold. I LOVE having a probe style, I use it in the oven and grill all the time when cooking meat. I received it in the mail this week and it’s GREAT. Click here to buy the DOT Probe.

I cannot believe it’s Friday already and I REALLY cannot believe that in 2 weeks I’ll be heading for Africa! We had a logistics call with ONE and Heifer International this week and it just got me even more excited for the trip. I’m in the middle of getting all my stuff together for the trip, including breaking in my new waterproof shoes (I live in San Diego, nothing I own is waterproof!). Today I started my typhoid immunization pills, so there is currently live typhoid in my system. The team also mentioned on the call that we need to make sure we bring a headlamp because of frequent power outages in Malawi. Basically, it’s all starting to get very real that I am going to Africa and, honestly, I can’t wait! My headlamp and I are ready!

waterproof merrell shoes for africa trip!

That’s it from me this week! It’s Show and Tell, so please share whatever you like! And if you have a kitchen thermometer that you love and recommend that is different than what I listed above, please tell us about it!


  1. SO VERY EXCITED to be traveling with you in a few short weeks. Love you, sister.

  2. What an amazing trip for a wonderful cause! I am excited to see the pictures and hear your experiences! Good luck being Typhoid Jane 😉

    This week, I finally found the key to stilling my 6 year old’s meltdowns!

  3. 3
    Toko Termometer

    Is there any fork-shaped food thermometer? Why do not you use it? That thermometer is more compact than the thermometer in the picture.

    • two of the thermometers that I link to above are more of a “fork” type thermometer. the one pictured is a probe with a long wire, which is the one I chose to purchase because I prefer that style of thermometer. it’s super helpful when I’m coking meat in the oven or grill, I love it – I can easily see what the temp is without opening the oven or grill and it withstands high heat. hope that’s helpful!

  4. For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home and also houses many nifty gadgets and tools which are designed to make for an effortless or simpler cooking experience. One such tool has made its way into the kitchen from ThermoWorks .

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