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Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Show & Tell: NETFLIX!

It’s been a wee bit since we talked TV here on the blog. And I kind of need to because HOLY SMOKES Netflix has some so much goodness going on right now. I’ll just list a few of our recent favorite Netflix originals…and of course tell us in the comments what you’re loving on Netflix lately, too!

Shows We’ve Watched and Loved

Bloodline on Netflix


Who here has finished Bloodline? Do you hate it? Love it? For me it took a few days of mulling everything over to come to the conclusion that I was “happy” with the ending. (Happy in quotes because, well, nothing in that show is actually for real happy, right?) ANYWAY…this was a great show! We are sad it’s over but loved watching the end.

Master of None on Netflix

Master of None

We just started Master of None recently and are still on Season 1 but we love it. Apparently Season 2 is awesome, too. We aren’t sure why we didn’t watch this show until now but Nate and I are glad we finally did!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a family-friendly show that every last member of our family (including the adults!) loves. Cate, my 12-year-old, has seen the most episodes and she says they’re all awesome. We enjoyed watching it together as a family and honestly it’s so well done. We highly recommend it!

Anne with an E on Netflix

Anne with an E

I was wary when I heard Netflix was going to remake the Anne of Green Gables series because, well, the original PBS mini-series with Megan Follows from back in the day is just so darned beloved. Netflix’s Anne with an E has delivered! The show is beautifully done and I love it. It’s a little more real than the original (there are flashbacks to Anne’s abuse that are far more jarring than the PBS series), but for me this is one of the reasons the show is so good. It adds more depth to Anne and her experience. The casting and the shooting are both impeccable and, well, we love it! Anne is in good hands!

Chef's Table on Netflix

Chef’s Table

As far as cooking shows go, I think Chef’s Table may be Nate’s and my favorite.

The Great British Baking Show

Okay, so this isn’t a Netflix Original, but The Great British Baking Show is streaming on Netflix once again and the girls and I are pumped! In addition, The Great British Baking Show Masterclass is also available, where Paul and Mary teach us now to cook. Yes, please!

Shows We Need to Watch

Glow on Netflix


Basically anything I see or hear about Glow declares that it is pure awesome. (For example, here is a review on The Atlantic that declares the show a delight.) It’s next up on our list!

OKJA on Netflix


The Netflix original film Okja is supposed to be amazing. (Here’s a New York Times review that should whet your whistle.) My sister told us we have to watch it. And so we will.


I’m going to stop now because basically there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and I want to make sure you get some sleep in, too. Happy watching!

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which means I get a free Netflix subscription and some cool goodies occasionally. I was, however, a Netflix customer prior to my relationship with Netflix and have pretty much always been addicted to TV, so I am more than happy to work with them! This post was not compensated monetarily.


  1. Jane, i think you’re my Netflix spirit animal!

    We watched Bloodlines and hung on every episode of Seasons 1 and 2. LOVED THEM. My husband told me they knew Season 3 was going to be the last season….and it sure felt like it. I think they rushed through so many of the story lines of the family members to tie up the season. I’ll admit I love endings tied up in neat, little bow. But, given how much hooey that family went through, that the ending wasn’t tidy.

    We LOVED Lemony Snicket. NPH was amazing. My 8yo daughter suffers no fools and she was flabbergasted how the adults in the show could be hoodwinked every episode. I think it was a great into for horror/drama to kids. There is certainly no “Disney ending” and that was unsettling for her at first. But, once we talked about the genre, she was totally into it.

    GLOW. Oh! GLOW. I heard about 100 interviews on podcasts with Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, et al and we finally watched the first couple episodes tonight. If I know you at all, you’ll be hooked! 🙂 It’s so well written and acted.

    I think “Anne” will be next for the 8yo. I loved the PBS series when we were kids so I can’t wait to introduce her to the series and the books.

    • too bad we don’t live near one another, we could start a netflix club! ha!

      so….bloodline was originally slated for 5 seasons, but it got cut short. they knew before shooting season 3 that it would be the last season, so, quite frankly, you’re probably right in that they were trying to tie it all up quickly. and, you’re right, a tidy bow would not have fit this family at all! 😉

      can’t wait to try glow – yay!

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