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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Show and Tell + Fondue with Kids!

Happy Friday! Just a few fun links today and then I’ll be out of your hair! 😉 As always, please share your own stuff in the comments, too! I love seeing what you’re up to/what caught your eye during the week/all of it!

fondue with kids from @janemaynard

fondue with kids from @janemaynard

fondue with kids from @janemaynard

Okay, so I really loved writing my Babble post about making fondue with kids this week. We put it all together with our extended family here in New Jersey and had a blast! The cooking was fun, the eating was fun and everything tasted wonderful. Plus, there are lots of cute photos and two great recipes in the post. So, you know, be sure to check it all out!

And here are some fun posts on Cosmo this week!

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    Rachel U

    I seriously LOVE fondue. Looks so yum.

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