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Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Show and Tell: The Kupp’ & Back in Birks

Before I get to food links, I have two things to share with you that I’m loving.

review of gizeh birkenstocks by @janemaynard (they rock!)

First off, I started wearing Birks. As in Birkenstocks, specifically the Gizeh sandals. I received them as a gift last fall at a Ladies’ Home Journal event but didn’t start wearing them, despite my sister-in-law Hannah who works in fashion in NYC telling me that people were totally wearing them again. Then I bought a standing desk and my feet started hurting from standing so much and then I pulled out the fancy new Birks and THEN I FELL IN LOVE. Just thought I should let you know. My feet never hurt when I wear these. Plus, they’re actually kinda cute.

review of the kupp' by @janemaynard

Second, a new company started by a mom contacted me about trying out their product, the Kupp’. My kids are absolutely loving it! I love that they are made out of glass, given my goal to phase out plastic as much as possible from our lives, but the silicone sleeve makes them very kid-friendly. And my kids love having their very own cup to be responsible for. They basically haven’t used anything else for two weeks!

Here’s my post on Babble this week. My kids and I were supposed to try a Disney recipe out and report on how it went. The popsicles are made from non-fat, plain yogurt, bananas and blueberries with just a bit of honey. I honestly didn’t think my kids would like the popsicles that much, but I was so wrong. They loved them! This is a great recipe for kids:

And food fun on Cosmo:

As always, please share anything you like!


  1. I really want a pair of Birkenstocks but since my husband wears them for work at the hospital it just seems a bit weird!

  2. 2
    Rachel U

    I love birks! I want some so badly!!

  3. I didn’t know people ever stopped wearing Birks! LOL! I have many pairs and LOVE them!

    • my mother-in-law has worn them religiously forever and is glad I finally joined the club! I remember wanting them desperately in high school but never having the $80 to splurge…glad I finally joined the bandwagon! 😉

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