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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Show and Tell!

I have just one quick thing to share with you today! I wrote a post for Babble this week called 9 Crazy Ways Parents Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies and it is pretty darn funny. I polled my friends for stories and got some great stuff. Be sure to click through and check it out! Also, how awesome is Owen’s “I Hate Veggies” face? He’s a natural! (As in, he really, truly hates veggies…little stinker.)

crazy ways to get kids to eat veggies

You know the drill…share your own stuff with us! Show and tell time!


  1. Hahaha. I love the false teeth trick! That was a great article, thanks!

    My kids have always been pretty good veggie eaters minus a couple picky stages, but then again, what 6 year old brings $10 of her own money to the farmer’s market to buy shrimp so I can make her coconut shrimp??

    • thanks, sara!

      my kids run so hot and cold – sometimes adventurous, sometimes not. I wish they would be consistent, but i just keep plugging away. and who can blame your daughter for so desperately wanting coconut shrimp -girl’s got taste! 🙂

  2. Cutest picture ever! I sneak veggies in food all the time because my kids are the worst eaters on the planet. The Halloween meatloaf cupcakes I made this week have minced onions and herbs in them, which means I don’t have to fight with my kids about eating vegetable matter. Done.

  3. 3

    Oh man! That picture is PRICELESS!

  4. Such a cute pic! I’m writing a post about reluctant dieters and I’m looking for a good feature image. Would you be willing to give me permission to use this one? I would of course give credit & include a link to this post. And would you happen to have it in a larger size? 1020 pixels wide, if possible?

    Either way, thanks!

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