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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Show and Tell

Happy Friday!

Today I have two posts I wrote for Babble that I’m super excited to share with you.

slow cooker ribs from @janemaynard

First, the kids and I made Slow Cooker Baby Back Ribs. I found the recipe in a Cook’s Illustrated magazine and it was GENIUS. I will never cook ribs another way again!

bourbon chai with spiced bourbon cream from @janemaynard

If you like chai tea and bourbon, then you will LOVE this recipe for Bourbon Chai with Spiced Bourbon Cream. That cozy little drink should definitely help those of you currently buried in snow!

Show and Tell is for the whole class – share your stuff!


  1. I NEED those slow cooker ribs! I am a huge fan of all things America’s Test Kitchen, so I’m sure they were amazing. I’ll definitely be trying those, thank you!

    This week I FINALLY got my new site up. It had been in the works for about a month, and transferring from Blogger to WordPress was *interesting* to say the least. (Let’s just say I’m glad I hired someone to do it, or I would have gone insane). There are still a few quirks from the transfer, like some missing posts and the comments didn’t transfer, but I am very happy with the new site design. It’s very clean and easy to follow!

  2. 2

    I’ve been thinking about making these ribs and it made me wonder what are you going to do in terms of patting meat dry without paper towels? I am on the purge towards a life with cloth napkins only and would like to drastically reduce our paper towel usage (we don’t use much now), but I am wondering about when you dry off meat? I suppose washing towels on hot water cycle would be fine and maybe having some that are just for that – but I just wanted your input.
    (sorry if you talked about this, I couldn’t find it.)

    • no worries, michelle! we’ve sort of talked about it comments not in a blog post yet.

      right now this is one of the few things that I keep a roll of paper towels around for. drying off raw meat and draining cooked bacon.

      that said…I think for the raw meat you could pick a towel and put an “M” on it in sharpie and just have it for that purpose, then rinse in hot water after using, hang it to dry until you do laundry. In fact, maybe that’s what I’ll start doing myself. as of now I have continued to use paper towels, but I think it’s totally possible to use cloth towels for this.

      draining cooked bacon still has me stumped – it’s just so GREASY. 😉

      bottom line – I have a roll of paper towels for “emergencies” and this is one of those emergencies, and we honestly are hardly EVER using paper towels so I feel good about it!

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