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Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Show and Tell + Choosing Paint Colors for the House

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I want to talk about some house stuff, namely choosing paint colors, a process that stresses me to no end!

tips for choosing paint colors for the house from @janemaynard

You may remember last summer we had to repipe our entire house thanks to old plumbing that had seen one too many leaks. The repipe company fixes the drywall after putting approximately 3 billion holes in your walls, but they don’t paint. Which means we have had giant white splotches all over our house for well over six months (case in point). I FINALLY decided to get my act together and have started choosing paint colors for the house.

As I choose colors and start painting I will share the colors with you. If I’m going to put all this legwork into finding good colors, I may as well have other people benefit, too! But before we get to actual colors, I wanted to share my best tips for picking out colors!

tips for choosing paint colors for the house from @janemaynard

  • Get a color swatch book. Just going to the paint store and looking at the paint chips in the pretty display on the wall is not helpful. Get the whole darn swatch book and bring it home. It was so much more helpful than bringing just a few little color cards home and then not having them be what I was looking for. Plus, with the full swatch book, you get EVERY shade of every color family, which the little paint color cards can’t offer.

color inspiration from linen company frettePhoto credit: Frette

  • Look for color inspiration in other places. I recently discovered a luxury bedding company online called Frette. They have gorgeous linens and the site makes me just want to climb in bed and read a book all day! I found that looking at their different sheet sets was actually very helpful in getting a feel for the kind of color schemes I liked or was looking for. Plus many of their linens are quite neutral, which is perfect for paint colors. (Also, now I think I need new bedding. I didn’t know I needed it, but now I do. ;)) Whether it’s a linen company like Frette, a plant in your yard, or just constantly analyzing paint colors when you’re watching TV shows (yes, that’s what I do!), always be looking for colors you like even when there isn’t a paint swatch to be seen!
  • Talk to friends. Anyone who paints goes through the agony of finding paint colors, so talk to your friends, look at their walls, see what they used, find out what they sampled. This has been incredibly helpful to me through this process!
  • Talk to an interior designer. I am lucky enough to have an awesome friend named Emily who has an interior design business. She has been helping me with colors and her input has been invaluable. Interior designers are perfect for helping with this process – they have an eye for it and they work with paint colors ALL THE TIME, making them very familiar with the paint options that are out there. I highly recommend talking with an interior designer (Emily is awesome, hire her!), even if it’s to simply pull together paint options.

tips for choosing paint colors for the house from @janemaynard

  • Do lots of sample colors on your wall. Emily pointed out that people tend to only get 2 paint samples, but she said that’s simply not enough! The paint samples are only $3-4 a pop, so get 4 or 5 colors. Be sure to paint the swatches in lots of places in the room and in every room you plan to paint, to account for different lighting. You can’t sample too much!

I personally think picking colors is a huge stressor, but Emily keeps reminding me it can be fun! So, I’m trying to remember that! 😉

Okay, so color #1 that I want to share with you! This first color is for our hallway, which has very little light, and the master bathroom. I wanted to find a fairly light color, but one dark enough to contrast with the white baseboards. For our house we needed something with a warm tone. That said, I love grey and think that has a more modern feel. Emily found a Sherwin Williams color, SW 7011 Natural Choice. I tried a few whites and this one was just what we were looking for! It very subtly contrasts with the white baseboards and is the warm, slightly gray color I was looking for – not too brown, but definitely not cool like most grays tend to be. Anyway, it’s a great, light neutral color that I am loving! I painted the bathroom yesterday and will be tackling the hallway later this week! (Note: I used Behr Marquee paint – Home Depot has the formulations for the Sherwin Williams colors.)

diy no-sew teepee from julie blannerPhoto credit: Julie Blanner

I actually don’t have anything published on other sites this week, but I DID see this awesome no-sew teepee tutorial from fellow blogger Julie Blanner that I had to share with you. How ridiculously cute is THAT?! We are going to have to do this for our kids one day!

Show and tell! Please share!!!

Today’s post was partially sponsored by Frette.


  1. great tips! we’re buying a house next month (ahhhh) so i’m sure i’ll revisit this post again in the spring 🙂

  2. I LOVE choosing paint colors! It must run in my family. My mom repaints the inside of her house every 2 years or so 🙂

    This week, I posted about Junior’s 2nd Hearing Birthday

    And Tater’s new favorite lunch-PBJ Sushi

  3. I’m in the beginning stages of repainting our living room/kitchen. Well, I’m just thinking about it right now. My problem is knowing when to stop. With an open floor plan it’s hard to know when to stop painting! I could easily end up painting the entry way, kitchen, living room, hallway, laundry room….oh and all the ceilings. Yikes!
    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    • those open areas are so tricky! and painting the ceiling is the worst! I had to paint the ceiling in the bathroom I just painted and it was no fun! thankfully when we moved in the rest of the ceilings were painted post-popcorn-ceiling-removal, so hopefully there won’t be much of that for me! GOOD LUCK!

  4. A whole post on paint! That must mean you think it IS fun. Told ya so! Can’t wait to see all that new color on your walls!

  5. 5

    When I choose my own colors, I usually end up painting over my first selection :/ I definitely find it worth consulting a decorator!

    • It was night and day difference once I got emily involved with finding colors – SO helpful. all the colors I chose previous to that just weren’t what I thought they would be!

  6. oh I’m horrible at choosing a paint color! lol when we did our family room we put 4 colors on 2 walls and I still couldn’t decide – I ended up choosing a color I didn’t put up lol. I went one step down on the color swatch of one of the colors I wanted just a little lighter.

    You will love the gray!!

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