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  1. Friday, October 28, 2016

    Friday Show and Tell: The Best Plastic Wrap, Cool (Actually, Warm!) Lightbulbs and The Perfect Netflix Halloween

    Happy Friday! I have a few things to share with you today for Show and Tell.

    Costco Seriously DOES Have the Best Plastic Wrap

    People have been telling me for years to get the Kirkland plastic wrap at Costco. There is no good reason why I haven’t, I just never did. Well, this week there was a guy on the end of the aisle at Costco sampling plastic wrap. The kids were not super excited about those samples but I was! It meant I finally remembered to buy the darn stuff. And, good news, you don’t have to buy it in a truck-sized box anymore, it comes in two smaller boxes that actually fit in your kitchen drawer or cabinet. So, why do I love it? It sticks to itself and glass beautifully. AND that little slider cutter things is the best thing ever in the history of the world.

    I LOVE Costco's Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap So Much! from @janemaynard

    Finally Acandescent Lightbulbs

    This week I tried out a new kind of lightbulb, which I was pretty excited about. (I think you know you’re old when lightbulbs become exciting.) Here’s the deal: I really don’t like LED and fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs. I will admit that both kinds of lights have improved significantly over the years, with more size and shape options as well as LEDs that come in different light temperatures, from warm to cool. But I have yet to find a non-incandescent bulb that I really love and find that my LED and CFL lights both offer a more “harsh” light, even when the temperature is warmer. Finally Light Bulb Company contacted me to see if I would like to try out their acandescent bulbs. I was totally game because of my mixed feelings about LED and CFL lights.

    Review of Finally Acandescent Lightbulbs by @janemaynard

    Finally uses what they call acandescent technology, based on a decades-old induction technology. The result is a lightbulb that is the same shape and size as a traditional bulb that offers a warm, soft white light. The best part for me is that the light is omnidirectional, meaning you don’t get those same harsh shadows that often come with LEDs and CFLs. And the level of warmth with these lightbulbs is perfect. Warm but not yellow, they give off a great soft white light.

    So, do we like the bulbs? Yes we do! We put them in one of the bedrooms and in all our lamps in the living room and have been very happy with them. Knowing that incandescent lights will be gone in a few years, it’s nice to have another lighting option to choose from. A few notes:

    • Finally’s acandescent lightbulbs are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, about the same as CFLs. LEDs are still the most efficient, but Finally comes pretty close.
    • Finally bulbs do contain mercury (you will see this on the label), but it’s the same amount as you find in a can of tuna, so very minimal. The bulbs are landfill safe and do not need to be disposed of the same way you would have to dispose of a CFL, which has more mercury levels.
    • The “omnidirectionality” (i.e. not as harsh or shadowy) and soft white color of the light from these bulbs is great.

    If you are interested, you can buy Finally Light Bulbs on their website, on Amazon or at Staples stores.

    If You Haven’t Watched Stranger Things Yet, Let’s Use Halloween As Your Excuse To Do So NOW

    Have you watched Stranger Things on Netflix? If the answer to that question is “No” then let’s just use Halloween as an excuse for you to remedy that situation RIGHT NOW. And while I’m glad I’ve already watched it, I’m a little jealous of you Stranger Things virgins out there. Because it is SO MUCH FUN the first time you watch it. It’s the best thing every in the history of the world (besides the Costco plastic wrap slider cutter thing, of course).

    Stranger Things on Netflix is my new favorite. From @janemaynard (poster courtesy Netflix)

    As usual, Show and Tell is for the whole class! If you have something you would like to share, please do so in the comments!

  2. Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Costco and Trader Joe’s Favorites – Update!

    Hello Everyone! I was going to share a delicious Swedish recipe with you today, but, um, it’s not quite ready. So…you’ll get it tomorrow. Until then, I would like to revisit two older posts with you, and give you a little homework. Oh, and we’ll talk cannoli a little bit, too.

    Here’s the deal. Two years ago I wrote this post asking people for their favorite Costco items. I wrote a similar post about Trader Joe’s FOUR years ago. Those posts are a great resource that readers check frequently. I would love to keep them fresh, especially since items get discontinued and new things get introduced.

    SOOOO….here’s the homework portion of today’s program:

    • If you have a favorite Costco item (or items) you want to share, PLEASE CLICK HERE and add it to the comments.
    • If you have a favorite Trader Joe’s item (or items) you want to share, PLEASE CLICK HERE and add it to the comments.

    And because I hate putting up posts without pictures, the above cannoli is a recent discovery of mine in the Trader Joe’s freezer section. The verdict? Not one of my favorite Trader Joe’s items, but if you need a cannoli fix (which I sometimes do), they’ll do the job. The filling is actually very good. The only downfall is the shell isn’t super crispy and fresh. Which is understandable. They’ve been frozen with filling inside. I think the coating of chocolate on the inside of the shell helps.

    Now, get to work, people. Click on those links above and share your Costco and Trader Joe’s favorites!

  3. Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Costco Favorites!

    It is about time for a Costco post!  I know there are those of you out there about as obsessed with Costco as I am Trader Joe’s.  Take my aunt, for instance.  She and her husband go to Costco whenever and wherever they can, even on vacation.  They wish Costco sold t-shirts to commemorate their vists.  “Aloha from Costco Oahu!”…or how about…”I’ve been to the First Costco”  You get the idea.  She loves Costco.  And I know she’s not the only one!

    What do you always buy at Costco?  What are your favorite items, food or otherwise?  What are the best values?  Any insider tips?  Bring it on!

    My one and only tip…buy your electronics at Costco.  Good prices, good return policy.

    I have a Costco membership and I’m ready to make better use of it.  Can’t wait to get your suggestions!