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  1. Friday, February 26, 2016

    Friday Show and Tell

    Happy Friday! Today I have just a couple things to share for Show and Tell today.

    Homemade freezer french fries

    First, here are some articles I wrote for Cool Mom Eats. (The fries are awesome, by the way.)

    And, a few quick Netflix shoutouts! Happy Valley has a second season (woohoo!) and it will be on Netflix on March 16. And DAREDEVIL. Season 2 is almost here, coming March 18! We can’t wait!

    That’s it! Short and sweet! Have a great weekend and, as always, if you have something to share please leave it in the comments!

    I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which means they send me cool stuff from time to time. For the record, I would be addicted to Netflix in spite of said cool stuff.

  2. Friday, July 19, 2013

    Friday Show and Tell

    Right before we moved from the Bay Area, I was laid off from one job and then quit another job for the move. Suddenly I had a lot more time on my hands. But, because I’m crazy, I quickly found ways to fill that time. I started writing for Babble and then started two other blogs, Kitchen Tunage (my music blog) and The Spoiler Alert (my TV blog, where I also have other great contributors writing). It’s like I like being a crazy person.

    The other day Nate was like, “You should totally be sharing the Kitchen Tunage music on your food blog.” And I was like, “Isn’t that why I started the music blog?” And he was like, “Yeah, but it’s your kitchen playlist, it all goes together!” And I was like, “Hmmmmmm….maybe….”

    And then I realized, I also kinda wanna share my Babble stuff with you, too. Plus, I’m always up for talking about TV.

    So, I am instituting Friday Show and Tell!

    Here’s how Show & Tell will work. I’ll share my “stuff” from the week. But I want you to show and tell, too! Share posts from your own blogs, share something you found online that week, share an interesting news story. Whatever you want!

    Have you heard Lorde? She’s only SIXTEEN. Unreal. She’s huge in New Zealand. She should be huge here. Let’s make it happen.

    Also, I hope you’re feeling Safe and Sound, because we are definitely feeling it around the Maynard house. Good stuff.

    Marie is loving Orange is the New Black. I might have to jump on the bandwagon! I am loving Dr. Vogel. A LOT. But I I am not loving that Jasmine M went home. Such a bummer! (Also, old news, but if you’re into Mad Men or Game of Thrones, I had to write about those season finales, here and here.)

    I made some beautiful bread in honor of The Hunger Games, I shared some ways to improve your cooking experience while camping, and compiled my MOST FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipes all in one place.

    Your turn! Show and tell!

  3. Monday, May 24, 2010

    I’ve LOST it!

    I’ve officially LOST it, folks. Yesterday afternoon the frog outside my window sounded like the smoke monster. This morning the garbage truck sounded like the smoke monster. All of my dreams last night were about LOST. The show has taken over my brain! And, truth be told, I’m not fighting it. I’m loving every minute!

    lost photo(photo from ABC)

    Since those of you who don’t care about LOST are going to stop reading right about now, let me say this: I really think this is the best TV show out there, it’s unbelievably well done with amazing character development. It literally makes you laugh, makes you cry, and has lots of good action, mystery and suspense. If you’re going to watch a TV show, this is the one…so get it on your Netflix queue stat!

    I try to stick to food on this here blog. But I’m bubbling over with the need to write about the finale. So, that’s what I’m doing. There you go. If you love LOST, keep reading…but be forewarned, there are about a billion spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t read this until you have! If you don’t watch LOST, come back tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

    How about that finale? I loved it. And this morning, after dreaming about it all night (well, all 5 hours of the night thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s LOST special keeping me up even later than the show would have), I love it even more. As I’ve been thinking more and more about what it all means, the more I realize what a beautiful job Carlton and Damon did writing this show. (Yes, I’m on a first name basis with the executive producers and head writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof…I don’t know if they know that, but whatever. I love those guys.) I’m just going to bullet off all the things I’ve been thinking about that I need to get out of my system.

    • Here is where I stand on “what it all means.” Everything that happened on the Island was reality, right up until the moment Jack dies in the bamboo forest in the last scene. The flash-sideways world was a holding place or purgatory that the characters created in order to find closure and come to a peaceful place before they moved on to the light/heaven/whatever you want to call it. That said, all the characters that you saw in the flash-sideways world were dead and didn’t know it…until they had their “enlightenment,” of course.
    • Daniel Faraday’s mother didn’t want Daniel to be “enlightened” because she was still seeking peace and closure with him…and I don’t think either one of them were ready yet for him to discover that she was the one who killed him. All in good time. Same with Ben Linus…he didn’t join everyone in the church at the end because, as he said, he still had some things to do…namely reaching closure with Alex and her mother before they could be enlightened themselves. It’s obvious by how happy the characters are when they discover the truth of their situation that this peace (and in many cases forgiveness) is possible…it just takes some of them longer to get there. I mean, look at how easily John Locke forgave Ben for killing him once he knew the truth. I’m going to start crying just thinking about it! 🙂
    • It doesn’t matter when or how all the characters die. When the show ended, I wanted to know so much if the plane really got off the Island, how did all the people on the plane die, how do Desmond/Hurley/Ben die, etc…but then I realized it doesn’t really matter. And I’m okay with that. It really ended up being about the characters coming to terms with their flawed lives and finding closure and, ultimately, happiness.
    • How beautiful and sad were all of the flash-sideways stories when seen through the lens of it being how the characters would have done things differently? Sayid taking care of Nadia but knowing they weren’t meant to be together. Sun and Jin happily in love, but never getting to be with their child, but feeling at peace about it. Sawyer being a police officer, obviously trying to make amends for his outlaw ways during life. Ben Linus just being a good guy and getting to be a party of Alex’s life. John Locke creating a world where he and his father have a good relationship, where his father wasn’t the cause of his paralysis, and then being able to allow Jack to completely heal him. Hurley becoming the luckiest man in the world, with the ability to help whoever he wants at any time. No wonder I liked this flash-sideways life so much! (It’s interesting that Kate’s life actually didn’t change much between reality and the “ideal”…gotta think about that one some more.) These flash-sideways stories tell so much about each character and resolve all of their stories in really beautiful ways.
    • Desmond’s character is so fascinating to me. Remember that episode a while ago where he flashed through time…I love how in the finale, when he was still alive on the Island, he knew what was going to happen and had obviously flashed back and forth between the after life and the Island present. At least that’s what I think happened.
    • I love that the mythology of the Island was real. There really was a smoke monster and a Jacob and the Others and a Dharma initiative and everything else. Makes the story more satisfying and fun, rather than just saying it was all some crazy dream. And they were able to kill the smoke monster and plug up the evil and all of that…it was just so satisfying! And it totally made you realize that all of those people really did need to be drawn to the Island, that they really did have a purpose for being there. Way to save the world from evil and destruction, survivors!
    • I kind of like that we don’t know the origin of Allison Janney’s character (Jacob and the Man-In-Black’s adoptive mother) or where the Others came from. As much as I like having all the mysteries solved, it’s fun still having some lingering questions, leaving some of the mystique to the Island. That’s one of the reasons the show was so great…if there wasn’t any mystery left at the end, I think it might have felt a bit dissatisfying.
    • I love that Hurley ended up being Jack’s replacement as protector of the Island…and that he was able to give to Ben what Ben needed so dearly. (I wonder who became the Island’s protector after Hurley? Another mystery to ponder.)
    • Juliette is still my favorite character.
    • And I’ve finally decided – I pick Jack over Sawyer. It’s taken me 6 years to reach that decision, but I feel good about it.

    Yes, I cried. Pretty much every single time one of the characters had their big realization moment. And of course at the end. How could you not? I am actually really sad it’s all over…but I have to say, it was well done and ended at the right moment.

    Please pipe in with your own thoughts if you’re a fan of the show! The best part of LOST is how open to interpretation it is…and I’m sure you caught things I missed! Plus, I need to stop writing about it…I could go on all day. I’ll simply end with this. LOST RULES.