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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gearing Up for Baby Giveaway: Epiphanie Bags

This giveaway is now closed. However, you really still need to go check out these bags. They rock.

I am SO excited about today’s giveaway. Have you heard of Epiphanie Bags? They are camera bags that look like regular purses. Well, actually, there’s nothing “regular” about these bags. They are TOO CUTE. Really, go look.

What does a camera bag have to do with gearing up for baby, you may be wondering? Well, I am going to be getting the Ginger bagΒ (thank you, Epiphanie!), which will be serving as my camera-slash-diaper bag. And I am seriously giddy for the day that it arrives in the mail. Because I have kids and because I am a food blogger, I LOVE having my SLR camera with me, but I hate dragging around my camera bag in addition to my purse. (Plus, my camera bag has no alibi…because it’s U-G-L-Y.) So…I usually end up throwing my beloved camera in my purse or diaper bag, which honestly is not the smartest thing in the world. I shouldn’t be allowed to have a nice camera treating it the way I do.

Ginger is going to be my solution. I only ever carry at most 1 extra lens around (if that), so I’ll have plenty of room for my wallet and diapers and other baby “schtuff,” and the adjustable velcro panels inside will be perfect for compartmentalizing. Plus the Ginger has lots of pockets. I’m a big fan of pockets in purses.

And, yes, this is a giveaway! One lucky, randomly-selected winner will get to choose their own Epiphanie bag to keep! Same drill as always…just post a comment and you’re entered to win! Comments must be added to this post by Midnight on Monday, September 12. Winner will be announced on September 13. Prize must be shipped within the U.S.

So, get commenting and good luck!!


  1. 1

    I want this! Then we can be twinners.

  2. 2
    carolyn s

    Wow! This is so awesome…thanks for the chance to win!

  3. 3
    Suzie Kraus

    I’m always looking for the right camera bag/tote bag to use! This would be great πŸ™‚

  4. I have always wanted an Epiphanie bag. My camera bag is obnoxiously ugly. Now that I’m the official photographer for my son’s class, I’d love to have a pretty bag to carry my fancy camera. πŸ™‚

  5. 5

    ooooo yeah baby- I need that. Way better than the ziploc bag I use!

  6. 6

    What a great idea to do double (or in your case really triple duty) with these adorable bags!! Pick me! πŸ™‚

  7. I have been eying these bags for quite some time – thanks for the chance to win one!
    I can’t wait until that sweet little baby is born… and I hope they’ll be lots of pictures taken!

  8. 8

    Which photographer daughter should I give this to?

  9. 9

    Oh please, oh please, oh please…I really, really want this!

  10. 10
    Nikki CB

    Nice! I would love one of these! Miss you!

  11. 11

    so cool, i love the Epiphanie bags. Hope you’re doing welL!

  12. 12

    I need this bag! I don’t have a camera bag or a diaper bag:)

  13. 13

    i love the lola and the clover bag… both soooo cute! i would love, love, love to upgrade my current camera bag! πŸ™‚

  14. 14

    I almost threw my camera in my purse the other day. But then I said, “No. You love your camera. Be nice to it.” And I drudged back to the bedroom and got the camera bag. I would love an Epiphanie bag!

  15. 15

    That is a gorgeous bag!

  16. 16

    I’ve had my eye on these for a LONG time!! I hope I win!!

  17. 17

    I love a cute camera bag!

  18. 18

    I also shouldn’t be allowed to have a nice camera with the way I treat it. But if I had my choice, I’d carry no bags. A purse/diaper bag AND a camera bag will never happen. These bags look like a perfect compromise. I’m drawn to the bright turquoise of the Clover bag.

  19. 19

    What gorgeous bags, I have been drooling over them for awhile now!

  20. 21

    Oooh. I really would love to win this. Please, please pick me.

  21. 22

    I have been looking for a good camera bag. I currently use an old T-shirt to wrap my camera in before putting it in my purse. :o(

  22. 23

    Love. These. Bags. I have been wanting one for sooooo long!

  23. 24

    I am so guilty of treating my camera poorly. This would be incredible. It is just What I need. Who knew such a thing existed. Fantastic.

  24. 26

    Epiphanie bags are my dream camera bags! I wrap my camera in a scarf in my purse. Not so safe!

  25. That is one adorable bag! I’d love it!!

  26. 28

    Awesome bag!!!

  27. I would LOVE this so much!

  28. 30

    I am due to give birth in a month and would loooove this purse!

  29. 32

    What a great bag! I’m just beginning some photography classes this semester, so I’m carrying my camera everywhere. This would be perfect…that way I could continue to carry it and snap some photos if my favorite subject – my 3 year old little man! Thanks for the chance!

  30. 33
    Kristy w

    This is so awesome!

  31. 34
    sea wall

    bags rock

  32. 35

    How fantastic! I am an amateur photographer and would put this to use RIGHT AWAY πŸ™‚ I love this concept and will definitely be visiting their site. Thanks Jane!

  33. 36

    Pick me, Jane! Awesome giveaway!

  34. 37

    totally cute!

  35. 38

    Using my purse as a purse, diaper bag and camera bag…it doesn’t work so well! Would love one of these! Thanks f

  36. 39

    These look awesome!

  37. 40
    Julia Axtell

    hey jane! i think i should win automatically since we’re due the same day and you can feel my pain. hee hee!

  38. 42
    cassandra kirby

    Gorgeous bag!

  39. 43

    My wife would love one of those.

  40. 44

    LOVE these bags but can’t afford one. Would love to win one. πŸ™‚

  41. 46
    Lindsay Rutman

    hey jane.

  42. 47

    My camera really wants to nest in this bag!

  43. 48

    I love epiphanie bags! So stylish and cute no one even knows it has a secret double agent style use!

  44. 49

    Nice giveaway!

  45. 50

    I have been eyeing these bags for a while now! Great giveaway!

  46. 51

    I love Epiphanie bags! I can’t wait to have one of my own. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  47. 52

    I love these bags! So many styles…it’s really tough to make a decision about which one’s best.

  48. Would LOVE this bag! πŸ™‚ I’m a new mother and photographer, and I need my own bag for the camera…pick me! πŸ™‚

  49. 54

    I would love to win one!

  50. 55

    A diaper/camera bag is exactly what I thought when I saw GINGER. I’m due with #4 in January and NEED this bag!

  51. 56
    Meg P

    epiphanie bags are amazing. great contest!

  52. 57

    stylish bags. good luck with that babe Jane!

  53. 58

    Oh how I have lusted for an epiphanie bag. *crosses fingers*

  54. 59

    πŸ˜€ Love this!

  55. 60

    *drool* always wanted a cute camera bag (:

  56. 61

    I love these bags, and soooo want one πŸ™‚

  57. 62

    WOW! What an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks so much!

  58. 63

    I would love an epiphanie bag. Thanks for a chance to win one!!!

  59. 64
    Lauren Combs

    I missed out on so many good pictures of my kids when I had to decide between baby essentials or the camera. back then it was a Yashica SLR and lenses. Good luck to you with your baby adventures!

  60. 65

    These bags are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  61. 66

    Oh, yes please!

  62. I have a baby and a photography business so I always have my camera on me. This bag would be a stylish solution for keeping my camera and my baby “schtuff” as you said in good condition!

  63. 68
    Leigh Clark

    Love the idea of a camera bad looking like a purse!! πŸ™‚

  64. I LOVE Epiphanie bags!! I want to win!

  65. Yes – had my eye on one of these for a while too !

  66. 71

    What gorgeous bags! Would love to have one.

  67. I love Epiphanie bags! Amazing giveaway πŸ™‚

  68. 73

    I’ve been searching for a great camera bag to double as a purse as well. This would be the perfect solution! πŸ™‚

  69. 74

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lola bag. It is my dream bag!!!!

  70. 75

    I’ve been eyeballing one of these for weeks now. They really are gorgeous!

  71. 76

    I would love to win a new Epiphaine bag! My current bag is on the way out the door!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  72. 77

    Ooooh! I hope I win!

  73. 78

    I just ordered a Lola for a friend and I want one for myself. They are gorgeous!!

  74. Love the bag! Good luck with the baby!

  75. 80

    I am in LOVE with the Epiphanie bags! They’re so cute, and I’ve been contemplating getting one for ages.

  76. Ha ha . . I loved your comment that you totally shouldn’t be able to have a nice camera the way you treat it. Same here! I can’t even admit to what I put my camera in. I would love, love, love an Epiphanie, though I think Lola has stolen my heart. <3 I just became a new mom through the blessing of adoption, and I document her life each day through the art of photography. I never want to forget a day with her.

  77. I have wanted one of your camera bags for a very long time. Pick me!! Pretty please!!! My camera needs a home.

  78. 83

    I absolutely adore Epiphanie bags – I would LOVE to have the Ginger or maybe even the new Stella or Lyric. LOVE THEM ALL! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway – it’s really nice!

  79. Ciao Jane! I’ve just happened across your beautiful bag … and what a fun post to discover! While I don’t have any little ones, I am also guilty for carrying my camera in a regular bag so as not to have to lug around a purse AND a camera bag. These bags are the PERFECT solution! I’m so happy that you have one coming soon! Thank you for this fun give away … I have my fingers crossed! πŸ™‚
    Warm wishes,

  80. 85

    Looks awesome. If I win it will be my birthday present πŸ™‚

  81. 86

    Very cool! We just got a nice camera and have been annoyed with the camera case. This would be so nice.

  82. I would love to win this bag!

  83. 88

    I’ve been wanting one of these!! Oh, I hope I win!!

  84. 89
    Sarah A.

    I desperately need a new camera bag, and these are amazing! Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  85. 90
    jenn a.f.

    Love her bags and would love to have one!

  86. 91

    I love Epiphanie bags!!!

  87. 92
    Jen P

    i love those bags! I hope I win! Thanks

  88. 93

    I LOVE, LOVE Epiphanie bags and I have been wanting to buy one for some time now!!

  89. 94

    My poor camera has been lusting after a new home for ages. πŸ˜‰ Would LOVE to make it happy!! Thanks for the chance!

  90. 95

    I’ve been coveting Epiphanie bags FOREVER! I hope I win!!

  91. I found your blog through Epiphanie’s Facebook page. I’m super excited about the chance to win a bag, but even more excited to have found your blog!!

  92. 97

    I LOVE the Epiphanie bags. But, as a student I can’t exactly afford them. I’ve always wanted the turquoise Lola.

    For now, though, my camera will just have to stay at home in its LowePro.

  93. 98

    Would LOVE to own own of your bags!

  94. 99
    Minh Nguyen

    I love these bags! I’ve been coveting one for so long!

  95. I’ve been craving a camera purse like Epiphanie – I love my lens bag (shootsac) but it’s not great for day trips when I don’t want my DSLR around my neck. I was looking at the Lyric today… would love to win one! Thank you!

  96. 101

    Wow! How generous!

  97. 102
    Kelly Callen

    AH!! I’ve wanted one of these for a long time now! It sucks having to carry around my ugly camera bag, purse and sometimes even backpack! Winning would be ideal and make my day!!

  98. 103
    Brenda P

    Pick me! Pick me!! I would love to have this bag for my Cannon 50D!

  99. Sounds good to me

    and eating


    later today

    or sometime next week

  100. 105

    These bags are awesome and stylish! Thanks for the opportunity. I keep thinking if I had a bag like this, I might actually carry my camera more!

  101. 106

    how exciting!
    love taking pics and i’m expecting a little one soon…so i’ll be taking lots of pictures!

  102. 107

    Wow, I would LOVE this. Gosh is my current camera bag ugly πŸ™‚ Mine looks all manly and boxy. I need a beautiful Epiphanie bag—thanks so much for the giveaway!

  103. 108
    Naomi S.

    I’m expecting our 2nd baby on Sept. 30 and I would love a new diaper bag. The one we have is faded and tearing in a couple of areas. The Epiphanie bags are adorable! And they would be so perfect to hold my camera and diaper supplies all together. My favorite one is the Stella. Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. 109

    Oooh, would love one of these bags! We just got a nice camera this year but it is in it’s ugly bag and doesn’t get brought out as much as it should!

  105. 110

    I have the Lola, but find it’s not quite big enough for all the gear I like to carry.

  106. 111

    i’ve been throwing my slr into my regular purse, or carrying my purse and my bulky camera bag…both options are awkward to grab the camera and i’ve missed many photo ops because of it…
    i too, shouldn’t be able to own nice things :/
    i’d love to have one of these! they’re so cute!

  107. 112
    Audra C

    LOVE these bags. Would be perfect for my new dSLR camera πŸ™‚

  108. 113
    Debbie B

    Would love a stylish camera bag! These look fabulous! Good luck with baby..

  109. 114
    Debbie H

    I love Epiphanie Bags…they are sharp looking! Would love a turqoise one!

  110. These bags are beautiful and I am like you: I throw my camera into my purse or diaper bag, which drives my husband crazy!

  111. 116

    Great bags!

  112. 117

    I have been wanting one of these for so long! I would so love to win one!!

  113. Adorable sidekicks and critics who deserved to be photographed on any and all outings with mom! Nice bag! I especially love elisyn’s comment on her documenting each day with her new adopted daughter!

  114. 119

    I’d love this! I’m due in January, and this would be perfect!

  115. 120
    Jen Chocolate Seines

    What a brilliant idea!!! xox

  116. 121
    Kristi jones


  117. Yay! So excited…fingers and toes crossed πŸ™‚ thanks for the giveaway

  118. I am new at “blogging” but see my comment above! It says it all!

  119. OMG I having been dreaming of getting on of these bags!!! Would be amazing if I won!! Thank you for the give away!!

  120. Mark this as 199 times to enter an Epiphanie Bag giveaway…maybe 199 will be the charm..LOL

  121. 126

    I LOVE Maile’s bags!!!

  122. LOVE Epiphanie! I get more compliments on my Lola bag and people are shocked that it is a camera bag but it serves well as my multi-purpose bag as well toting along everything else I need to juggle this family circus of mine.

  123. 128

    I’m in love with these bags!! I often throw my DSLR in my regular purse to always have it handy, so it would be great to combine functions, like you mentioned, with a sleek way to protect my camera and act as a purse, all in one. Genius!

  124. 129

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be the new owner! Thanks for the chance to win, Jane.

  125. 130

    Would LOVE one of these bags!

  126. 131

    Ooh, I am dying for one of these bags!

  127. 132
    Meg M

    What a cool bag! I’d use my camera more if I could put it and baby stuff together. Thanks!

  128. 133

    I’m DYING for one!

  129. 134
    Jodi Hall

    Such a pretty bag.. Thank you for the chance to win it πŸ™‚

  130. 135
    Kelly K.

    I’d love one of these! I’ve been saving up for one for quite awhile. Plus there’s enough room for all the baby essentials!

  131. 136

    I have a Lola from Epiphanie, and LOVE it! It would be awesome to have another one for when my Lola isn’t quite right!

  132. 137
    Michele Wang

    So cute. Love it!

  133. 138
    Sue K.

    I would love to win an Epiphanie bag!

  134. 139

    I really am in desperate need of an Epiphany bag, so here’s hopin’!

  135. 140
    Cynthia Anderson

    I would love one of these bags but it’s just not in the budget! πŸ™

  136. Holy cow! I am so wanting one of these bags! Hope to be picked! πŸ™‚ Seriously, I am dying for one of these bags! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  137. 142
    Casey Sredin

    Oh – I soooooooo need an Epiphanie/diaper bag!!!! Please please please! Great giveaway!

  138. 143
    Lori Santimaw

    I have been carrying my camera around in my purse for way too long because I always want it with me just in case that perfect shot comes unexpectedly like they always do and this Epiphanie Rocks. I love their bags and have desired one for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  139. 144

    Epiphanie bags are the ultimate in camera bags! I would LOVE to win one – thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  140. 145
    Brandie C.

    I love these bags and have been wishing for one for a super long time. Fingers Crossed!

  141. Oh my – I need an Epiphanie in my life! I love their Lola bag in turquoise and red – super cute!

  142. I would just love, love, love, to have one of these bags! Have adored from afar for some time now… πŸ™‚ thank you for the contest!

  143. Would love an Epiphanie bag heard such great things about them!

  144. 149
    Kelly Brown

    I so need a new camera bag and would love to look like a girl instead of carrying this unisex backpack. It would make me soooo happy. I have been looking at Epiphanie bags for several months and love them!! πŸ˜€

  145. I’m waiting for the arrival of baby#3…and need a bag that will hold my SLR and newborn diapers. πŸ™‚

  146. These bags looks fantastic- I’d love to have one πŸ˜€

  147. 152
    Jenn A

    Oh! I have a baby and would love to do what you are planning to do – a combo bag!!

  148. 153

    I really love this bag. Oh, could I be so lucky to win one!?

  149. 154
    Angela Walisser

    Let it be me! I love these bags-I’ve been saving my pennies ever since I saw the Lola.

  150. 155
    Stephanie F

    Yay! I just bought a new SLR and it will need a new home. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  151. 156

    Oh yeah!! I want one of these bags – thanks for the chance to win!!

  152. 157

    Ooh, please pick me! I would love to win this bag!

  153. 158
    Erin F

    These bags are so great! I’d love to be the lucky winner πŸ™‚

  154. 159

    Ive been obsessing over these for what seems like ever! Those colors are right up my bright-loving ally:)! What an awesome giveaway!! Fingers & toes crossed!

  155. Awesome I love these bags!

  156. 161

    I love Epiphanie thanks so much for the chance to win one! They are sooo out of my budget right now.

  157. 162

    There are far too many ugly camera bags in this world. Thank goodness for Epiphanie! Their bags are gorgeous!

  158. 163

    WOW! Amazing! Would LOVE love love to win!

  159. 164

    Wow that is totally cute…. I’ve come across so many brands of diaper bags since I had my son that I’d never heard of. This one is great for a camera and a little one!

  160. 165

    This is the cutest bag I have ever seen for a camera!! AAAAAAAAAND I just so HAPPEN to be in the market for a new one!!! What a coinkidink:) Super stylish too!

  161. 166

    Great blog & love the camera bag giveaway… thanks for the chance to win! <3

  162. I want an Epiphanie bag so bad!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  163. 168
    Katy Kash

    I am dyyyying for a lola!

  164. 169
    Rachel Ribble

    I want a Ginger too!! Such gorgeous bags <3

  165. They are really great bags. Who wouldn’t want to be the coolest food bloggin’ camera carrying diaper bag mama in town? Count me in for the draw!

  166. 171
    Stacy Wilson

    I have everything crossed – fingers, toes, legs, arms haha! Wish me luck!! Thanks for giving me a chance!! : )

    • Stacy Wilson

      oh no, I’m in Australia, can I pay the extra shipping part? Sorry I didn’t read that part til now!

  167. 172

    Maybe if I get this great bag, I will be motivated to get a great camera to put inside! Thanks Jane. Hope all goes well in the next couple weeks!

  168. 173

    Love, love, love these bags!!!!!!!

  169. 174

    With this bag I could steal my husband’s camera and he’d be none the wiser!

  170. 175

    I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance!!

  171. 176

    I would love to win an Epiphaine Bag! Thanks for the chance!

  172. 177

    I love this bag! It is my favorite from epiphanie! and just the perfect size!

  173. 178

    Love these easy breezy giveaways that say ‘just leave a comment and you are entered’. I mean… it’s so much nicer than jumping through hoops to get one of these magnificent bags!

  174. I would love this bag! Epiphanie seems to have one of the best looking, most functional camera purses around. They are also staffed by very classy ladies. It would be wonderful to have one of their bags for sure!! Perfect to hold camera equipment + all the other odds and ends that commonly end up in purses!!

  175. 180

    Wow, I would love to have an Epiphanie bag! Thank you so much for the chance!

  176. I have been lusting over these bags FOREVER!

  177. 182

    This would be awesome! With two more almost here, I’m going to need my camera A LOT!!

  178. 183

    I absolutely adore the Lola in red and would be over the moon about winning one! It would be the absolutely perfect accessory for a year studying abroad in foggy Oxford as a water resistant camera bag and bright fashion statement. I’m so excited and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  179. 184

    This looks great!

  180. 185

    I am so thrilled to enter this giveaway! I’ve been drooling over Epiphanie bags for so long and would love to win one of my own.
    Thank you for hosting!

  181. Love these and have wanted one for a while!!! Hope I win πŸ™‚

  182. 187
    Tina Marie

    Please please please, I need an epiphanie! Working on starting a great boudoir photography business to Idaho!

  183. 188
    Jen Krambeck

    Have been in love with these bags for a long time now!!! Was hoping the Birthday fairy would bring one to me this year for my 40th but so far no such luck!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  184. In LOVE with Epiphanie bags…… Hoping Santa will bring one, but winning one would be even better!

  185. 190

    Ginger is also my bag of choice, if I’d be so lucky as to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  186. 191

    Hope I win! Love epiphanie bags!!!! πŸ˜€

  187. 193

    What a gorgeous bag! I would love to win. Thanks for so many giveaways. πŸ™‚

  188. 194
    Evangeline Dean

    Awesome looking bag! Would love to win

  189. Ooh, so if I get the bag, then will that put extra pressure on the hubby to get me the camera he’s talking about for Christmas? Hummmm…..

  190. 196

    Oh! I love this and I would love it even more to have Christmas come early in the form of a camera bag I actually like!

  191. “Ohh, and I had an epiphanie, that one day I would win this Epiphanie bag!” πŸ™‚

  192. Ooooooh I have been eyeing these up for so long!!

  193. 199

    Ahh I have been drooling over those bags for weeks now!! Winning would make this rainy,dreary week turn into the best week ever πŸ™‚

  194. 200

    I have Lola in red, but would love another Epiphanie bag!!

  195. 201
    Karen Hermann

    I would love to win this! Epiphanie Bags are the best!

  196. I’d love this bag sooooooo bad! My camera is wrapped in towel or diaper in the diaper bag… This is perfect! Not only I can carry my camera securely but also there is enough space for baby items! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  197. I am been searching for a bag that will act as a purse and a camera/laptop bag. This one fits the bill and I love it! Fingers crossed!!

  198. 204
    Kassie b

    Love their bags! I just got a new lens and my old bag won’t work.

  199. 205

    Wow! Great idea! My camera SO needs an epiphanie!! πŸ˜‰

  200. 207

    Love these bags and would love to win! Thank you so much for a great giveaway!

  201. Love Epiphanie bags!!! They are amazing!

  202. 209

    I want this bag!!! Hope you pick me. πŸ™‚

  203. 210
    Richelle Jostes

    Love these bags! Would love to win one. I have always been the family photographer and camera bags are very unattractive.

  204. 211

    love these bags!

  205. 212

    I do the wrap in a towel and stick in the middle of the diaper bag trick. These bags are a much more stylish solution!

  206. 213

    This is so fabulous! I’ve been stocking this bag forever (it seems like)!

  207. 214

    my sis is a photographer. I’m thinking ahead for Christmas!

  208. 215
    Amber Wilson

    Would love to own one of these gorgeous bags! Fingers crossed I’m the lucky winner!!

  209. 216
    Laura R.

    Would absolutely love for the same reasons as you! I have entirely too many bags now that we have two little ones, and my current camera bag is stinky-boring.

  210. I want one of these bags sooooo bad!

  211. 218

    I absolutely love Epiphanie bags!! Have been saving up for one. Thanks for the opportunity to get one.

  212. 219

    Oh Mama that is a rockin bag!!

  213. 220

    Love love love! Would love to win this!

  214. 221

    I love Epiphanie bags….and would love the opportunity to have one…

  215. 222
    Betsy Fruhling

    OMGosh! I absolutely loe the aqua Clover bag! I have wanted one for over a year! Please randomly choose me!

  216. 223

    I’ve been dreaming of the RED LOLA for 12 months… but haven’t had the funds yet so to win it would be AWESOME!!!

  217. 224

    How exciting. LOVE Epiphanie!

  218. 225

    Ohh my gosh the Lyric is so cute!

  219. 226
    Lindsay Carter

    Yes please !!! I would love to win !!!

  220. 227
    Kelly W

    I love epiphanie’s bag! They are awesome!

  221. 228
    Sally Forester

    Yes please! I would love to win one!

  222. 229
    Brandi Dwyer

    I would love one of these bags! I have two under two and never have a safe place for my camera.

  223. 230

    Epiphanie bags are the bomb! I’m aching for a Clover bag … would really, really be happy to win one! Perfect for camera, baby and everything. Good luck to you!

  224. 231

    very exciting! I too treat my camera terribly, yikes! this would be a great solution!

  225. 232
    Kay Murray

    Oh my I would love to win one of these!!!!

  226. 233
    Camille Miller

    PICK ME !!!! These bags are LOVELY and thank you for giving this away, YOU ROCK!!!

  227. 234
    Marina R

    I would LOVE to have one of those bags as I travel loads and want to have a bag that doesn’t scream “I am carrying an expensive camera”. Plus they look great and come in a variety of colours and styles – result! πŸ™‚

  228. I love these camera bags!!!! I would love to win one!

  229. I love the Ginger!!! I lust for these bags.

  230. Oh how I would love that bag!!!!!

  231. Would love the opportunity to have one of these bags! It’s on my Xmas wish list! I’m not a professional, just a mom who loves to take pictures and just learning… I hope to turn my Photography into a business one day – Adding an Epiphanie Bag to my very SMALL camera collection would be absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting this opportunity!

  232. 239

    Just had baby #4 and all too often I leave my camera at home because I don’t want to haul a 2nd bag… these are great.

  233. 240

    I always throw my camera in my purse too – not good! Would love to have a cute, “real” camera bag to carry it in. Pockets for pull-ups and Cheerios wouldn’t hurt too. Thanks!

  234. 241

    i would love to have one of these! been wanting one for a while thanks for the chance to get one EXCITED!!! πŸ™‚

  235. 242

    Love Epiphanie bags!

  236. 243

    Oh, I neeeeed an Epiphanie Bag! I don’t have a good “vacation purse/camera bag” and I’m going on vacation in October (finally!).

  237. 244

    Pick me! Pick me!

  238. 245

    Would LOVE a bag!

  239. 246

    oh please pick me! I have the kids 10,2, & one month old. I have the camera & buau life too! I would love to have an Epiphanie bag!

  240. 247

    I have had my eye on the Ginger bag for ages. Love Epiphanie!

  241. 248

    love. these. bags.
    i’ve been drooling over them for months. ;D
    yay for giveaways. thanks!!!!!!

  242. 249

    oooooh, I love Ginger! I have her in brown. No one EVER knows it’s a camera bag. It’s awesome! And oh so roomy! I would LOVE to win another Epiphanie bag…this time I’ll pick a bright color for fun!

  243. 250

    These are the most fabulous bags!!! Thanks for bringing a little beauty to the bag!

  244. 251
    L Ooi

    I want, I want, I want, pick me!! πŸ˜€

  245. 252
    Erin Faye

    I have wanted on of their bags for so long!!!

  246. 253

    These bags are soooo adorable, I cant wait to get my hands on one!

  247. 254

    Maybe one of these days I’ll actually win one of these awesome giveaways! I could so use a bag like this!

  248. 255
    Kaitlin McDuffie

    Love these bags, would definitely love to win one *fingers crossed*!

  249. 256
    Cindy L

    I wish, I wish I owned this bag ;)I really do use a grocery bag … ;(

  250. 257

    The ginger looks awesome! (did you choose that one because it is the name of a spice, too? lol)

  251. 258
    Rachel Ream

    yes, please.

  252. Love! I’ve been pining for a new purse that can hold just about everything and this sounds perfect. I’d follow your example and use it as a diaper bag too since I have my little one arriving in November.

  253. Every time Epiphanie gives away a bag, I enter to win. I have been dreaming about owning the Lola bag. Hopefully this will be my time to win!

  254. 261
    Leah Parker

    Super cute! I have been looking for a decent camra bag.

  255. 262

    I would love one of these! It would protect my camera so much more than it currently is in my bag filled with little boy things.

  256. *Sigh!* I have happy Epiphanie dreams every time there is a giveaway.

  257. 264

    I’m in the market for a new camera. Would love a cool bag to carry it around in!!

  258. 266

    Such a cute bag! Maybe this would inspire me to tote my camera around a little more often!

  259. 267

    I love this bag! Thanks for the giveaway…

  260. 268

    I have been shopping these bags for weeks trying to make up my mind. They are all so adorable…and functional! Keeping my fingers crossed…Pick me. Pick me. πŸ™‚

  261. 269

    My Canon Rebel has been begging me for one of these bags !!

  262. I would love to win a pretty camera bag πŸ™‚

  263. Oooh! I would love this! I’m so torn between which one I’d want though! πŸ˜›

  264. 272
    Olivia G

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!
    I want it so bad!

  265. 273

    I would LOVE one of these! My cousin has one and I am so envious!

  266. 274

    I need..ok I WANT this really really bad! My camera needs somewhere nice to snuggle down!! Awesome giveaway love Epiphanie!

  267. 275
    Cristy Jeter

    Would love love love to win! There bags are amazing!!

  268. 276

    You find the best products! Thanks for sharing!

  269. 277
    Sarah Covert


  270. 278
    Kelsey Bumgarner

    The new Lyric please!?! I have a Clover, but have been drooling over the Lyric as a smaller alternative. And in yellow. I do love me some yellow.

  271. 279

    wow! THAT is a NICE bag!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will definitely be looking into these….if I don’t win one I mean!!

  272. 280

    I am kinda well-known for my make-up bag as camera case but I’d love to break tradition and use
    gorgeous LOLA…

  273. 281

    Beautiful bag! I’d be my photographer sis’s bigger hero if I could score this.

  274. 282

    Yes PLEASE!! I think epiphanie bags are simply stunning!!

  275. 283

    I so need a new camera bag. The handle on mine is starting to fray and fall apart. Terrible!

  276. 284
    Jennifer M

    That’s a nice looking bag!

  277. 285
    Tammy Marselli

    I would love to win one of these gorgeous bags! I could use it for my upcoming trip to NYC!!

  278. 286

    My bag just broke so would LOVE to win this! I’m in canada though…happy to pay for the shipping!

  279. 287

    I would love to win one of these… love them!

  280. 288
    Suzy Enns

    Me! Pick me!!! oh, how i would LOVE to win one of those BeAUiTiFuL bags!!!!

  281. 289

    Asia cool bag

  282. 290
    Misty Croft

    I drool when I see these bags! I need one bad:) My birthday is Sept 15th and I will be 30…this would be the perfect present since my husband did not get my subtle hints about wanting one:(

  283. 291

    I often leave the camera behind because its bag is so big bulky and ugly! Would love the chance to win one of these, thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  284. 292
    Teresa R

    Heaven knows I need a new hand bag.

  285. 293
    Rebecca O.

    I need this! I was just thinking yesterday that my camera bag (a little backpack) is NOT user friendly!

  286. 294
    Din T

    Would love an Epiphanie bag!!! Thanks for the giveaway and letting us know how wonderful these bags are.

  287. 295
    Nicole Beckstrand

    I love these!!!

  288. 296

    I would LOVE and Epiphanie bag! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  289. 297

    Awesome bag….thanks for the opportunity!!

  290. 298
    Kelly kelly

    Yes. That’s my real name. Thanks to my hubby
    Who made me the lucky woman with the double name.
    Although his taste in women is clearly amazing and love for
    Me is as well his taste in camera bags alas is not because
    I received some backpack looking thing with my Sony a33.
    I would love one of these bags πŸ™‚

  291. 299

    Oh I would so love to win an Epiphanie bag! I have wanted one for years and would use it every day! My birthday is on Sept 14, so winning a clover bag would be the best present!

  292. 300

    Lola my love!!! Oh how I would love to carry my camera around in you!!! These are so fabulous…I know what I want for Christmas!!!

  293. 301
    Jen H

    I would love love LOVE to win an epiphanie bag <3 My new camera needs to be carried in style πŸ˜€

  294. 302

    Wow. Love it!

  295. 303

    Wow! So many comments. Pick me! That is all!

  296. 304
    Heather Hudgens

    Epiphanie bags are a girls dream come true!!!! I would love one!!!!

  297. 305

    I so need one of these cute bags!

  298. 306

    Oooo…I’ve been drooling over these bags for so long! Hope I win!

  299. 307

    I *just* got my camera and would love a beautiful bag for it!

  300. 308

    I would love, love, love, this bag. I have tried so many different kinds for my photography, and this one looks like it would make me so happy. Pick Me Please!!

  301. 309

    Been drooling over Epihanie’s website. Thank you for sharing it. I can’t even pick just one bag. I think I’d like at least 3. πŸ™‚ Winning one would be a nice start.

  302. 310
    Lisa Beard

    I so need one of these to use as a diaper bag/camera bag as well! I have a 19 month old and another coming in about 6 weeks so lots of new memories to capture as we are on the go!

  303. 311

    Winner winner chicken dinner, I want an epiphanie bag!!!

  304. 312

    Totally going to enter this for my sister. I am horriblebehind a camera, but she has talent(and three kids, and pregnant, and a very old diaper bag).

  305. 313

    Love it!

  306. 314
    Casey B.

    so cool!

  307. 315

    My wife would absolutely love this!

  308. 316

    My wife has been eyeing one of these bags for a while now.

  309. 317

    I love the bag and think using it for a camera bag is a great idea!

  310. 318
    Jessica Hansen

    I would give this to my friend Heidi! She has a really nice camera but a regular old camera bag. She is too cool for that scenerio!

  311. 319

    Thanks for the opportunity for one lucky winner to sport a new bag for their gear! Such a great assortment of looks at Epiphanie!

  312. Oh how I need a lovely ‘all in one’ bag :). I just know I would take more pictures if I had a great bag to carry my camera in. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Happy Day!

  313. 321
    Dana Moss

    Oh, I’ve been drooling over Epiphanie bags for a long time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  314. I am totally guilty of throwing my slr camera, diapers, and wipes into my purse instead of taking the impractical yet safer square shaped ginormous camera bag I should be shlepping around. Those bags are gorgeous and would make life so much easier for me and safer for my camera. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  315. 323
    Sara Denoncourt

    Love This!

  316. Thanks so much for the chance to win an Epiphanie bag! I just recently started my own photography business so all my money has been going into props. I’d love to have a spiffy new camera bag!

  317. 325
    Michal Margala

    These are awesome…I could definitely use one of these.

  318. 326
    Aisling Cadmus

    Your story about the diaper bag and throwing your nice SLR camera in the diaper bag. I do the same thing with my SLR camera and just had my second son and brought out the diaper bag again. I have been looking at different bags and this would be perfect!

  319. love epiphanie bags!!

  320. 328

    This is such a cute bag!


  321. 329

    Ahhhh I am in love with Epiphanie!! I think the purple Paris is my fav though!

  322. 330

    Pick me, pick me πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance at a win.

  323. 331

    I love these! My poor dslr gets thrown into the mix of my gargantuan diaper bag and I just pray the diapers will protect it!

  324. 332

    I would love to win!! I hope I win πŸ™‚

  325. 333

    Jane! So excited for you and little Ginger. πŸ˜‰ Okay, so excited REALLY for the new baby to finally come. You are superwoman!!! Congrats!

  326. 334

    These bags are amazing! My DSLR would love a new home! πŸ™‚

  327. There are so many cute camera bags out there now a days, but I love how that style is no unisex. I don’t think my hubs would mind carrying it for me as well.

  328. 336

    I’m a sucker for great bags! This would be great.

  329. 337

    Oh yeah! Great giveaway! Love these bags and I’ve been looking for a new camera bag! Good timing, eh!?

  330. 338
    Sherry G.

    Wow, thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been thinking about splurging for an Epiphanie bag for a while now, plus it’s my birthday on the 10th…fingers crossed!!!

  331. 339
    T sara

    Sounds perfect!

  332. 340
    Katie N

    Thank You so much for this giveaway! This has been on my wish list FOREVER. You are a doll πŸ™‚

  333. 341

    Wow. So generous!

  334. 342

    You have the best Give aways!

  335. 343

    Have to get this for my sister.

  336. I just discovered these bags and LOVE them!! Winning one would be amazing!

  337. 345
    Stephanie P.

    I almost can’t decide what’s better here, the great bag, or that chocolate cream puff you had for breakfast!

  338. 346
    Lindsey Barttels

    Hooray!! I need a new purse & spent all day looking at marshalls & tjmaxx- i would rather get that bag! πŸ™‚

  339. 347

    I’ve been drooling over these bags for a long time. Winning one would be fantastic! My new camera would have a great home!

  340. 348
    Dina Turco

    Yay! I want a new stella bag. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  341. 349

    I just got new camera and it is looking for a bag like this!

  342. 350

    I would love this!

  343. 351

    I’ve been drooling over these bags since I first found out about them.

  344. 352

    I just adore the Epiphanie bags. I would love, love, love to have one instead of my ugly (if functional) old backpack that screams “camera bag!”

  345. 353

    My camera and lenses need a permeant home! Thanks for the chance to win.

  346. 354

    Got a camera for Christmas. I would love an awesome bag!

  347. 355
    Joellen B

    What a cute bag!! I think I need one πŸ˜‰

  348. 356
    Pamela Milogradov

    I would love to win one of these!!!!!! I have been trying and trying!

  349. 357

    This is way too good to miss out on. Thanks for a great opportunity!

  350. Oh I would love one of these I have been wanting to get my hands on one for ages <3 *crosses fingers and toes*

  351. 359

    Love it! What a great giveaway!

  352. 360

    love these bags, and your blog! hope i win!

  353. 361

    I’ve been trying to talk my husband into getting me one for a long time! No luck yet!

  354. 362

    Would love this bag!

  355. 363

    I love it -what a great giveaway!

  356. 364

    Great bags – I hope I win πŸ™‚

  357. 365

    That’s exactly what I need. I keep missing picture because I don’t want to carry two (or more!) bags around.

  358. 366

    Oh, how I would love to win this! I do the same thing with my DSLR – poor thing!

  359. I’m digging the Stella. I would love to use it as a camera/diaper bag, too! πŸ˜‰

  360. 368
    Kristin S.

    These bags are so much prettier than regular camera bags…had my eye on one for a bit now. Thanks for offering this giveaway. πŸ™‚

  361. 369

    that is one awesome bag! i would love this!

  362. 370
    Alison Poirier

    So I’m going to Paris in a month so I think I need the Paris bag!!!! (not sure if that’s even an option, but it sounds good)

  363. 371

    Gotta have one of these! Got 3 little girls & my first dslr, a camera bag I can carry everything in would be quite handy. Thank you for the giveaway!

  364. 372
    Jenny Dill

    what a cool giveaway. Fingers crossed! Can’t wait to see baby Maynard!

  365. 373

    what a fabulous bag! thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  366. 374
    Amy W.

    This would be a perfect addition to my camera accessories – I find myself throwing my camera into my purse all the time because my camera bag is too bulky and frustrating to take around with everything else I have.

  367. 375
    Alma Lane

    Oooohhhhh! I love Epiphanie bags! I hope I get to win this Ginger one because I can’t seem to get enough ka-ching saved up to get one! πŸ˜€

  368. 376

    Fashion and camera equipment – the best combination ever! πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping….

  369. 377
    Nicole Melton

    I love EPIPHANIE bags! I don’t own one yet, but I really want one. Perfect for school & work! πŸ™‚

  370. 378

    This would be perfect for our newest addition due in October! Of course you always want a camera handy to snap pics of the kids… what a great way to haul it around with your baby gear!

  371. 379
    Kelly J

    I love it!

  372. 380
    Linsey Krolik

    Wow, I can’t believe you are almost there for #3!!! We will have to have a 3 x 2 playdate πŸ™‚

  373. 381

    I pretty much have a purse/bag fetish. I think this would be the perfect addition to my addiction!

  374. 382
    Megan Flowers

    I NEVER bring the good camera out because I am so afraid of hurting it! This would be the perfect solution!!!

  375. 383
    Maria Pitts

    Okay….I’m not pregnant. Too old for that. However, I am a Nana who loves to takes photos of her grandbabies. Yes, I’m pleased to say that I have 8 grandbabies and 1 one on way (perhaps another). I need a bag for my grandbabies “stuff” and my camera of course! So………I’m the obvious choice for this gift! Thank you very much!

  376. 384
    Robin chase


  377. 385

    i was thinking of getting an epiphanie bag for just the same reason – camera/diaper bag and purse all in one very chic package!

  378. 386

    I have been dying for an Epiphanie bag!! I throw my SLR in my purse as well and I know that’s not good to do! It’s getting pretty beat up. Also, I have once left it on top of my Jeep and forgot about it…as I went 65 mph down the highway, just about had a heart attack and died when I realized what I had done. Luckily it was safely tucked against the luggage rack…so I really really need a camera bag and love how Epiphanie bags look so chic.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  379. 387

    Would Love a chance.

  380. 388
    Jenn E

    It’s gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to own one :).

  381. 389

    These bags are out of my reach. I currently wrap my Camera and lenses in the diapers that are in my diaper bag! I would LOVE a chance at one of these beauties!

  382. 390

    What a cute purse! I want one!!

  383. 391
    Crystal Powe

    I would love to win this!!

  384. 392

    ohmygosh i take my camera EVERYWHERE plus my purse plus the diaper bag – i would love to win this!

  385. I hope diapers aren’t mandatory! I would seriously have a tough time choosing which one…I love the Lola, but I’m really liking the pocket for the iPad and that mustard color is delicious! Here’s me crossing my fingers….

  386. 394
    Lynda Clark

    I love epiphanie bags, they are so stylish and are sized to be able to hold your camera and gear as well as baby things or work things. They are a far cry from the β€œold school” camera bags. Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway.

  387. 395

    I just popped over and read your “Why I Bought This Camera” post. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about graduating to this exact camera and your review has just been added to my ever growing list of Reasons You Must Own This Camera.

  388. 396

    I LOVE the ginger too!! And same as you do, for camera and diaper πŸ™‚

  389. 398

    I soooo want an Epiphanie bag, if I won one I’d be sooooo πŸ™‚

  390. 399
    Tabetha Lambert

    Would lovevto have a new camera bag. With two little ones, I need to take my camera with us on our adventures, but do not have any where functional to put it.

  391. I loveeeeee these bags. My best photog friend has one and I can’t wait to get one too! I love Ginger, but the new Lyric and Stella are awesome too!

  392. 401

    I’ve been coveting an Epiphanie bag for way too long. I’ve got all my fingers crossed here πŸ™‚

  393. I can’t say enough how much I WANT one of these bags!!!!!

  394. 403
    Siu-may Taing

    I’d love to have Ginger. Or Lyric. Or the Lola. Ooh it’s hard to pick just one!

  395. 404
    Becca L.

    Jane! After 2 broken cameras, I need this! Hoping this is my lucky day!

  396. 405

    Please!!! I would love to have a non-ugly camera bag :0)

  397. 406
    Melissa I.

    Just getting started, would love, thanks!

  398. 407

    I think every mom can relate to the diaper bag purse! (+ work tote, camera bag or whatever else we throw in it!)

  399. 408

    Those are great!

  400. 409

    These are great. I have been drooling over these for a while now.

  401. 410

    They are super cute and could be used for so many different things.

  402. 411

    i soooo LOVE epiphanie bags!!! would LOVE to win one!!!

  403. 412

    Oh my gosh! I am in love!!! I would love to have one of these bags!

  404. 413
    Sarah C.

    I never knew this existed, but love it! This would be awesome to win. I’m craving a new purse too so it would be perfect!

  405. 414

    I love getting new bags, how fun! These are great!

  406. 415

    Cute camera bags!

  407. 416

    Oh wow! What an awesome selection of bags!

  408. 417

    This would be a perfect gift for either my daughter who is expecting in December or my second daughter who is a aspiring photographer! Ha, ha, I guess I need two of them!

  409. I LOVE the yellow Lyric bag! It’s is so DELICIOUS! That leather is really gorgeous! How awesome a purse and camera bag in one!

  410. 419

    Mmmm….love these bags!

  411. 420

    Dying to have an Epiphanie but cant afford it quite yet. LOVE the opportunity Thanks!

  412. 421
    Lori P.

    I sooo want this givaway! I have a tiny little camera bag that is ugly and makes me sad to have to carry around :^(

    If I had this bag I could fit all of my stuff in it and not waste anymore time wondering what lens I should take with me because I could take them all! Whoohoo! Most of the time I just carry around two bags so I don’t have to make the tough decision of bringing just one lens. Either win or lose I am going to have to save up for one of these! :^)

  413. 422

    This is so Awesome. Love that it is stylish and functional!!!

  414. 423

    Epiphanie bags – I love you!

  415. 424

    My baby is 7 months old and I still don’t have a bag~ diaper/camera bag-excellent idea!

  416. 425

    These bags look so fantastic…just looked over the website. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would love one for my Canon! A mustard LYRIC would be my choice! Thanks for the possibility…

  417. 426
    gloria wong

    I would love to have a red lola!

  418. 427

    Gonna try and buy one myself, but it never hurts to try and win one too! Teeheehee

  419. 428
    Jess S

    Oh these are gorgeous! I’d love to win one to use in the same way you’re going to – camera bag/diaper bag/purse/carry-all!

  420. 429
    Samantha N.

    I was just saying I need a bag like this! Fingers crossed I win! These are so cute!

  421. 430
    Teresa Thomas

    I think I need that πŸ™‚

  422. 431

    I am hoping, praying and clicking my heels together for this one. I have a baby, a T2i, and a few U-G-L-Y bags, too. This is the perfect solution for me!

  423. 432

    Love that idea. Bags with pockets are awesome! I would love one of those. Thanks!

  424. 433

    Wow! That is such a great idea!

  425. 434
    Katie R

    I need one of these!

  426. 435
    kelly woodland

    I do not have a baby, but I do have a nice camera that also does not get treated very well-
    Epiphanie could help me with this problem.

  427. 436
    Katherine W

    Oh I hope you pick me!! I have been dreaming of lola

  428. 437

    Awesome give-a-way! I was looking around for bags yesterday (at work…shhhh don’t tell anyone!) beacuse I’m FINALLY picking up a SLR. I plan on getting a bag either way…and this site offers some really cute ones. I think my fav is Lola.

  429. 438

    That would be so awesome if I won this!! truly amazin!

  430. 439

    love love this bag!! Would love to win one!

  431. 440
    Niki V

    I have been eyeing these bags for a while… would love to ditch my manly sling bag for such a pretty girly bag.

  432. 441
    Sarah B

    Oooh, they’re gorgeous! I want one! πŸ™‚

  433. 442

    Awww, I love Epiphanie bags! Thanks for the chance to win, Jane!

  434. 443
    Karen M

    Love that bag – I have also carried a purse and camera bag while trying to corral the kids. This is a great solution!

  435. 444
    Katie B.

    They are so much cuter than my current bag

  436. 445
    becky f

    i love bags but I would probably give this to my photographer cousin or sister in law

  437. 446

    It’s about time I start carrying something more sophisticated than a back pack. I love these!!

  438. 447

    What a great looking bag! Thanks for the giveaway.

  439. 448

    i have been coveting epiphanie bags for so long. please pick me!

  440. 449

    Pick me!

  441. 450
    Ana Haymore

    Such a beautiful bag! I would love to win it!!

  442. 451

    I love there LOLA bag – Oh I hope I win!

  443. 452

    Lovely! What a sweet bag and so useful! Cheers on the impending new little one! :o)

  444. 453
    Stacey Thomas

    LOVE this bag πŸ™‚ pick me! pick me!

  445. 454

    Cute! I’d love to win!

  446. 455

    I’ve been terrible about taking my camera with me since having the baby–it doesn’t quite fit in my rather small diaper bag and I refuse to carry two bags. This just might be the solution!

  447. 456

    these bags are super cute!

  448. 457
    Big Al

    I’m ready for my big break in the sweepstakes world!…pick me!

  449. 458

    I mean, if you need someone to take that off your hands, I think I could do it πŸ™‚

  450. 459

    Pick me pick me!

  451. 460
    Amy B.

    Okay, I could really, really use a new bag to carry my new canon camera – for some reason, my 4 year old Kmart purse just isn’t feeling classy enough for my camera.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  452. 461
    Natalee Maynes

    I pretty much have to have this!

  453. 462
    Rob Maynes

    My beloved wife pretty much has to have this! πŸ˜‰

  454. 463
    susan h.

    I love these! I would love to win one for my amazing friend who is a photographer/writer at heart, but a SAHM currently. She would love this.

  455. 464

    wow, so beautiful!

  456. 465

    Lola…in red…gorgeous!

  457. 466

    What a lovely name for a purse…of course I want one, no more carrying my dslr in socks!

  458. I have an ugly camera bag too that just isn’t doing it for me anymore too. Maybe this will be the remedy.

  459. 468

    My MIL, who saves me tons of money doing my kids portrait pictures, definitely needs this….but I have an SLR too! Lol

  460. 469

    Perfect bag – purse, and camera bag in one.

  461. 470
    Mandi Mella

    I have been eyeing & dying for one of these bags for FOR-EVER!!! They are just beautiful.. what more could a girl want… a beautiful bag to carry her camera! LOVE

  462. 471

    I LOVE THESE BAGS! so cute! πŸ™‚ Theyre awesome and i dont have a camera bag

  463. 472

    I am in LOVE with the Clover!!!

  464. 473
    Renee P

    I LOVE THESE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  465. 474

    adorable bags, so perfect!

  466. 475

    I can’t wait to cross an epihanie bag off my wish list!!! πŸ™‚

  467. 476

    me me me me me!! I’d love one of these amazing bags!

  468. 477
    Marie-Hélène Larocque

    I NEED a new camera bag and I’ve been in love with these for a while!!!

  469. LOVE epiphanie! and everything they’re about! Thanks!

  470. 479
    Janet Beech

    I NEED a new bag so bad!!!

  471. 480

    I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the oppertunity!

  472. 481
    Sara P

    Please please please pick me!! πŸ˜€

  473. 482

    This would be so cool. Much, much, much cooler than my ugly camera backpack. Yep. That would rock.

  474. 483
    Laura Deleski

    These bags rock! I would totally LOVE to win one!

  475. 484
    Lori B

    I am always looking for a bag that works as a purse/camera bag. Don’t want to carry two bags. I love Epiphanie Bags but just can’t afford one right now.

  476. 485

    i secretly win to finally get a yellow camera bag…thank you for this give away, it is great !

  477. 486

    Love Epiphanie bags!

  478. 487
    Sarah A.

    Oh my! I’ve been eyeing up one of these bags for months!

  479. i am DESPERATE for a new camera bag! My massive bulky nikon bag leaves bruises on my body when it slings toward me ha! And i love the bags they are selling!! Please, pretty PLEASE pick my name πŸ™‚

  480. 489

    These are awesome bags!

  481. 490

    Awesome bags…would be hard to choose as they are all lovely.

  482. 491

    LOVE Epiphanie!!

  483. 492

    Thank you for the chance!! I really like how their bags and the colors! Thanks again!

  484. 493

    Love epiphanie <3

  485. I’d love for a chance to win!!

  486. I have been wanting an Epiphanie bag for 2 years, they are so elegant and would be the perfect camera bag to carry around anywhere.

    My favorite is Belle, but I’m still trying to decide on my favorite color πŸ˜‰

  487. OOOO, I’d love an Epiphanie!

  488. 497
    Tesia Beam

    I am dying for one of these bags! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  489. ummmmmmm, i love my epiphanie and there are so many more i would love for my gear!! xoxo great giveaway!!

  490. 499
    Jen P

    I love Epiphanie bags! They are so awesome. Would love to win.

  491. 500

    I love epiphanie bags!

  492. 501

    These bags look amazing! I’d love to win one! πŸ™‚

  493. I absolutely LOVE the black Ginger! Would love to win it<3

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    I too have been wanting one of these bags!!! We leave for China in about 8 weeks and would love one to take with me!!! XO Thanks for the chance!!!

  495. 504

    Oh epiphanie, how I covet thee… I cannot wait until you are mine πŸ™‚

  496. 505
    Delaney Harbuck

    I just started my own, very small, photography business. A cute bag like this would really be a treat πŸ™‚

  497. 506


  498. I would LOVE a new camera bag! How awesome!

  499. 508
    Cindy Lynn

    Oh .. I would love to take my camera out in something else than my Soebeys grocery bag …

  500. Yay!!! What a great giveaway πŸ™‚ I would love to win one of these gorgeous bags πŸ˜‰

  501. 510
    Brittany Escamilla

    I would love any of these bags. I want one so bad!!

  502. 511
    Rebecca S

    I think the odds are good for me to win an Epiphanie bag. I want one of these bags in the worst way. I would love to carry my gear in one, but it might be hard to get my husband to hold my camera bag for me;-)

  503. 512

    I am so glad to have found this super handy blog…I love the meal planning and I LOVE epiphanie too! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  504. 513

    last christmas my mom told me an epiphanie bag was one of my christmas gifts but they were on backorder so she didn’t place the order in case i wanted to get something different… um no! but she never placed the order for me and i’ve felt to bad to ask for it! haha. so i need to win one πŸ™‚

  505. 514

    Would have been perfect to have had an Epiphanie bag this week as I went to the beach and carried my extra (long) lens in my purse. Scary…

  506. 515

    I would love love love to win one! Thanks for the awesome contest πŸ™‚

  507. 516

    I want a Ginger too! I won’t be carrying diapers around in one, but various items for my 3 year old instead. πŸ™‚

  508. I’ve been dreaming of a epiphany bag!

  509. 518

    Though my daughter is out of diapers (3 yo), I still have only one carrier for my DSLR, my purse!!! I NEED a camera bag! Would love to win!

  510. 519

    I would Love a camera bag! Just awesome!!!!

  511. 520
    Lillian P.

    I am seriously in love with Epiphanie bags. They are so chic and so not my husbands square black boring camera case. I would be so happy to have one! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  512. 521
    Tish Hill

    I reeeeeaaaallllllllly love Epiphanie bags, been looking at them forever but was saving up for a new camera… I finally got my new camera 2 weeks ago and a new bag would be wonderful! πŸ™‚

  513. 522
    Lindsay L.

    I think these bags are lovely and perfect for my Nikon!

  514. 523
    Kim Withers

    What a great bag! Thanks for the giveaway!

  515. 524
    Tammy Wheat

    I take pictures at church at our weekly ladies bible study and would love to be able to have a good looking bag to carry my camera in. What a blessing it would be to win this bag. Thanks for letting me enter.

  516. 525
    Rachel B.

    Epiphanie bags are awesome. I would LOVE one!

  517. 526
    Danielle R

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    I love this site and I love Epiphanie bags!!

  518. 527

    I have been coveting an epiphanie bag for over a year now. Seriously love these bags. I too like to carry around my nice camera along with my mother-of-two-under 5 essentials and have yet to find the right bag for the job…this looks like a winner!

  519. I love these bags!!! So excited!!!

  520. 529
    Jamie K

    Crossing my fingers! My dh bought me a Canon T3i for my birthday last month. I would loooooove a gorgeous Epiphanie bag to carry it around safely in! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  521. 530
    Michaela Mazahreh

    WHOO HOO!! I’ve been wanting that exact Ginger back!!! You are so lucky to have one! I stuggle with the same issues and *gulp* have stuck my camera in my purse quite a few times.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! Fingers crossed!

  522. 531

    I have wanted one of these bags for the longest time. Perhaps I could win one here?!?!?! Thanks for letting me enter.

  523. 532

    I really love your bags!! Thanks for the giveaway! My canon really needs a new beautiful home….

  524. 533
    Jen Long

    I love these bags!

  525. I want one of these sooo bad!!! With a new little baby on the way, I could so picture using it for both my SLR camera bag/diaper bag so I don’t miss any photo moments! I would be thrilled to win! Thanks for the chance to enter. πŸ™‚

  526. 535
    Sarah D.

    I absolutely love these bags and would love to own one for myself! Same as you, I find myself carrying a purse and my ugly camera bag with me everywhere, but I want to bring both my purse and my camera. The camera bag purses are the perfect solution!

  527. 536
    Tara Lynn

    Epiphanie bags are beautiful!

  528. 537
    Shanon White

    I would love to win!!

  529. 538

    These bags are so pretty!

  530. Awesome bag! I have really been wanting to get a nice looking camera bag and would love this one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  531. 540

    I need a purse/camera bag!! I too carry my camera around in my purse, not the smartest idea, but better than hauling an extra bag!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  532. 541
    Chantal Perron

    this is a gorgeous bag!!!!

  533. 542
    Miranda I

    Love this giveaway! Yay!

  534. 543
    Destiny McCallum

    I love the Lyric and hope I win!!!

  535. 544
    Arena Thompson

    This would be so awesome to win!

  536. 545

    I am the one who carries my expensive DSLR in my purse. I could so use this!

  537. 546
    Alexandre Albert

    my wife would LOVE this!!! hope I win!!

  538. 547
    Barbara Kingston

    I would love to win this bag,on top of that, I found another awesome website to read. So I am winning!!

  539. 548
    Melanie Reiter

    Epiphanie bags are pure genius!

  540. 549

    Oh, yes please!! And your website is WONDERFUL!!

  541. 550

    I would really like to get this for my wonderful daughter. You know who πŸ™‚

  542. 551
    Jamie B

    I’m a new DSLR owner and would LOVE an epiphanie bag! I’ve been coveting them ever since I saw them πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the chance!

  543. 552
    Marina R

    I wrap my camera in my sweater and carry it in my purse when I travel alone – I NEED this bag! πŸ™‚

  544. 553
    Kayla Bair

    one of these camera bags is on the top of my wish list. I would love to win one.

  545. 554

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win an Epiphanie bag!! πŸ™‚

  546. 555

    Oh please, I want to win! I love these bags, but they are so pricey for me.

  547. 556

    Good luck to all (and especially me, me me …..) πŸ™‚

  548. 557

    I would LOVE to get an epiphany bag!!

  549. 558

    Well I never win things like this, try as I might, but I’ll give it a go. At least I found your site from this all and I can’t wait to check it out. So I guess I kinda am a winner already lol. Mmmm food πŸ™‚

  550. 559

    ooh, such pretty bags!

  551. I love the Ginger bag too, but thinking about one to hold the laptop (Paris) also. I don’t know! Epiphanie bags look so fantastic!

  552. 561

    This is ingenious! Yeah!

  553. I have been wanting one of these bags forever now! I would love to win! Thank ou so much for the chance!!

  554. 563

    I LOVE Epiphanie Bag, Oh I would love to win this!!!

  555. 564

    These bags are awesome!!! Think I need the entire collection!!

  556. 565

    Love these bags. As a college photo student I’ve always wanted something a little more stylish than those other camera bags, and something to put my books in for class! Wrapping my camera in a sweater just won’t do anymore

  557. Please Please Please let me win this!! lol I LOVE these bags.

  558. 567
    Addie Oyston

    I’m so glad you are having a giveaway. I absolutely love these bags but I can’t afford one:( Thank you!

  559. 568
    Lacey Blackburn

    These bags are gorgeous!!!!

  560. 569
    Mandi C

    I would SOOO love to win this! I’ve had an Epiphanie on my list for so long now! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  561. Amazing photo and amazing bags. Thanks for the opportunity.

  562. 571

    I love the Ginger bag!!! Can’t wait to get one! πŸ˜‰

  563. I”m like you has far as wanting to just put my camera in my purse, hate carrying my ugly camera bag. I really hope I will win this πŸ™‚ Super Cute!!!!!!

  564. 573
    Erin Pasillas

    I’d love to carry my diapers and camera in an Epiphany bag!!!

  565. 574

    Oh!!! I would so love to have one of these bags!!!

  566. LOVE EPIPHANIE CAMERA BAGS! Have my fingers crossed to win this one πŸ™‚

  567. 577

    I would love to win one of these for my sister, she’s at college and needs something cute for her camera!

  568. 578

    “Plus, my camera bag has no alibi”¦because it’s U-G-L-Y.” Love it!

  569. 579
    nikki mclennan

    oh how i desperately need a nicer camera bag!!!

  570. 580

    I love Epiphanie bags! I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!

  571. 581
    Erica Z.

    I’m in camera bag hell….please help! S-O-S…. ΓƒΕ“

  572. 582
    Tracy Nelson

    I LOVE my turquoise “Lola”…but really need a classic black – and “Ginger” would love to meet me πŸ™‚

  573. 583
    Amy N

    Oh MY! So love this camera bag/purse! I have wanted an Ephiphanie for so long!

    p.s. LOVE your blog!

  574. 584

    I have an Epiphan!e bag and have a second on my pinterest Christmas wishlist!!! Wouldn’t it be great to win one here??? Thanks for the chance!

  575. 585

    Just got a grey Clover and LOVE it. Wouldn’t mind having a Ginger either. πŸ˜‰

  576. Love Epiphanie bags! They are the perfect marriage of functionality + fashion. Having one of these babies would certainly organize my chaotic mess (carrying 3 bags – camera bag, laptop bag and purse – is so overwhelming!).

  577. 587

    What beautiful bags! And so useful too!

  578. 588

    I am always looking for a better camera bag then what I have. I hope I win

  579. 589

    I want this, I have wanted one for over a year! These bags are so cute

  580. 590

    Congrats!!!!!! :)thanks sooooo much!!!

  581. 591
    Justina Mikalik

    Thank you so much for this!

  582. 592

    Glad to have been pointed to your blog. Fabulous giveaway too!

  583. 593

    I’m slowly, painfully and expensively, replacing the camera, lenses and bag that were stolen from me over the summer. I’d LOVE to win a bag – that way, I can buy another lens!

  584. 594

    I love your bags. I stumbled across your site. I have been reintroduced to photography . Been gone along time. Im back and need a bag. Thanks for sharing

  585. 595

    Awesome! I would love to win an Epiphanie bag! It would be perfect for when we travel for missions! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  586. 596
    Kristin K

    I love Epiphanie and saw you had reviewed it on your blog. Love that the two brought me to your blog as a result!

  587. 597

    Awesome, I LOVE the Lola!

  588. 598

    i totally love their bags…and them for introducing me to your site via fb. bookmarked! πŸ™‚

  589. 599
    Alison Williams

    I have been a long-time coveter of one of these bags. I think it’s my turn to win! Pick me!

  590. I love these bags and really want a Ginger. Thanks for the chance to win one for myself. I carry cameras everywhere I go and would love something that didn’t look like some guy should be using it instead of this Grandma. I have suffered long enough without a beautiful Camera Bag.

  591. 601

    oooh the LyRic bag is genius! Perfect for travelling with my iPad! Hooray!

  592. 602
    Amanda Terry

    Oh NICE!

  593. I would probably burst with excitement if I were to win an epiphanie bag. I <3 you for hosting this giveaway!!

  594. 604
    Courtney Varley

    I love these bags, I drool over the website almost daily. To win would be amazing, good luck to me! Lol!

  595. 605
    Lauren S

    What a great bag!

  596. 606
    Mel Hood

    I need this!!!!

  597. 607

    LOVE LOVE LOVE epiphanie and would am so thrilled to have this opportunity. thank you!!

  598. 608
    Geam L. Ganancial

    I really love Epiphanie camera bag’s and ginger is one of them. I’ve been longing to have one and it’s on top of my wishlist, thank you for this chance.Praying that i can have it.:)

  599. 609

    OMG how wonderful of you! What a great contest.

  600. 610
    Kerri Mink

    Fingers crossed!!

  601. I think I have entered every.single.contest on the internet for one of these bags. I want one SO badly! Pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚

  602. 612

    I love my Ginger epiphanie bag, but I do have my eye on another one (or two). Would love to win a second!

  603. 613
    Ã…sa Granlâf

    The bags look fabulus, and I think one of them whants to move to me in Sweden. πŸ™‚

  604. 614

    I have been wanting one of these for a while!! I am dreaming of the turquoise belle! Pick me, pick me!

  605. 615

    Too cute of a bag!!!

  606. 616

    Love, love this bag!!

  607. 617

    I heart Epiphanie! I’m constantly carrying around both the camera bag and the diaper bag. This would be the perfect solution!

  608. Can’t win if I don’t enter – love Ephphanie bags!

  609. 619
    Heather Fiedler

    THIS IS THE BAG I WANT SO SO SO BAD. Please let me win one thing in my life. PLEASE….. fingers crossed…

  610. 620
    Brandy T.

    I would LOVE an Epiphanie bag!!!! Fingers crossed I win πŸ™‚

  611. 621
    Amy B

    I am in love with Epiphanie bags!!! I just wish I had one! (hint, hint, wink, wink πŸ˜‰ )

  612. Ooooh, I love Epiphanie! I have been wanting a Lola bag forever! My camera bag is also U-G-L-Y and barely even zips around my camera. I would love to win a beautiful Epiphanie to carry my precious camera and all my other every day stuff, too!

  613. 623
    Shawna Combs

    Love your site and Epiphanie!!!!

  614. Love the bag! Still want one. I’d be blessed to have one!

  615. 625
    Katey S

    I don’t use my camera bag either because it’s ugly! I use a different bag which is bad. I love Epiphanie bags!!

  616. 626

    I have been drooling over the “ginger” bag since I first found back then they only had 4 designs wow how they have grown!

  617. 627

    I would love love to win one of the new Epiphanie bags!!!!!!!

  618. 628
    Jenny D.

    Yes Yes Yes ! ! !

  619. 629
    Shelly James

    Been wanting an Epiphanie bag for a while! Here’s hoping……

  620. 630

    I have wanted an epiphanie bag since they came out, but I just haven’t been able to justify it in my budget yet… so I end up tossing my camera into my work tote. It’s time for my camera to have a new home!

  621. I have been dreaming of the red Lola forever!!!!

  622. 632

    This is so exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to win something so full of juicy goodness πŸ™‚

  623. 633

    Love these bags, but would love to have one more!

  624. 634

    If I don’t win I may just have to buy one. I never take my good camera anywhere because I have NO bag to put it in.

  625. 635

    I discovered these bags about a month ago and now really want one but can’t afford it. Maybe I can win one!

  626. 636
    Carrie L

    I would lOVE to win one of these bags! Been eyeing them up for months, but dont have the money in the budget! Great giveaway thanks!!

  627. 637
    Susan Dingess

    Awesome giveaway!

    Hope I win; I have been wanting one of these forever!

  628. great giveaway!!! Thanks

  629. 639

    I hope hope hope I win. I would love one.

  630. 640

    Oh, how exciting! I’m needing a purse/camera bag too!!!

  631. 641

    I so love the red Lola!! Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  632. 642
    Michelle Smith

    ooh I would love to win I want an epiphane bag so bad but hubby thinks i’m insane he wasn’t happy at the price tag that came with the camera lol *fingers crossed*

  633. 643

    How cool, Love these bags! Please throw my name in the hat

  634. I would LOVE to own one of these adorable and versatile camera bags!

  635. 645
    Erica Pigula

    Awesome bag!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  636. Need need need! Thanks a million for this killer giveaway!!!

    Candice Bithell

  637. 647

    I have been wanting one of these bags for the longest time!

  638. I am SO LUSTING after one of these! YAY!

  639. 649

    I am IN LOVE with Epiphanie bags and I seriously need one, your camera bag and mine are probably twins πŸ™‚

  640. Ginger Ginger Ginger!!!!

  641. 651

    I love Epiphanie Bags and have been drooling over them for long! I’m going to Europe in October and would love to travel in style. Thanks much for this opportunity and I’m excited to check out your blog, I’m a newby!

  642. 652
    Karla Schroeder

    These camera bags are all so wonderful. I would love to win one of them.

  643. Oh wow this is such an amazing giveaway, I can’t think of anything I’d love more right now. I would LOVE to win one. Fingers crossed!

  644. I’m SO wanting that Lyric bag!!

  645. 656

    Oooooh, I love these bags!! I’ve been eying them for a while! They’re all so cute and colorful! Plus it’s great to walk around with something that doesn’t look like a big camera case πŸ™‚

  646. 657

    I’ve been wishing for one of these bags for a long time!!
    My fingers are crossed! Thank you!

  647. 658

    I would love to own one of these bags. I have outgrown my case, plus my husband gets tired of holding my little red “bowling ball bag” case.

    Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  648. 659
    Erica L

    LOVE a purse that’s really a camera bag in disguise!

  649. 660

    I currently have the same problem! I’m a new mom toting a purse, diaper bag and camera bag! Would LOVE to condense into an Epiphanie!

  650. 661
    Cheryl Carse

    Listen…can you hear it? That turquoise Lola is telling you that it wants to live at my house!

  651. 662

    Mon of a toddler,with #2 on the way πŸ™‚ and a big camera πŸ™‚

    Love it!Need it! Want it!

  652. 664

    My comment never posted πŸ™
    Anywho! I have been drooling of the “ginger” bag since I first found back when they only had 4 styles & colors to choose from πŸ˜‰

  653. 665
    Gabrielle Colen

    The Lyric is my dream dream camera bag. Thanks for the chance to win.

  654. 666

    This would get a lot of use!

  655. Would l.o.v.e. an Epiphanie bag. Mine could be the Fred to your Ginger!

  656. 668
    Ashley Avila

    I would love to have one!!! I’ve been using my diaper bag for way too long.

  657. 669
    Brenda C.

    What an amazing contest…thank you! Love that bag!

  658. 670

    I have been coveting an epiphanie bag. I just haven’t been able to decide on which one. Winning one would sure make my choice simple! πŸ™‚

  659. 671

    Finally getting my dream camera, now it’s time to get the dream camera bag to go with it! I love the epiphanie bags so much that it’s hard to pick one!

  660. 672

    What a lovely give-away, thank you for hosting it.

  661. 673

    I LOVE this bag, what a great idea for people like me who drag their camera everywhere they go!

  662. 674

    I would love to have one!

  663. 675
    Debbie D.

    Oh how cute, something functional and stylish at the same time. Pick me, pick me!

  664. 676
    Erin Parker

    So in love with Epiphanie bags! Been on my wishlist for awhile now…the new styles are gorgeous!

  665. 677
    Jenna Lopez

    I love love love these bags but its just not in my budget!!! I am a photog beginner and I would be so grateful to win this beautiful bag so that I can continue to bring my camera everywhere I go without the risk of my camera getting beat up!!! Plus my birthday is next month!! lol ;] Thanks for the opportunity!!

  666. 678

    Sign me up – Looooove these bags and want one very badly!

  667. I would love an epiphanie bag!

  668. 680

    What fantastic bags! Thanks for the great give away πŸ™‚

  669. 681
    Ginger Watson

    It would be awesome to win! Thanks for the chance!

  670. 682

    So exciting! Ever since I became a mom I haven’t pulled out a purse! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  671. 683
    Nancy K

    Great giveaway, thanks… i covet these bags!

  672. 684
    Tina H

    Epiphanie has amazing bags! I would really love one.

  673. 685
    Jody Rollins

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!!! I LOVE Epiphanie bags. The Belle bag is in my dreams πŸ™‚

  674. 686
    Dawn Merritt

    I’m hoping and praying that I’m the random winner!! It takes 3 bags for me and my kids to go on a day trip and Momma is exhausted!! One beautiful Epiphanie bag would be a life saver for me, not to mention my gear.

  675. 687
    Naomi Hampson

    I love these bags.

  676. 688

    I die for these bags! Would love to have one to call my own! Thanks for hosting this give away!

  677. 689

    Clover all the way.

  678. I want a bag so badly πŸ™‚

  679. 691

    I would LOVE to win. I need a camera bag so very much!

  680. 692

    I want one! What a fantastic idea and a great giveaway!

  681. 693

    Epiphanie bags are awesome! I so want one!!! Great giveaway! Thanks

  682. 694
    Kerry A

    I have had my eye on these beautiful bags…putting my camera in my purse is just not working (nor is it the best thing for my camera!) Thank you for the chance to win one of these fabulous bags!

  683. 695
    Gayla C

    Love the Epiphanie bags. Just can’t decide which on I want. Would love the opportunity to win one. Thanks!!!

  684. 696

    my sister in law would love this!! thanks.

  685. 697

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…………fantastic ! would love to win this bag and be so proud to use it .

  686. 698

    Love the look of this bag :)) I would love a purse/camera bag combo…how can you go wrong with that ? and…I love your site! I have made alot of your recipes and they were sooo good!! Thanks for taking the time…I am a grateful recipient!

  687. This bag is calling to me…it whispers to my cameras and to the fashionista in me. Pick me, pick me:)

  688. 700

    This is the bag I have been looking for! Am due with #3 in december & lug around my cannon 50d with way too little protection. Would love to win… or will definitely put on my Christmas wishlist. Adorable shower!

  689. 701

    Sooo cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous bag!

  690. 702

    I so love Epiphanie bags!

  691. 703

    I have been eyeing up an Epiphanie bag for AGES but they’re out of my price range πŸ™ would be AMAZING to win one!

  692. 704
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  700. 712
    Elva Romero

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  701. 713

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