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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It’s Girl Scout cookie time! I realized this week I have never blogged about these devilish little treats. Yes, devilish. They appear to cause most people to lose all self control. Sounds evil to me.

While I can’t help but feel like I’m paying the rent for the Girls Scouts’ Fifth Avenue office in New York, I still can’t resist handing over $4 per box to those cute little girls in Brownie uniforms. By the way, how ingenius is that name? Brownies. Before the cute little girl even opens her mouth to talk cookies, you’re already thinking about…and craving…dessert. Of course we all buy boxes upon boxes of cookies.

This year we exercised great control and only bought one box of Thin Mints and one box of Samoas. Although, in the back of my mind,I do know that our supplier has more cookies in her little back pocket, so we may end up indulging in a few more boxes. We’ll see…

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor? If you need a refresher on the flavors, click here. There’s about a billion (okay, 11) to choose from. Also, I’m dying to know if there’s anyone out there who CAN resist the temptation of these cookies? Do you exist? I think you don’t.


  1. 1

    LOVE Trefoils! I get so excited for this time of year! 🙂

  2. I love Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints. If I buy any, it’s usually those. Although I wouldn’t turn down the Trefoils.

  3. 3

    Oh my! Girl Scout cookie time! I had almost forgotten. We tend to go seriously overboard at Girl Scout cookie time…our normal order is 2 boxes of Thin Mints, 2 boxes of Trefoils, and 2 boxes of Samoas…for 2 adults. Eep.

  4. 4
    Jen R.

    Somoas and Thin Mints definitely!

  5. 6

    Somoas are my absolute fav! Yum! I bought *blushes* 4 boxes of those this year . . .

  6. 7

    samoas. hands down. with frozen thin mints a dangerously close second.

  7. oh the samosas are calling my name…

  8. 9

    Thin mints!

  9. 10

    Those are my favorites! (Samoas/Caramel deLite and Thin mint.) Have you had the Dryers ice cream? I usually lean towards somoas but the thin mint ice cream is the best! (because the ice cream part is chocolate!) Mmmmm

  10. 11

    I am a sucker for thin mints. These cookies sell themselves they are so good!

  11. 12

    I don’t buy Girl Scout cookies anymore, because I seriously have absolutely NO control when it comes to eating my favorite– Samoas. I could eat the whole box in one sitting!

  12. I’m afraid Do-Si-Sos and Trefoils are my favorite. We have 4 boxes of Thin Mints and 2 boxes of Do-Si-Dos that have remained untouched for nearly 2 weeks. I’m impressed with myself! But of course I’ve been making treats so it’s not like I’m the poster child for self-control…

    I can’t believe I forgot to get Samoas. 🙁

  13. 14

    thin mint for sure!!

  14. 15

    no question!! thin mints!

  15. 16

    I actually still have some in my pantry from last year! Who am I??? Craziness!

  16. Frozen thin mints! Even if they are for a good cause, their inflation driven prices will limit our consumption this year. With gasoline creeping steadily Towards $5 a gallon, we need to reign in some of our splurge spending.

  17. Samoas for sure. I saw a blog post on homemade ones the other day though so I might have to try making them after I eat up all the ones I bought (3 boxes!). I can’t find the post now but I just googled it and there are a bunch of recipes out there.

  18. 20

    Peanut butter patties are where it’s at. Although, I thought I heard they changed the name of them.

    I used to be a Girl Scout and everyone in my family (well probably everyone except my mother, who had to play delivery driver) loved this time of year!

  19. 21

    Must have thin mints, but I only eat them frozen. Then I eat them by themselves or in a milkshake of perfection with Blue Bell Vanilla Bean Ice Cream…….Mmmmmmm….

  20. 22

    I love the tag-a-longs(peanut&Choc) However the frozen Thin Mints are my family’s fav.

  21. 23

    Lemon cremes, Samoas and Thin Mints. Although there are a few flavors I’ve never tried! The Shout Outs and Dulce de Leche sound awfully good!

  22. 24

    Thin Mints and Somoas are the only ones worth buying. And ironically the only time I can resist these is when I am pregnant. Pregnancy destroys my sweet tooth and has me craving all things savory.

  23. 25

    I can resist.
    I used to like the Samoas but they don’t taste the same.
    We used to sell cookies for the 4-H that I prefer to the Girl Scouts, but alas, that was only for a short time and I don’t know who their supplier was. The county building got paid for so they stopped selling them.
    Maybe taste buds change with age – certainly not the cookie recipes.

  24. 26

    When I was a little girl I wanted to be a brownie just because I loved the name…. I had no idea what the girl scouts were or what it meant to be one. I figured that if they were called brownies that meant they ate brownies when they were together.

    Alas, I didn’t get to join and always wondered….

  25. 27
    Jean von B

    My husband starts going through Thin Mint withdrawal shortly after the 1st of the year. I think he asks me weekly when the cookies are coming. I buy several boxes and hide them in the freezer otherwise he’d eat all of them in a week!!

  26. 28

    I live in Canada – we only get thin mints and the original chocolate and vanilla cream cookies (ones you don’t even get the option of). I love them both and can hardly wait for the little knock on my door!
    All those other flavours really sound amazing and truthfully I am glad we don’t get all the options – that would be bad for the old waistline!

  27. 29

    Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints, Tagalongs get purchased every year. I LOVE Samoas, but had to stop buying them since I was the only one who ate them. And like many other of your commentors, I could eat them in one sitting. Yikes!!!

  28. My absolute favorite cookies are the Do-Si-Dos. I love dunking them in milk they are sooo good! I forgot is was Girl Scout cookie time again, thanks for the reminder.

  29. 31

    Here’s another make-your-own Samoas recipe, but less hands-on. They don’t have the exact same look, as they are bars rather than individual cookies, but they taste amazingly good!

  30. 32

    Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwich and of course THIN MINTS! 🙂

  31. Samoas and thin mints are my favorites – and they’re really good frozen, too!

  32. I think my fav is definitely Samoas… but I can’t get enough thin mints either!!

    I don’t have any in the house 🙁

  33. 35

    I would just like to say that I CAN resist. If you look at the calories on the nutrition information it is astounding to say the least. Those tiny little cookies just arent worth the calories. I can think of better ways to spend those calories. just sayin. not that they’re not decent tasting 🙂

  34. 36

    caramel delights are the BEST! i was a girl scout when i was little and they are just amazing

  35. 37

    Are these like the Girl Guide cookies in Canada? I honestly don’t know many different Canadian Girl Guide ones there are, but I prefer the originals – like Fudgee-O cookies. In the tray, there are two lines of sandwich cookies – chocolatey ones and vanilla ones. Chocolate ones with chocolate goo between the biscuits, and vanilla ones with vanilla goo between. Very yummy!

    The other kind are the mint ones, and I don’t really care for them.

    My problem? I have to, just *have* to, have one of each if I have any. Makes it fair on the cookies, right? Otherwise, I kind of sort of maybe am able to avoid them 😉

  36. 38
    Lisa Love samoas.. coconut…Caramel..and chocolate all in one.. ugh too bad im in canada now LOL

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