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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just received an email from a friend of a friend (Emily) that I would love to share with you. Emily worked for the Peace Corps for three years in the Dominican Republic and has friends still working there. She has been in touch with them and, as we can all tell from the heartbreaking news coverage, the situation is dire. Emily shared the names of four solid organizations that are on the ground and ready to immediately put donations to work. Here is the information she sent.

Haiti Reborn: An NGO with representatives in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. Emily said donations to their organization will reach locals quickly. Donations to help earthquake relief efforts can be placed at You can visit their website for regular reports and updates.

Doctors Without Borders: Another organization already in Haiti and working directly with victims of the earthquake. Visit for information and donations.

Partners in Health: Based in Boston, Partners in Health (PIH) have been working in Haiti for many years to establish rural health clinics to address HIV/AIDS and TB as well as other issues plaguing the country. PIH staff in Boston and Haiti are working to collect as much information as possible about the conditions on the ground, the relief efforts taking shape, and all relevant logistics issues in order to respond efficiently and effectively to the most urgent needs in the field. At the moment, PIH’s Chief Medical Officer is on her way to Haiti, where she will meet with the leadership and head physicians for Zanmi Lasante, PIH’s partner organization in Haiti,  who are already working to ensure PIH’s coordinated relief efforts are leveraging the skills of more than 120 doctors and nearly 500 nurses and nursing assistants who work at Zanmi Lasante’s sites. Visit for more information.

Yéle Haiti: Wyclef Jean’s organization. Emily said that this organization does fantastic work in general – she had a chance to work with them when she was in the Peace Corps. They have many directly-linked projects to community groups in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. There are two ways to donate to Yéle Haiti: you can send the text message “YELE” to 501501 to donate $5 (this will appear on your phone bill) or you can visit the website

I am not affiliated with any of these organizations and have not worked with any of them. Please feel free to do your own research and then help how you see fit.

Love and prayers to all the people of Haiti and their loved ones.


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    You read my mind. I was JUST making the decision about where to donate. This really helps 🙂 (My mom is a Peace Corps alumni from the 60s in Micronesia – what a great thing you friend is doing).

  2. All of this Haiti news is just heartbreaking. I think it’s miraculous to see how these companies you’ve mentioned plus many other commercial companies step up to the plate & help.

    I heard that American Airlines is flying nurses & doctors to Haiti for free. That’s just awesome.

  3. 3
    Jane Maynard

    that is so awesome…it is amazing to see people really come together…

  4. Ah, thanks so much for the post. I may link it in my blog for people. I just donated to American Red Cross last nite, but wish I would have had this info.

  5. Our family has been supporting the Missionaries of the Poor in Haiti. They were mercifully spared in the earthquake and have been helping the very poorest in the streets. People can donate funds/goods/ or time through:

  6. 6
    Jane Maynard

    wonderful, yes, please share other organizations!

  7. Partners in Health is getting our donation.

  8. 8
    Jane Maynard

    I’m so happy to hear that – thank you!!

  9. Great list of worthy organizations! FYI I’ve compiled 5 more quick and easy (and legitimate) organizations that are accepting donations for the Haiti earthquake relief efforts:

    (Yele is also on my list)

  10. This is very helpful — thank you, Jane. My husband and I were trying to determine where to donate yesterday evening. I read more about the Quixote Center this morning and they will be receiving our donation.

  11. 11
    Jane Maynard

    I’m just so happy to hear these organizations are benefiting from your donations…thank you!!!

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